Starter Kit Helps You Go Unnoticed and Be a True Ninja Vaper

In 2017 some vape brands launched discreet vape starter kits that resemble else

Starter Kit Helps You Go Unnoticed and Be a True Ninja Vaper

Are you one of those vapers who prefers to go unnoticed? Are you a true Ninja Vaper who likes to take cheeky puffs in places where you’re not allowed? This year, some vape brands launched some really cool starter kit that resembles something else. These starter kits will seriously blow your mind!

Starter Kit Skynow X Introduction

Starter Kit Skynow X IntroductionShaped like a USB driver, the Skynow X by Vision is a very compact starter kit. This simple pod mod is ideal for people new to vaping and those who enjoy a tight draw with very restrictive airflow for mouth-to-lung!

This device has 8W and 1.7 ml capacity. The internal 450 mAh battery can be charged via a USB cable. Refill the cartridge, inhale and enjoy… That simple!

Starter Kit Skynow X Pros and Cons


  • Super compact size
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Sleek design
  • Affordable


  • No adjustable airflow
  • Replaceable cartridges might be hard to find
  • Not suitable for e-liquid with high VG

Starter Kit Lady Q Introduction

Starter Kit Lady Q IntroductionThe Lady Q is a super interesting starter kit by Artery. The box already resembles a lipstick. But once you pull the top cap off, you will find a tiny cute sub-ohm atomizer with 1.5 ml capacity.

The Lady Q has a 1000 mAh battery hidden in the lipstick. When you place the tank on top of the battery you simply have to press the fire button placed under the lipstick.

I was really impressed with this one as this is not only very original, but also extremely discreet and well-thought-out. It is the first time I have actually seen a vape kit exclusively designed for women. The tank works with 0.7ohm LQC coil . These pre-made coils have decent vapor production and the flavor is on the money too. Artery really nailed it with this one!

Starter Kit Lady Q Pros and Cons


  • Discreet design
  • Adjustable airflow with 4 different positions
  • Simplicity
  • Clicky and easy to press power button
  • Nice flavor
  • Decent vapor production


  • Only for women (I wish I could use it in public without embarassing myself)

Starter Kit VapeOnly vPen Introduction

Starter Kit VapeOnly vPen IntroductionYes, many starter kits are commonly named ‘vape pens’ but this is actually the first one that resembles a real pen! The VapeOnly vPen has a sleek classic look it’s portable and discreet. The mouth piece is hidden under the pen cap. Just pull it off and…your pen turns into a vaper!

Powered by a built-in 390 mAh battery, the vPen has a refillable tank that works with 1.3 ohms replaceable coils. The airflow is very restrictive, similar to a cigarette draw. This is perfect for smokers looking for a discreet vape device to help them quit.

Stater Kit VapeOnly vPen Pros and Cons


  • Discreet an easy to use
  • The coil replacements are cheap and can handle 70vg/30pg liquids
  • Very stylish
  • Super portable and light


  • Less than 1 ml tank capacity
  • Non adjustable airflow

Alfonso Melero

Content creator and marketer. Originally from Spain, I lived a few years in Scotland and China where I started to work for the vaping industry. Vaping is not only a profession for me but also a passion. I quit smoking thanks to vaping almost 3 years ago. I helped many smokers to switch to vaping since as I am convinced vaping is a much healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.