Ehpro Lock RDA Review – A Touch of Innovation

Ehpro Lock RDA Review

Ehpro Lock RDA Introduction

Today we are going to take a close look at the Ehpro Lock RDA, which adopts a screwless build deck with a leadless notch coil.

There are hundreds of RDAs on the market. Some good, many bad but they have the same basic idea behind them. Slot some coils in and vape. The innovation comes from the various build deck styles and airflow designs on offer and up until now, that was what we expected from each new RDA. The same questions come up time after time, is it easy to build? What is the airflow like? Does it bring anything new to the table? In most cases, the answers are generally the same.

Now on to the product I am looking at (and have been using for the past few weeks). The Ehpro Lock RDA, what we have here is an RDA that does bring something different to the table and has an innovative deck design. Woohoo! Something new to look at!

Ehpro Lock RDA ReviewI have not dealt with Ehpro much in the past so my experience with them as a company is rather limited. I have recently received the Ehpro Armour semi mech mod to review too. That will be coming soon.

Ehpro Lock RDA Packaging List 

  • Ehpro Lock RDA
  • 2x Notch coils
  • BF squonk pin
  • Spare screws and O-rings
  • Allen key
  • Cotton
  • User manual
  • 510 drip tip adaptor

Ehpro Lock RDA ReviewThe usual offering’s as you would expect, other than the inclusion of 2 notch coils. Notch coils (if you do not remember) first came about in the Wismec Theorem RTA. A majorly disappointing product let down by many things but the notch coils were not one of the let downs.

The Notch Coils

Notch coils in the Ehpro, these are literally legless (Wismec’s had legs) coils that reminded me of a fuse that goes into a plug. These small cylinders of metal have notches cut into them, hence the name. The beauty behind these things is that they are simple to wick, easy to fit and are pretty much foolproof. I’ll come back to these points later in the review.

Some Tech Specs

  • Size: 24×28 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel & Resin
  • Slot in notch coil deck
  • BF squonk pin included
  • Slide up the adjustable airflow
  • Able to also use a single standard coil

Let’s look around.

Ehpro Lock RDA ReviewThe picture above pretty much breaks the Lock RDA down nicely with few words needed here. At first look, it looks to be well made but I must admit to being a big fan of that deck. Remember a few paragraphs back I described the notch coil as being similar to an electrical fuse.

Well, the deck also continues with this idea. Certainly with a UK electrical plug you push the fuse into a similar style connection like what we see here on the Lock RDA. It literally takes mere seconds to position and secure the notch coil. Putting it simply it is like plug and play!

Thankfully Ehpro has not forgotten about the people that like to build their own coils. They have also added the option to the deck to be able to fit standard style coils too.

Ehpro Lock RDA ReviewTwo different ways to enjoy the Lock RDA.

The airflow design is a basic three hole design that allow varying amounts of airflow through and over the coils. Despite the smaller holes, there was little resistance when I vaped with it wide open and actually preferred two out of the three holes open.

Flavor was above average on the liquids I tried, not mind-blowing but perfectly acceptable and enjoyable too. My own single coil build fared much better than the notch coils to be fair but I have found myself using the notch coils in this more than normal coils.

Ehpro Lock RDA Video Review


I have really enjoyed using the Ehpro Lock RDA. I am a fan of the notch coil system. I think the notch coils would be perfect for people looking at their first RDA and who do not want the hassle of building a coil and fitting it.

The simplicity of the notch system makes it a no brainer. As an entry into the RDA world for someone coming from stock coil systems, there would still be a simple way to replace coils. I feel it would benefit people that also struggle to build coils due to disability or just being generally fat fingered! The top cap is nicely shaped so as also to aid airflow adjustment and removal too. A lot of positives!

That’s all, dear vapers. Thanks as always for stopping by to have a read and I really appreciate. I will come back with more reviews soon.


I am Jay (VapingWithJay) and I am a passionate vaper from the UK. Not only an avid vaper but I love nothing more than to share my thoughts on the latest products in the industry and helping others on their vaping journeys. Happy reading and vape on!