Envii FITT Starter Kit Review – Dual Mode Ultra Portable Pod System

Envii FITT Starter Kit Review

Choosing a starter kit when just beginning vaping is difficult. Navigating endless options and many styles of starter kits result in overwhelming feelings. Highlighting effective starter kits such as the Envii FITT is just one step towards helping prospective vapers make an informed decision. Known for the originally designed Loch Ness box mod, Envii have now brought to vapers worldwide a beautiful and effective starter kit to help smokers move away from cigarettes.

Envii FITT Specs

  • Compact AIO design
  • Built-in 650mah battery & 3.2ml/2ml tank
  • Two fire modes – fires with puff sensor/ fires with button
  • Micro USB charging

Envii FITT Packaging List

Envii FITT Starter Kit Review

  • Empty cartridge
  • USB Cable

Envii FITT Design, Look and Feel

The FITT is a design masterpiece with a revolutionary function.At only 75mmx20mmx43mm it is very portable and can fit into any place it needs to go therefore remaining a stealth device.

Envii Fitt Stater Kit ReviewPlaced on the bottom of the device is a key ring slot so that the FITT can be placed on a key ring along with the owner’s keys for another added method of storage.

The Envii FITT is very light so placing it on the key ring should not add too much extra weight to carry around.

The body of the device has a convenient rubberized texture to ensure that the device does not slip from the hands.

The FITT is a closed system with a refillable cartridge. Users simply remove the side cover to have access to the cartridge for changing coils and refilling.

Envii FITT Performance

Considering its size, the FITT performs well in the starter kit category. It’s puff/fire functionality allows users to choose which mode is best suited to their needs.

In Puff mode, activated by clicking the firing button three times enables the puff sensor in the device, eliminating the need to depress the button to have the device fire. The light on the FITT will illuminate purple when this mode is active.

Envii Fitt Stater Kit ReviewIf the preferred method of use is to press the fire button to operate than another three clicks will place the device into fire mode and the light on the device will illuminate blue when in this mode.

Effectiveness is what the FITT achieves because it delivers a good supply of vapor with a high nicotine concentration. This leaves the user with a feeling of satisfaction. Flavor on the FITT is not as good as some others in it’s class but it is adequate.

The device is equipped with an internal 650mah battery which will last a long time before it requires a charge. Charging the device is simple, just plug in the included USB cable and wait for charging to complete. Users can also still use the device while it is charging.

Envii FITT Video Review


Prospective new vapers will find that the Envii FITT will blend into their lifestyle without standing out. With its long-lasting battery and revolutionary multi-function puff/fire option users will find satisfaction.

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I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.

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