Geekvape Baron RDA Review | An All-New RDA with a Multi-functional Airflow System

Geekvape Baron RDA Review

Geekvape Baron RDA Review

Geekvape products have constantly been in my top five for many years. I have owned and reviewed most of their products over the years, so I am super excited to see that they have launched the Geekvape Baron RDA.

"Geekvape Baron RDA ReviewOnce you have loosened off both of the screws and pre-trimmed the coils to length, they can be easily installed on the deck through the wide post holes.


Once the screws have been tightened down, then they can be straightened and adjusted to make sure they are a nice parallel. Dry burn them by pulsing the coils and allowed them to completely cool down, then you can thread the shoe-lace style cotton wicks effortlessly through the coils.


And once you are happy with the position, you can then trim off the tails and the excess cotton. [ Please check out my full review of the Cotton Threads]. I left a good length on each side of the coils, due to the depth of the juice wells.


Then if you are happy with the length of the cotton, you can give both sides a good fluff-up. To give the cotton as much surface area as possible to absorb all that lovely juice and to assist with the wicking and feeding of the coils.


Once fully fluffed, you can simply tuck them down into the juice well. Whilst leaving them as fluffy as you can.


Once you are happy with the placement of the cotton, you can simply align the outer collar and snap it into place.


And then you are ready to juice her up, snap on the top cap and start vaping.

Vaping on the Geekvape Baron RDA

The Baron RDA is a pure delight to use. With some of the widest air-flow options that I have come across. Depending on which way you set the internal collar will affect how the air-flow preforms.

The really nice thing about it is that once you have the top cap in place, you can simply rotate the top cap to adjust the airflow even further and with the internal notch & cut out system the top cap will rotate with the distance of the cut up in the deck, meaning it goes from stop to stop. You can literally rotate it, closing off each of the of the slots or holes as you turn.

I found that the sweet spot was about two of the vertical slots closed off. On each side, giving you a super smooth, flavor-full vape. Also with the positioning of the coils, you seem to get very little spit back. I have been really impressed with this RDA, its simple old school design, combined with the very clever air-flow system.

RDA Video 

If you fancy putting one through its paces, then you can pick one up over at Heaven Gifts for only $27.90. Plus you can get up to 15% off using discount code MVR.

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