Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm Tank Review

Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm Tank

When you look at the product line of Geekvape, it’s clear to see the inspiration from Greek Mythology. You have the Zeus, Athena, Aegis, and the Alpha. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. The first, the beginning. Was Geekvape referring to the Alpha as the beginning of a new breed of sub-ohm tank?

Possibly. The Alpha name in this case could also refer to the dominant figure amongst the rest in the pack. The one whom others (Betas) play a submissive role to. The Alphas lead the direction of the pack and lay down the ground rules for how things should be. Today we’ll be reviewing the Geekvape Alpha and see if this sub-ohm tank lives up the Alpha name.

With that said, let’s get down to the cotton and coils and find out what the Geekvape Alpha is all about.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm TankGeekvape Alpha Sub-ohm Tank Specs

  • Size: 25 x 41mm
  • Capacity: 4ml(Standard Edition) / 2ml(TPD Edition)
  • Coil Type: MeshMellow MMX1 Coil 0.2ohm (Best 75-95W) / MeshMellow MMX2 Coil 0.4ohm (Best 60-70W)
  • Thread: 510 thread

Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm Tank Box Contents

  • Alpha Tank 4ml(0.2ohm Coil Pre-installed)
  • MeshMellow 0.4ohm Coil
  • Spare Bubble Glass Tube (4ml)
  • User Manual
  • Promotion Card&Warranty Card
  • Spare Parts Pack

Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm TankGeekvape Alpha Tank 

The Alpha tank has a gorgeous looking tank. The crafted resin drip tip, beauty ring up top and resin air flow control looks so elegant. The finish has a pearlescent finish with deep and vibrant colors, shine, with a little sparkle. The fit and finish are excellent. The construction feels solid and the attention to detail is very apparent.

The machining of the whole tank is clean. The 510 threads are super smooth. The AFC has just the right amount of tension and adjustments feel precise, and the push button top fill is excellent. It’s spring loaded and the top swivels open for filling. There’s no wobble and the top cap doesn’t feel loose. It’s done proper.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm TankThe resin drip tip is wide bore, comfortable to use and offers a massive outlet for the plumes of vapor this tank outputs. You’ve got bubble glass for the tank section that will hold 4ml (standard) or 2ml (TPD) of e-liquid. It’s decent capacity but if you’re using the 0.2Ω coil, you can go through 4ml pretty quick. I would have liked to see a 5ml+ capacity for a tank this thirsty.

MeshMellow Coils

Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm TankThe MeshMellow coils for the Geekvape Alpha tank use mesh coils wrapped in high grade Egyptian cotton. Geekvape claims this cotton lasts longer than other types of cotton on the market while also produces pure flavor from the very first inhale. The cotton is super absorbent, organic and is not bleached or treated with hydrogen peroxide.

MMX1 Coil – 0.20 Ω

The MMX1 utilizes a single large bore mesh coil surrounded in Egyptian cotton.
Recommended wattage is between 60-110 watts, best from 75-95 watts.

MMX2 Coil – 0.40 Ω

The MMX2 houses two smaller bore mesh coils wrapped in Egyptian cotton.
Recommended wattage for this coil is from 50-80 watts, best between 60-70 watts.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm Tank Performance

Finish and build on this tank are top notch. You can tell a lot of time went into the design and production of this tank. The top fill button and swivel feel solid and it’s easy to operate.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm TankThere’s a large single fill port in the top cap. All of the threading feels buttery smooth. This goes for the 510 connection, the threads holding top and bottom section together to remove the glass/coil and also where the coil threads into the bottom. The pieces fit together real precise. The AFC ring felt precise when making adjustments and would hold its setting.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm Tank Performance

The MMX1 coils are really good. From fruit flavors to dessert flavors, the coils produced really good flavor. One of the best I’ve tried from a sub-tank. Vapor production is off the charts. At 90 watts, I was clouding the room pretty quick with the abundance of dense vapor this tank produces. Because the MMX1 is a large single bore coil, it is a very airy draw. Some vapers even find it too airy and may want to try closing down the airflow a couple notches.

The MMX2 coils are not bad. The flavor from this coil was good, but nowhere as good as the MMX1. They still produce a nice dense vapor, just not in the quantity of the MMX1 coil. Because it utilizes 2 x smaller bore mesh coils, the draw is a little bit tighter. If that’s how you like your vapes, you may prefer this coil over the MMX1.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm TankI’ve been using both coils for about 8 days and have gone through at least 2-3 tanks of juice per day, and they’re still hitting good. I haven’t been getting any hints or burnt cotton, no dry hits. Flavor is still on point and vapor is still clouding up my room. The Egyptian cotton seems to be living up to the claims from Geekvape.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-ohm Tank Video Review


So does the Geekvape Alpha live up to the hype as Geekvape’s flagship sub-ohm tank?
Without a doubt I say it does. It’s been such a solid performer during my time using it.

It’s continued to vape fantastic after some heavy use and the coils are still going. The combo of the mesh coils and Egyptian cotton is so good. In my opinion, best mesh coils out there right now.

The craftsmanship of the tank is top notch. Everything works like it should and moves or screws in so smooth. The looks can be subjective. Personally I am a fan of the resin look, I have some friends that aren’t too keen on resin.

If you’re looking for a high powered sub-ohm tank, want great flavor, clouds upon clouds and you are down with the resin finish, this is the tank for you. Whatever the reason Geekvape chose to name this tank the Alpha, in my opinion, this Alpha is leading the pack.

Vapor Mike

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