Geekvape Loop Bottom Airflow BF RDA Review

Geekvape Loop Bottom Airflow BF RDA Review

Geekvape Loop RDA Introduction

An RDA with a difference! Could changing the shape of the build deck really enhance the flavour? Geekvape has developed the Geekvape Loop RDA. Designing the deck in the shape of a ‘W’ and incorporating single and dual coil builds. This looks a serious contender to become a firm favourite. I am yet to find a perfect RDA that doesn’t have any issues whatsoever. Maybe the Geekvape Loop could change my mind?

I use RDAs on a daily basis and when you find a favourite, it’s hard to find something else just as good which suits your preference. Having used this Loop RDA, I’m enjoying it to the point it could be one of my favourites.

Geekvape Loop Bottom Airflow BF RDA Review

Geekvape Loop RDA Packaging List:

  • Geekvape Loop RDA
  • 510 Drip Tip
  • Spares inc, o rings, Allen key
  • 510 Drip Tip adapter
  • BF Squonk pin
  • User manual – Simple yet descriptive

Geekvape Loop RDA’s Color Variations:

  • Stainless Steel -Gold Drip tip
  • Gold- Gold Drip tip
  • Gunmetal- Green Drip tip
  • Black- Silver Drip tip

Nice idea from Geekvape to include the multicoloured drip tips. The Gunmetal RDA really stands out and is a nice addition. The green drip tip is eye-catching and looks good sitting on most devices. I haven’t seen many other brands choose gunmetal as a colour option as its normally the same black silver and gold options, so a very nice addition indeed. It would be nice to see a few more colour options available and maybe include different coloured drip tips as extras.

Geekvape Loop RDA Specs

  • Size: 34MM high by 24MM wide
  • W shape single/dual coil build deck
  • Side to bottom airflow
  • 810 or 510 drip tip compatible
  • 5mm Juice well
  • Squonk Pin Included
  • Airflow Ample

According to Geekvape, the airflow style they have designed is meant to minimize leaking during use. However, I did find there was leakage on occasion. With a large 5mm e-juice well having leaking issues, it isn’t really ideal. The last thing I want is to have 5mm of e-juice leaking everywhere and spend half an hour clearing the mess. Especially after the manufacturer has stated this deck will minimize leakage.

Geekvape Loop Bottom Airflow BF RDA Review

Geekvape Loop RDA Deck Info

The ‘W’ shaped deck only assisted with flavor to an extent. The air being propelled past the deck was noisy. The build was easy enough to do and the deck is spaced apart really well. However, wicking would present an issue so be sure to wick just right, as over wicking and overhangs will get caught by the top cap.

After 9 days usage, I have been impressed by this new addition to the Geekvape family. Pros and cons, there are only a couple to mention. For an RDA fan I would recommend giving this a try and seeing for yourself if the flavour really is enhanced with the new style shaped deck they have crafted.

I myself will sit on the fence with this one and I won’t see for sure if the flavour was more prominent because they have changed the deck layout. Smaller airflow holes and maybe this would have worked as closing off the airflow did work slightly.

The new deck layout was meant to enhance the flavour and create the illusion of a better build once you build on it. Yes, the new deck layout is fancy but I don’t personally think it makes much of a difference.

Geekvape Loop RDA Pros and Cons


The deck is evenly spaced and allows for decent size builds. I mean I had dual aliens in mine and there was still a little more space to go. The colour options are great especially the Gunmetal and green drip tip variation.


Spares that come with this RDA are limited, very few extras. Don’t over wick as the top cap does catch as you slide it on. Finally the price point, I have seen this retailed at was slightly higher than I’ve seen before but this is down to independent retailers wanting to make a fast buck.

Matt Francis

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