Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit Review | Innovative LED Display and Touch Buttons

Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit

Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit Review

Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Marcus and today I have a new vape review for you. This time we are gonna be taking a look at the new Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit which is a simple and unique set up. This item was sent to me for review by Eleaf which won’t effect my opinion of the item but is very cool of them to provide it for us to discuss here today.

Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit
Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit

Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W Packaging

The Eleaf Nowos Kit comes in a black box that I’m assuming shows the color on the front of the device inside. This model is black. On the back is a contents list letting you know the contents of the box and specs of the device. Slide off that sleeve, open the box, and you find the Nowos. The Nowos mod comes inside a super soft little bag. Pull the top tray out and below you will find your accessories like a USB to USB type C cable with an attached micro USB adapter, extra o-rings, and seals for the tank, spare coil, and manuals for the Nowos mod and Ello Duro tank.

Ello Duro Tank

The Nowos mod comes packaged with an Ello Duro Sub-Ohm tank that is Eleaf‘s tank they have been pairing with their mesh coils. I’ve previously reviewed this tank with the Eleaf Ijust 3 and Eleaf Lexicon kits, so if you want more in-depth review of the tank, you can check out those reviews.

I’ll still go over the basics of it here though as it’s not that complicated. Starting at the top the drip tip is a fancy looking 810 size with o-rings on the drip tip, not in the top cap. The top has some nice designs in it and has a symbol to show you where to press to slide the top over and reveal the fill port which came with the wide open grommet and one with an anti-leak membrane is included. You can easily switch between the two.

Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC KitThe tank comes with a bubble glass and straight glass giving 6ml or 2ml of capacity juice depending on which you choose. In the kit is two dual mesh coils. The tank comes pre-installed with a dual mesh 0.20 coil rated from 25-60 watts and the spare coil is a dual net 0.25 ohm rated for 25-65 watts. The base where the coil is screwed in has three massive airflow holes and with a smooth turning and airflow ring. The very bottom says Eleaf and Ello Duro.

Nowos Mod

The Eleaf Nowos mod is the latest device from Eleaf and has some very interesting features. The specs are an internal battery mod with 4400 mah capacity that’s charged through a USB Type C connection that allows for super fast charging. They state that the USB Type C QC 2.0 will charge the mod in 1hr 20min and a traditional 2amp micro USB would take 2h 30min. That’s some fast charging for a 4400 mah battery.

Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC KitThis mod has vaping functions to vape between 1.1 and 80 watts and can output 9 volts. That’s it. No TC mode, no power curves, just wattage mode. I love the simplicity. At the top, the Nowos has a spring loaded 510 surrounded by a plate that can support a 26mm atty with no overhang. Around the center of the entire mod is an indented groove that adds some grip to the design.

The right side has a fire button at the top and a reset button at the bottom in case the mod needs a manual reset. The left side simply has a USB Type C port. The back panel looks like black glass or plastic and says Istick Nowos at the bottom.

Nowos Mod Continued

The front panel appears the same as the back, black panel. This one says Eleaf at the bottom. This side of the mod also hides a screen in the black screen that displays whitish/purplish numbers giving you the battery percentage, coil, resistance and applied wattage.

Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit
Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W

So, you might be wondering, where are the buttons to adjust the wattage? Well, click the fire button three times and two hidden buttons appear, acting as the wattage up and down buttons. Just hold your finger over the left light for down and the right light for up on the wattage. When you’re done selecting your wattage, hold down the fire button for two seconds and the button lights, disappear. On the bottom is battery ventilation.

Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit
Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W

Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W Performance

The Eleaf Nowos Kit is a nice combination of simplicity and good performance. The Ello Duro tank has been included in a few different kits I’ve tried and the tank has always been a good performer for mesh coils. The dual mesh and net coils provided here vaped great for me at 60 watts. The Nowos mod fires these coils up incredibly fast at that wattage and I had great flavor off these coils right from the first hit.

Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit
Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit

I’ve used some mesh coils recently that required a tank or so to break in but not here. Wattage range is also very good for a 4400 mah battery. The mod is very compact and the groove around the middle makes it easy to hold. It looks super slick with the hidden screen and buttons. The display is very easy to read and the hidden buttons are very responsive when adjusting wattage. It scrolls is one watt increments very quickly until you get below 20 watts and it scrolls in tenths.

Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit Video Review


The Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W TC Kit is a compact and simple kit that’s perfect for a person wanting to step up to a cloud chucking device but isn’t ready for external batteries. It’s also mod for people like me to have as an around the house or running errands mod. It’s incredibly light, hits really fast and uses USB Type C fast charging. So, honestly, where I use single coil tanks at 40 watts, the 4400 mah battery lasts me an entire day.

The only issue I had using this kit was the battery percentage staying around 90% too long then dropping rapidly when it’s close to dead. The battery lasts so long that at that point, you should realize your battery is low. This reminds me of the Eleaf Istick Melo I reviewed earlier this year, which I loved. I thought that it is so simple, charging so fast and having a great tank would be great for beginners and I gave that kit to a friend. That guy now, six months later, is a non smoker.

I think this kit fit that perfectly with a more attractive case. The hidden buttons work perfectly and give the mod such a clean look. This mod is compact and fits perfectly in the hand. The hidden screen in the side of the glass looks nice as hell too. When the buttons and screen are off, this piano black Nowos, couldn’t look sexier.

Personal User Rating

I give this a 4 out of 5 stars because it’s so simple and works so well as a Christmas gift for a smoker trying to quit. I’ll be back soon with more reviews and articles about vaping. Thanks to everyone for reading. I really appreciate it!

Daniel Marcus

Daniel Marcus is an vape reviewer, vape photographer and coil builder. After smoking for 16 years, got a vape just because I couldn’t smoke in the company car and ended up quitting smoking without even trying. After seeing how effective vaping can be, I’ve spent the past two years trying to help new vapers with beginner problems do they don’t get frustrated and smoke again I’ve written reviews for over a year now. I’ve lived in wv all of my life and like taking vape pictures with a nature backdrop.