The Future of Vaping Across the World

The Future of Vaping Across the World


Today, we wanted to bring you something a little different. Step aside from the normal product reviews and best-ofs. While you read this article keep in mind that this is opinion based and will be speculation based on historical trends. We will look at what the possible future of vaping will look like around the world and speculate what the outcomes may be.

A Little History

It’s no secret that vaping has advanced significantly in the last decade. From the early days of homemade pen mods, tube mods and homemade flashlight mods to now is incomparable. Today, it is estimated that a near 9 million people worldwide have taken up vaping to help quit smoking. If we could see the numbers from the early stages of the vaping craze you would certainly see that the number has risen exponentially.

The Future of Vaping Across the WorldEvery single day, smokers are making the switch to vaping and that will likely not change. This industry continues to grow in every way, every day. Many companies have come and gone over the years, making way for some of the most familiar names in vaping.

What does the future hold for vapers and to-be vapers around the globe? In places such as Brazil, Singapore, Uruguay to name a few, that have completely banned e-cigarettes altogether while more progressive countries are embracing it.

A Little History Continued

In 2016 the USA implemented legislation on the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids. Which, as a result, forced much of the smaller business’ to close their doors as they could not meet the requirements in order to continue operating as normal. The regulations have also made it considerably more difficult for new e-juice makers to enter the market without significant upfront capital.

The EU shares similar legislation but with more strict guidelines. E-juice can only be sold in no bigger than a 10ml bottle and atomizers cannot hold more than a certain amount of e-liquid.

The Future of Vaping Across the WorldWorldwide, every country is working towards either regulating e-cigarettes or banning them. The trend seems to be the same for each nation whereas the vaping laws implemented treating vaping exactly the same as tobacco products. This limits or completely eliminates advertising, sponsoring and promoting anything to do with nicotine. Vaping hardware is an exception to the rule.

So what’s the future of vaping across the world?

Looking at the regulations already in place in certain countries. Where vaping is classed the same as any combustible tobacco product, speculating the future of vaping is fairly simple.

If you look at the trends in combustible cigarettes over the decades, we can almost expect to vape the same path. While most countries are running with relaxed vaping laws. They will become much tighter over the next few years.

Look at Canada for example. Under the new tobacco regulations, Health Canada has an open door to change or introduce new portions of vaping laws at their own discretion. This takes any amount of influence that vapers have over the industry, out of the hands of the vaper.

We all know governments hold their own interests first and every other person last. Big Tobacco companies have been suffering since the rise in vaping and they will do whatever possible to make sure they have their share of this market.

The Future of Vaping Across the WorldGovernments have the ability to modify legislation to benefit tobacco companies and it’s likely Big Tobacco will come knocking sooner or later for a bail-out.

Let’s Look At The Trends

Consider the trends of cigarettes. Many have heard stories from parents or grandparents telling them when a pack of cigarettes was only a nickel or a couple of dollars. Flash forward to today and a packet of premium brand cigarettes can range anywhere from 10-20 dollars a pack. Factor in the low rate of minimum wage around the world and the cost can be very high for addicted smokers.

We can certainly expect this trend to follow along with e-liquids for vaping. The average bottle of e-juice ranges from 5.00-80.00 a bottle depending on brand and size. Cigarettes receive a regular increase per cigarette. This can really add up over the years. E-Juice will likely see increases based on the ML. It may not be a big increase, say, 0.10/ml increase, possibly less.

Over a decade, it could drive the cost of e-juice up double or triple. Also, tax increases are sure to be brought upon the industry as time passes, making vaping more expensive altogether.

The Future of Vaping Across the WorldVaping is restricted from use in unauthorized public places, just the same as cigarettes and down the road, those restrictions will likely become even more.

Final Thoughts on the Future of Vaping

For the most part, regulated countries have been quite fair when implementing vaping laws. But as time passes, those laws will certainly become more strict. They will definitely change, not in favor of the vaper.

Some countries that have yet to regulate still have the possibility of banning vaping entirely. As some governments seem ignorant to the information available. Especially about the true safety of vaping and the life-saving qualities it has. If the changes to come are comparable to the last ten years, the future of vaping will look entirely different than it does now.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.