Best Starter Kit to Quit Smoking in 2017

Best Starter Kit to Quit Smoking in 2017

Vaping is proved to be the easiest way to quit smoking. With the help of e-cigarettes, many vapers succeeded in quitting smoking. Then which device is the best e-cigarettes for quitting smoking in 2017? Here I have compiled a list of the best starter kit available on the market this year which are used for beginners wanting to quit smoking. If you are looking for an e-cigarette to help you quit smoking, then this list may be helpful.

Best Starter Kit Suorin Drop

Best Starter Kit Suorin DropThis is an ultra-compact starter kit designed for vapers who are looking for an easy device to use. Compared with the card-style design of the Suorin Air, the Suorin Drop features a water drop design. Because of its zinc alloy housing, Suorin Drop is both lightweight and compact. The Suorin Drop is a throwback to the old school style automatic batteries with a new modern design. It has no buttons and is activated automatically when you inhale. At the bottom of the device, where you can find a micro USB charging port, through which you can recharge its built-in 310 mAh battery. The Suorin Drop comes with a 2.0 ml refillable cartridge with a resistance of 1.3 ohms and works very well for MTL vaping.

Best Starter Kit EXCEED D19 Kit

EXCEED D19 is a compact and sleek starter kit efficient in all ways. It provides you with two optional modes—direct output mode and constant voltage output mode. When powered off, you can press the fire button to shift between the two modes. Its atomizer employs an easy way of e-juice filling system and exquisite adjustable airflow control. The EXCEED D19 is petite yet powerful, with which you can get great vaping experience. The new EX series heads with novel designs can offer you perfect original flavor, no matter for mouth-to-lung or direct-lung. In addition, the EXCEED D19 kit employs two sets of battery protection circuit system, which make it more advanced and reliable. Besides, the atomizer of EXCEED D19 has detachable structure so it is easy to clean.

Best Starter Kit Envii FITT

Best Starter Kit Envii FITTDesigned in Los Angeles, California, Envii FITT is revolutionary device. I absolutely love this thing! It compact design, incredibly user-friendly features, brought functionality, style and simplicity make it the perfect choice for all vapers. The device is simple to use. The button fire and an inhalation mode are great for people on the run. You can pull it out your pocket to take a hit and slide it back in your pocket. You needn’t worry it may fire while you are taking care of your business. I use this tiny thing while on the job because it is so sleek. The design of this product fits right inside your hand. So if you want a quality product that will fit into your everyday life, then Envii FITT is a must-have.

Best Starter Kit OBS KFB AIO Kit

Best Starter Kit OBS KFB AIO KitOBS KFB is also one of the best  e-cigarettes for quitting smoking. It is a portable AIO kit. Measuring just 21 mm in diameter, with a height of 130 mm, the KFB kit is the perfect representation of AIO vape setup. In spite of its compact size, its main body houses a single replaceable 18650 battery in addition to a concealed 2 ml tank atomizer. Its airflow can be adjustable according to people with different lung capacity, so newbies will find it easy to use. With exquisite and petite appearance, this device can give you comfortable touch feeling. Its 12mm wide bore drip tip is more compatible when at high wattage. Its drip tip is made from resin, which is more environment-friendly, more durable and easier to clean.

Best Starter Kit Atopack Dolphin

Featuring the most appealing and charming dolphin-like e-cigarette, the Atopack Dolphin is such a tiny and elegant device. Its cartridge is specially equipped with the newly designed Best Starter Kit Atopack Dolphin1.2 ohm head to cater to MTL enthusiasts. Joyetech creatively develops the Juice Vertical Injection Coil System for the Atopack Dolphin, which realizes the horizontal vapor flow to bring you perfect vaping environment. What’s more, Atopack Dolphin evokes the spirit of real dolpin. Its unique irregular shape makes it distinguished in your hand. The Atopack Dolphin cartridge is mainly made from two kinds of materials—PETG and silicon, which are healthy, heat resistant and recyclable. The cartridge with refillable top filling solution offers 6ml and 2 ml e-liquid for you to choose. With 2A maximum charging current, this device can be fully charged more quickly than normal ones.

So that’s my top five list of the best e-cigarettes to quit smoking. I wish you all the best on your journey into vaping. It’s rewarding and it may just save your life.


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