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IJoy Genie TC Mod First Impression

After reading a great introduction to the IJoy Genie TC Mod from BellaVapes,I became more curious as to the technical side of this flashy device. The mysterious IWEPAL chip that runs nearly all IJoy devices has little to offer in the way of technical information. So we need a further investigation to try and understand what is behind the brains of the IJoy Genie.

IJoy Genie TC Mod Specifications and Features

IJoy Genie TC Mod Specifications and FeaturesNot only the chipset is eluding but the added feature of 20700 batteries is head scratching. IJoy seems to be running full steam ahead with the 20700 series batteries, starting with the Captain and now the IJOY Genie. Ijoy Genie is an aesthetic dream full of flashing lights and a flashlight for those moments when you need light. The company had great success with the Captain PD270 so a future predecessor was expected. Now we have the Genie. We need to dive a little deeper to see what the Genie has to offer from a tech standpoint.
The technical features of the IJOY Genie cater to a wide array of vapers. The maximum wattage allowed by this device is at 234 watts,more than enough for most users. All of thetemperature controls you come to expect are ready to go out of the box. Nichrome,Titanium and Stainless Steel are qualified for temperature vaping. The range of resistance that the IJOY Genie can handle is 0.05-3.0 OHM. Note the low resistance compatibility with Genie. Such a low resistance is generally unusual outside of an Evolv DNA Chip. DIY coil builders will love the Ijoy Genie for this fact, it will allow them to use low resistance builds without the heavy price tag of a high end mod to run them
Backing the whole operation is the IWEPAL Chipset. Considerable time went into investigating where this chip comes from. What was found is that the IWEPAL is developed and manufactured by IJoy,or rather the parent company WANG XI ZHI. The parent company also holds the Cigpet,Limitless and EXO brands under their umbrella. There are no specific technical notes regarding the IWEPAL chip. But we can draw the conclusions just by the listed specifications.
IJoy Genie TC Mod Specifications and FeaturesThe IWEPAL chip would appear to be powerful,allowing for very low resistance vaping. Expected safety features are all present within the IWEPAL such as low resistance protection,over charge protection, low voltage protection and over heat protection. Safety features are nearly standard across the board with mod manufacturers as they are essential to ensure the safety of the vaper when dealing with battery cells. The chip on the Genie boasts a few different features from its predecessor, such as the LED light control and the flashlight option.
Ijoy has filled the Genie with many bells and whistles making for a pleasing vaping experience. The conclusion here is that the IWEPAL is basically your standard chipset that you would find in most mainstream devices but with a bit more punch,allowing for that super low resistance acceptance. Long term performace of this chip will soon start to show and from there we will be able to fully draw a conclusion of the overall capabilities and performance of the IWEPAL chip from IJoy.
Taking a step away from the chip, rather to the side. Ijoy has yet again continued with the
20700 batteries that were first seen on the Captain. Looking back just a few short years ago we were introduced to the magnificent power capability of 26650 battery cells. They were supposed to revolutionize vaping and completely replace the standard 18650. Problem is, they are very large. Those batteries never really caught on and most manufacturers never made anything to accommodate them. A few vaping mods capable of operating with 26550 cells and from experience, they’re no different than 18650. Returning to the 20700 batteries, yet again people say they will change the face of vaping and replace 18650. This has yet to happen and IJoy seems to be the only ones who are rolling with this idea.
IJoy Genie Sanyo would appear to be the chemical designer of this specific battery so, unless Ijoy is making these on their own,which would be doubtful. IJoy branded batteries are designed and manufactured by Sanyo than labeled under the Ijoy name.
Bench test results performed by industry professionals have show that even with just a slight increase,20700 batteries look promising. People primarily used these batteries in the automotive sector. But now they are making their way to the vaping industry. One can make a speculation as to whether these will replace standard 18650. But they are a great alternative that offers a bit more power. Availability of these cells are nothing close to 18650 but if the general public continues to use them, ask for them you can be sure they will start showing up all over.

IJoy Genie TC Mod Final Thoughts

Ijoy will certainly follow up the Genie with another new device in the future. The series so far has been a great success and there is no reason not to continue with it. Across the majority of social media there has not been many report of issues with these devices. And overall reception is very positive. Keep an eye out because IJoy may have another trick up their sleeves in the near future.

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