Geekvape NOVA 200W TC Kit Overview

Geekvape NOVA 200W TC Kit

Hello dear vapers, today we are going to have a clear overview of the new Geekvape NOVA 200W TC Kit which is an innovative sub-ohm tank and mod system from Geekvape.

Geekvape provides great quality products and have always been a pioneer in new vaping technologies and systems. All-terrain or technological, you will always have the best electronic cigarettes with Geekvape.

Geekvape is a historical electronic cigarette brand providing mainly expert products but always easy to use. Innovation, beautiful design and everyday use are what represent the most Geekvape. You will find the best sub-ohm kit, mod and atomizers at Geekvape.

200W Powerful Kit

Geekvape NOVA 200W TC Kit

Geekvape comes back with a new innovative kit, the NOVA 200W. Consisting of a NOVA 200W mod and a 5.5ml Cerberus tank, it has a unique design and offers a powerful vaping experience.

Constructed in Resin and Premium Aluminum, you will immediately be impressed by the NOVA mod lightweight feel. With its curved lines and small size, the NOVA mod is very comfortable in hand with a great looking aspect.

The size of the Geekvape NOVA 200W kit is very compact: the mod – 88mm x 52 mm x 25mm / The Cerberus tank – 46.8mm x 25mm (27mm with bulb tank)

For your NOVA kit you will have three finishes available, the gun metal, the silver and the black finish. They all have a very nice satin touch; the aluminum gives a strong feeling to the mod and offers nice details to the all kit. What distinguishes the NOVA mod is its unique crafted resin panels that gives a bright and colorful look compared to other kit you could find. The elegance at its best!

Beside the aluminum color choice, you will be able to discover 4 panels colors: Ember, Cobalt, Onyx and Flare Resin.

Geekvape NOVA 200W TC Kit

Geekvape NOVA 200W TC Kit

With a powerful 200W and powered by two 18650 batteries, you will never be limited with your Cerberus tank, feel free to test the power of your mod. The Cerberus tank is a great innovative sub-ohm clearomizer. It has all the specifications you would like to find on a sub-ohm tank like the adjustable airflow or the practical easy top filling. For the coils, the Cerberus uses the new super mesh coils provided in 0.2 ohm to give you an impressive production of vapor without putting aside a good flavor experience.

For all your settings, the NOVA kit has the classic and always practical 1 button switch to vape and 2 buttons to change wattage and temperature. The chipset offers multiple vape modes: VW/VPC/TC/TCR /BYPASS

You will be able to use coils from a range of 0.05 ohm to 3 ohm, which will allow you to use almost every coil available on the market.

On the NOVA mod, you will have a 0.96” OLED Screen that gives all the information you need clearly displayed and is easy to set.

Smart and Elegant Design

Geekvape NOVA 200W TC KitThe first thing that will pops to yours eyes is the beautiful look of the NOVA kit with its unique crafted resin panels and the very modern and innovative general aspect. The design is completely integrated from the Cerberus tank to the nice silver buttons, all details are matching together. It really stands out from other models.

The contrast between the aluminum and the resin is remarkably executed on this NOVA set up.

The resin panels give all its spirit to the mod. It is perfectly crafted with no gaps where so ever, you really are on a high-end product. Not surprising from Geekvape that has a very strict guideline quality control.

Thanks to the use of aluminum, you will finally get the light weight mod you are looking for. Aluminum has the specificity to be very strong but also known to be a very light weight materiel.

To insert the two 18650 batteries, one of the panels is removable allowing to access to the battery case which is easy to use and perfectly executed.

FYI: Always use and charge your battery by pair to ensure their good durability over time.

Great details are also visible on the packaging. The packaging matches the colors of the resin panel you will have choose to compliment the all NOVA set-up.

Geekvape NOVA 200W TC KitInnovative Sub-ohm System

The Cerberus is a great innovative sub-ohm tank. You will get a very good vaping experience providing plenty of vapor and great flavors.

It is a very compact tank with a diameter of 25 mm. It optimizes the e-liquid capacity with a bulb glass giving a very good 5.5 ml capacity. If you are not a fan of the bulb glass, no problem, you also find a regular glass that will provide you a good capacity of 4 ml.

Geekvape NOVA 200W TC KitThe Cerberus uses the newly developed super mesh coils. The mesh coils are known to last longer over time compared to regular coil heads and gives a better flavor experience. More specifically, the mesh is a metallic sheet that will improve the heating surface allowing to create more vapor and a constant vape.

You will be able to adjust precisely the airflow to adapt it the best to your vaping style. It gives a great comfort as you do not need to remove the atomizer from the box to adjust the airflow ring. The little extra, the nice 810 drip tip that perfectly goes with the kit and the vape performances.

Easy tip: the new super mesh coils are compatible with the Cerberus tank, the shied tank and the Aero tank all from Geekvape.

Maximum Protection

You will always be safe with the Geekvape NOVA 200W kit. Firstly, the quality production of Geekvape will guarantee you a long-lasting mod that you will be able to enjoy for a long time.

Besides the quality of the NOVA kit, it integrates all modern protections you would expect to find on a Geekvape kit to vape safely all the time.

The different protections available:

  • Battery reverse protection
  • Over-heat protection
  • Over charging & discharging protection
  • Switch timeout protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Short circuit protection

Geekvape NOVA 200W TC KitReactive Performances

Geekvape have thought of everything for you. To give you an always better vaping experience; the NOVA kit integrates the advances AS Chipset with safe and stable performances.

The stability of the chipset is one of the functionalities that we usually do not notice at first sight but will be very important to always have a constant e-liquid evaporation putting aside problems like licking of spit backs.

Geekvape NOVA 200W TC KitWhat is new and innovative on the Geekvape NOVA 200W kit is its ultra-fast respond when it comes to press the switch. It only takes 10 milliseconds to activate your coil and then the vapor production. The NOVA kit is one of the fastest chipset on the market right now.

An Ideal Mod for Everyday Use

If you like sub-ohm vaping, the Geekvape NOVA 200W Kit will be the perfect choice. The quality production of Geekvape gives a feeling of durability with the use of high-end materials. The size is compact with a good grip, and you will never get bored looking at this beautiful NOVA mod.

It is the perfect mod for an everyday use with its two 18650 battery and 5.5ml, you will go through the day easily without having to change your battery or refill your clearomizer in the middle of the day.

Geekvape NOVA 200W TC Kit Video Review


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