Ehpro Lock Build-free RDA Review

Ehpro Lock Build-free RDA

Ehpro Lock Build-Free RDA Introduction 

Hello again everyone. I’m back with another review for you all today and this time we are gonna be discussing a very unique, single coil RDA. This is the Ehpro Lock Build-free RDA. It’s referred to as the “build-free RDA”. How’s that you ask? Well, lets dive down and take a look at this.

Ehpro Lock Build-free RDA Specs

  • Size: 24 x 28 mm
  • Type: Single Coil RDA
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Drip Tip: 810
  • Thread: 510 thread

Ehpro Lock Build-free RDAEhpro Lock Build-free RDA Package Contents

  • Lock RDA
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Two 0.15ohm Notch coils
  • Two Hex screws
  • BF Pin
  • Allen Key
  • User Manual
  • Cottons
  • O-rings

Ehpro Lock Build-free RDA ReviewPackaging

The Ehpro Lock RDA comes in a small traditional black Ehpro box. Every item I’ve recieved from them has come in a similar box which has a window in the front showing you the color of the RDA in the package. Lift the lid off and your presented with the Lock RDA, a 510 drip tip adapter, and an accessory box at the bottom of the package. Inside the box you will find your notch coils, Squonk pin and all your other goodies.

Ehpro Lock Build-Free RDA

The first thing that caught my eye was the drip tip on this RDA. It’s a really dark blue grey color acrylic honeycomb. It’s lower profile and in my opinion, is a high quality drip tip. The top cap has an internal o-ring for holding Goon/Kennedy style drip tips. The top section has a bolt or nut style design that makes it easy to grab to spin the barrel and adjust airflow. The side of the barrel has Lock RDA engraved on one side and each side has three airflow holes. These outside holes line up with three holes on either side of the deck that are angled downwards.

Ehpro Lock Build-free RDA

Ehpro Lock Build-Free RDA Deck

Once you grab the nut style top cap and pull it off, you reveal the deck. The sides look like other single coil RDAS with wide blocks so the airflow travels below the coil.

The center however looks different from everything I’ve seen. There are two posts in a Y shape that allow you to snap the pre-built notch coil into place. Basically this is a tube with grooves cut into it to allow air and vapor to travel through. These require no building of tools, you just snap it into the brackets, heat it up to check that it’s heating evenly and install some cotton. This is the easiest way I’ve seen for a person who has never built on a RDA, to try and use a RDA.

Ehpro Lock Build-free RDATo make sure the RDA is versatile, it also allows you to install your own regular coil. The inside of the Y posts have screws you can release to open up lead holes like a postless deck. Once cut to the right length, the coil can be slid into the holes, screws tightened and coil clamped into place, making a single coil RDA. Your own coil needs to be on the smaller side to fit in between the posts.

Ehpro Lock Build-free RDA Performance

The Ehpro Lock Build-free RDA has very smooth airflow. No matter what hole configuration I use, it doesn’t whistle or get turbulent or choppy. The barrel cap locks into the deck section so it stops left or right when turning the barrel. The o-rings provide a nice resistance when adjusting the airflow and holds it in place well.

It has a nice restriction to the airflow like most single coils RDAs and it helps to increase the flavor. Installing notch coils is extremely easy and immediately heat from the center out. I’m not sure what to do if it doesn’t heat evenly but it’s presses right into the clamps and holds firmly.

I’m not sure the inner diameter of the coils but it seemed to require thicker cotton than my usual 3 mm ID coils. I do know that the Notch coils are stainless steel and are recommended for 30-50 watts. The notch coil experience is different from normal coils. It seems to burn through juice at a high rate of speed and feels dry sometimes when the tails of the cotton are still wet.

Ehpro Lock Build-free RDAI guess because of the length of the notch coil, the center can be dry and juice hasn’t made its way there yet. It does work and puts off a decent vape but because of the amount of cotton in the coil, you can’t vape it above 50 watts.

It wouldn’t wick fast enough. Installing your own coil is another option and will work really well with the way the airflow enters the deck. Flat coils will get twisted by the grub screw but holding a coil jig through the coil when your tightening the screw will prevent this from being too bad. This RDA works well on a Squonk mod because of the higher set, slanted airflow. You can basically squonk right up to the bottom of the coil and soak the wicks and not worry about leaking.

Ehpro Lock Build-free RDA Video 


The Ehpro Lock Build-free RDA is a fresh attempt at using the notch coil that came out a few years ago. The coils themselves seem built sturdy and heated up evenly. They also attached to the brackets firmly and stayed in place.

I think if the notch coil was not as wide it could vape at the higher wattages I feel it needs. It also doesn’t have the signature crackle sound you using hear off of a fused clapton. It’s a well built RDA, as Ehpro always has high quality machining in my experience.

Being able to add your own coil is where the lock shines in my opinion. It has the same style airflow as lots of smaller flavor chaser, single coil RDAs but a thicker, more rugged look to it. A person could easily use this as a transition into using rebuildables, start off with the notch coils and eventually start using pre-wrapped or wrapping there own.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it! I’ll be back soon with more reviews and articles.

Ehpro Lock Build-free RDA Pros and Cons


  • Well built RDA
  • Smooth and quiet airflow
  • Can squonk a lot and not leak
  • Good flavor
  • Two styles of coil are compatible


  • Notch coils can’t be ran at higher wattages
  • Grub screws twist the leads on flat wire
  • Notch coils don’t wick the greatest.

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