Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA Review

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA Review

The original Geekvape Zeus RTA was one of my favourite tanks of 2017, so you can imagine my delight when I found out that Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA – the dual coil version of this legendary tank – was launched. But are dual Coils, Twice the fun? I have been getting up close and personal with the dual coil version for the last couple of weeks, and putting it through its paces.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA Introduction

As the name suggests the new dual version takes both single and dual coil layouts, perfectly laid out on its postless deck design, this upgraded version also has a couple of other design improvements over the original, based on the constructive feedback from the vaping masses. I’m glad to say that these alterations and improvements have detracted too much from the original design.

It still features to cleverly designed ‘Leakproof’ Top Airflow design, although it does sit slightly taller than the original. The main improvement comes with the new deck design, and the alignment of the wicking ports, which we will look at, as we go through the review.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA Packaging List

The Zeus Dual comes in the standard Geekvape clear plastic box, with the RTA packed neatly on the left, next to the folded section, containing all the extra goodies.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA

  • Zeus Dual RTA
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
  • Allen Key
  • 510 Delrin Tip
  • 810 Drip Tip
  • User Manual
  • Two Coils

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA Specs

  • Size: 46.4mm x 26mm
  • Both Single & Dual Coil
  • 510 & 810 drip tips are available
  • Colour: SS, GunMetal, Black, Blue

Along with the ability to install a choice of drip tips, Geekvape also does an optional 5.5ml Bubble Glass, which unfortunately has to be purchased separately. And didn’t come included in the kit.

The base of the Zeus Dual, features the Zeus branding, along with the serial number and Designed by Geekvape, which sits underneath the Gold Plated 510 connection.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTAThe base section, incorporating the deck simply unscrews from the bottom of the tank, giving you the first glimpse of the deck.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA ReviewThe Zeus Dual, as with the original, features fine, well-machined threading, which allows for effortless attachment of the base section, with no issues of cross threading.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTADue to its clever top Airflow, the Zeus Dual, features a chamber within a chamber, allowing the deck section to slide up into the inner chamber, with the outer chamber allowing for the Airflow to run down to the deck.

The inner chamber features a well machined conical design at the top, leading directly up to the non-detachable chimney section.

The outer wall of the chamber features the distinctive Zeus God logo, which seems to be printed, rather than machined onto the chamber wall.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA ReviewThe Airflow is feed by two large fully adjustable airflow slots, located at the top of the device. Just above the tank.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA ReviewThe filling is a breeze…

Simply give the top cap a quarter turn, and the top cap it released, giving direct access, to the two kidney-shaped e-juice holes.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA ReviewWhen not in use these e-juice holes are sealed off tight, by the full-sized Silicone liner, which sits neatly inside the top cap.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA ReviewGeekvape Zeus Dual RTA Deck

One of the main complaints of the original Zeus, was the Offset wick ports, which meant that you had to run the cotton, in an ‘S’ like pattern, through the coil and into the wicking ports, which could on some occasions, when over wicked lead to slight juice starvation, and dry hits.

With the Zeus Dual, Geekvape has gone for a more four squared approach to the deck, putting the postless Coil holes in each corner of the deck. With wide open wick holes at each end.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA ReviewEither side of the deck are the wide open internal air slots, located just above the pair of recessed grub screws.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA ReviewGeekvape Zeus Dual RTA Build

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTAThe Zeus Dual came with two tasty braided Coils, with a rope type construction. Firstly before the build, you need to trim off the Coil tails. I find that the T tool gives a good guide to ensuring you get the correct length.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTAOnce trimmed they can simply be slipped into the coil holes, then tighten up the grub screws, and finally take time to straighten out the Coils.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTAIt is important that you get them perfectly parallel, and not touching.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTAThey can then be dry burned, to ensure they are glowing from the inside out, and glowing equally.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTAWicking is a total breeze.

With its wide open postless open plan design, wicking the Zeus Dual is a total breeze, simply twist and pull.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTATrim to length, and comb out the cotton to thin it out.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA ReviewYou can then just fold the cotton, down the side of the deck, and retrieved as required.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTAOnce trimmed, it should reach just above the threading, ensure that it is not too long, as it will interfere with the threading.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTAOnce primed, you can then simply screw down the tank over the top of the deck and Coils, fill her up, and you’re ready to vape.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA Performance

I must admit I did think the original Zeus would be hard to beat. But I will take my hat off to the team at Geekvape, they have pulled it off with the Dual, a faultless performance over the last couple of weeks, and the Leakproof Statement defiantly holds true.

Flavour is very subjective, personally I find the flavour in the Zeus, can be slightly muted, which I think is to do with the top air-flow, not sure why, but I find all top Airflow RTAs tend to have the same issue, it’s as if you want to turn up the flavour somehow, I think it must have something to do with the path the air has to take, but I’m not sure. On the Flavour front, I think I would have to give it a 7.5 out of ten. But I do think that it can be worth trading off the flavour sometimes, to get a true leakproof RTA, especially when at work and having to slip it into a suit pocket every now and then.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA Final Thoughts

As you may know, I am a massive Geekvape Fan. The Zeus Dual has defiantly become one of my go to tanks, especially for when I am out and about.


  • Decent flavour
  • Excellent clouds
  • 4ml capacity
  • Not a ‘thirsty’ tank even in dual coil
  • Smooth airflow
  • Good airflow control
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to build deck
  • Dual or single coil mode
  • 99.9% Leak proof


  • Post screws prone to stripping
  • Bubble glass as separate purchase
  • No info on included coils

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