Electronic Cigarettes in the Public Eye

Electronic Cigarettes in the Public Eye

Using Electronic Cigarettes is a worldwide phenomenon.

Over the last decade, the number of smokers converting to vaping has continued to grow. As the trend grows so does the visibility of electronic cigarettes in the public eye.

For many years we as vapers have battled the negative image that has been painted by governments and big tobacco. It only takes a quick google search to show the number of vaping myths that have been debunked and proven to be wrong.

Nevertheless, many within the general public have taken this false information as legitimate. Unfortunately, this has cast a negative light upon those who use electronic cigarettes within the eyes of the general public.

Social Media and Advocacy

Many vapers can tell at least one story of being approached by either a complete stranger or even an acquaintance. Often times their conversations start with such things as “you know vaping is worse than smoking, right?” or “That stuff give you popcorn lung” or “That stuff will give you cancer”.

Electronic Cigarettes in the Public EyeThe list goes on and on and on. Most people will just brush it off as an uneducated individual. Almost always, these rumors and false facts all originate from one single source, Social Media.

We are talking about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many alike. Facebook is the biggest culprit for distributing lies and false information, which is where most non-vapers get their “facts” from. It is extremely unfortunate that people today take a piece of information they read on social media than accept it as 100 percent true fact.

Luckily there has been much advocacy in the vaping community over the years, dispelling myths, false or obscured testing and negative criticism. Many of those advocated are actually health professionals within the cardiovascular, respiratory fields. We have also seen surgeons, nurses and entire countries back the fact that using electronic cigarettes IS safer, much, much safer.

It is with this advocates that we are lucky enough to have less strict regulations and laws in place for vaping. They have sat and talked with government officials through all these years, educating and demonstrating just how big of an impact that vaping has on peoples lives and how it is saving lives all over the world.

When someone is approached by another person and that person speaks negatively of vaping, it is our duty as vapers to take them aside and educate them. Do this as best as can be done, respecting that some people are just not going to listen. If we can change the minds of just a few people, they too will look to change the minds of others.

Ignorant Vapers

This might be a bit of a touchy topic, calling certain groups of vapers ignorant but, it is all too true. These are the vapers that really just don’t care about the image they are destroying for the rest of us.

Electronic Cigarettes in the Public Eye
Vaping Inside A Bar

These individuals can be found all over the world where vaping is present. They might be using electronic cigarettes inside of a bar, restaurant or another establishment. Even worse than this is the people who choose to vape around other humans, engulf them in vapor and laugh it off when they complain.

These people believe that vaping is their god given right, that it’s “not smoking so it doesn’t matter”. There is almost no reasoning with them on this matter, they are just plain ignorant.

When people see these types of vapers, they immediately feel like all the negative things they have read, must be true. It also just makes vapers as a whole look really bad and disrespectful.

Being Conscious of Surroundings

This is all too important of a guideline to using electronic cigarettes. You always need to be aware of what is going on around you while in public. Even I have found myself unaware and blowing vaping that end up in someone’s face.

Electronic Cigarettes in the Public Eye
Blowing Clouds In People’s Face

If there are large crowds around it only makes sense to walk away from the crowd and find a safe non-intrusive place to vape. In a parking lot walking into the store? Even if you do not see someone in the immediate area does not mean that they will not appear behind you, as they were arriving and getting out of their vehicle at the same time. Take a minute and really make sure that nobody is around. We don’t need to hide but we do need to be respectful.

The last thing you want is to let out a cloud of vapor and have it blow into the faces of non-vaping people, or even worse, children. Vaping is safe but not all believe these facts.

Go Stealthy

One solution for when you are out and about is to look at the stealth vaping options. With the popularity in Nicotine Salt E-juices, stealth mods are dominating the market. It is simple to toss one of these little devices into your pocket and get the fix you need without blasting huge clouds.

Electronic Cigarettes in the Public Eye
Nicotine Salt E-liquids


Using electronic cigarettes is here to stay but one thing remains a fact is that it can still be heavily regulated. Negative images and bad public behavior has the potential to make the officials setting regulations, be much harder.

Be aware of what is going on around you and if you ever see another vaper being disrespectful, try to reason with them on why they need to change their habits.

We have the power to cast the image we want the world to see, we just need to be willing to work for it.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.