5 Reasons to Make the Switch to E-cigarette


It seems like e-cigarette is everywhere today. In many places, you can find a guy sitting next to you vaping. Considering making the switch to e-cigarettes? Here are top five benefits of quitting smoking and starting vaping.

Many E-cigarette Choices

5 Reasons to Make the Switch to E-cigaretteCigarettes come in only two colors, and one shape — cylindrical and white, often with a yellow filter. However, electronic cigarettes are sleeker, techier, and more advanced. So much about e-cigarette use is customizable, including down to . Many electronic cigarette users choose basic black, silver, or white. But there are a lot of colors and gears to get to make your e-cigarette feel more comfortable and convenient. That is a way more fun than just a nice Zippo.

E-cigarette Is Different From Traditional Cigarette

Smoking could kill you. We know smoking can cause cancer, stroke, heart attacks, and all other manner of deadly disease. About half of all heavy smokers will die of smoking related diseases. In the UK, smoking related diseases are the biggest killer. The National Health Service spends billions of dollars on smoking related diseases every year.
However, vaping is not smoking. Much all of the chemicals causing smoking related diseases cannot be found in e-cigarettes. Therefore, e-cigarettes pose little health risk.

You Can Be Lazy After Switching To E-cigarette

5 Reasons to Make the Switch to E-cigaretteAfter you have made the switch to e-cigarettes, one of the cooler realizations is that you no longer have to leave anywhere to “vape.”
Generally, this realization happens if you remember to take your e-cigarette to bed, and you wake up and think “ugh, I need a smoke.” You don’t have to put your hand in your pocket or rummage in your bag for five minutes only to discover that you forgot to bring a lighter or matches. Besides, you don’t even have to find an ashtray. You can just lay there and puff.

E-cigarette Has A Huge Range Of Flavors

Tobacco cigarettes come in one flavor… tobacco. However, if you use e-cigarettes you’ll have a huge range of flavors to enjoy, such as original, menthol, fruits, sweets… There are literally options for everything so you can explore a world of tastes.

E-cigarette Is Really, Really Clean

5 Reasons to Make the Switch to E-cigaretteTo be honest, many people don’t like the smell of tobacco clinging to their clothes or lingering in the air. Unlike cigarettes, e-cigarettes have very little odor. Sometimes vape clouds can just smell a little sweet! Besides, vaping doesn’t produce any ash since the work of e-cigarette doesn’t involve any combustion.Have you switched from smoking to e-cigs? What was your biggest deciding factor?


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