EHPRO Bachelor X RTA Preview – A RTA Designed for Maximizing Flavor and Vapor Production

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA Preview

EHPRO is back at the home plate once again with another stylish atomizer. This time they bring to the team a single coil flavor machine called the EHPRO Bachelor X and it looks impressive.

EHPRO has been a long time player in the e-cigarette industry operating under the radar of most vapers. The Bachelor X should do well in gaining some traction and bringing them to the forefront of vaping.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA Specs

  • 25mm Diameter
  • Threaded Top Fill System
  • Two Large Kidney Fill Ports
  • 3.5ml Standard Tank Section
  • 5ml Bubble Glass Tank section
  • Two Post, Dual Terminal Build Deck
  • Single Coil Builds
  • PEEK Insulated Positive Post
  • Top Mounted Hex Screws
  • Single Internal Air Tube on Build Deck
  • Dual Wicking Ports
  • Bottom Airflow Design
  • 14mm by 2mm
  • Fully Closeable
  • Wide Bore 810 ULTEM Drip Tip

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA Preview EHPRO Bachelor X RTA Packing List

  • Bachelor X RTA
  • Allen key
  • Glass tube
  • One pack of O-ring
  • One piece of cotton
  • Inner-hexagon screws
  • Pre-made coil
  • User manual

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA First Impressions

Looking at the EHPRO Bachelor X RTA appearances say it all because it looks like a quality atomizer. Available in Black, Gold or Stainless Steel most users will find something that suits their style. With nice engravings around the airflow and a printed design on the chimney of the tank, it is clear that EHPRO has thought out the design of this atomizer with great detail and cosmetics of the atomizer are nice right down to the ULTEM drip tip.

The EHPRO Bachelor X will hold a total of 3.5mm of liquid and since it is a single coil atomizer this should be an adequate amount of liquid to ensure that the user is able to get through a good portion of the day without refilling the tank.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA PreviewThe most attractive feature of the EHPRO Bachelor X RTA is the building deck. Appearing to be 24k gold plated for maximum conductivity the design is functional and should make it easy for any user to place their coils without any issues.

Similar in design to the Wotofo Serpent SMM, this deck focuses on a centered placement versus an off to the side placement. This allows the vapor to travel directly up the chimney of the tank and increase flavor overall and this design also allows the user to easily place the coils without first trimming leads to fit. Simply place the coils at full length and tighten them into place than the excess lead can be cut off.

Wicking the atomizer should be simple. Trimming the cotton so that it only falls inside the wicking holes and not to the bottom will prove to be most effective and also thinning out the tips of the cotton to make sure that it has room to breathe.

Filling the Bachelor is simple as it is a top fill design. Simply unscrew the top and pour the e-liquid into the tank.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA Video Review

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA Final Thoughts

Overall the Bachelor is looking to be an impressive atomizer. It is a smaller more compact design and these tanks tend to push out a little more flavor compared to large capacity and larger tanks. The chimney on the Bachelor is low enough to the coils as well so this should also produce an increase in flavor.

EHPRO has not been a brand that has seen a great deal of fame in the vaping world but they have certainly made their contributions to the industry. Some may remember the original Billow RTA that was designed by both EHPRO and Eciggity. That RTA saw great success and certainly helped in keeping EHPRO doing what they do.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.