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Half Moon Mods LLC – Modder of the Week

Sup Vapers, welcome back. Today we have another article for our fantastic column, Modder of the Week. I finally had the chance to interview Patrick Murphy, the marketing manager and co-owner of Half Moon Mods. A magnificent person whom I am glad to have known. So let’s deep inside the interview and hear him talking about his brand history and after as always, we will do an overview of one of their product.

Half Moon Mods Drip Tips


Interview with Pat Murphy – Half Moon Mods

-What’s your name, and which company do you represent?

-My name is Patrick Murphy. I Represents Half Moon Mods LLC. We are a family owned business, so the members of the company are me, my brother Jeffrey Murphy, my father Jeffrey W. Murphy and my mother, Barbara Murphy.

Half Moon Mods LLC
Half Moon Mods LLC

-How did you all meet the world of vaping and started vaping?

-My brother and I both started vaping in 2013 and some friends introduced us into this world. Moreover, in this year we also started manufacturing because back in 2013/2014 we were spending hundreds of dollars in mechanical mods that were not the best quality. We believed we could make a better quality product in the United States because back then most of the Mech mods were made in China. So we used some of the machinery that my father already has for his metalworking shop to make our first mech mod.

-After you created your mech mod how did you start?

-So we had some pre-orders for the mech mods and we build and sold them all filling the list. That was at the end of 2013 beginning of 2014 when the first DNA chip came out, arresting, therefore, the Mech Mod market.

Half Moon Mods LLC

Half Moon Mods ST-1 Mech Tube

-So who are you as a company? (modders, creators, developers, designers…)

-We are innovators. We take vaping products and bring them to a much higher standard and quality. We try to be original and innovating. So we are designers, modders, manufacturers and distributors.

-Who is a manufacturer to you?

-A manufacturer for me is someone who cares about the industry, who continuously try to pull out a better product than something that is already on the market. He is always fixing the problem and innovate our wold.

-Can you please tell us your company story?

-We are a family owned business that manufactures all of their product in the USA, without any outsourcing. We offer high-quality products and one of the best customer services in the industry. All of our product has a lifetime warranty.

We started creating our first mech mod back in 2013/2014, but then the DNA chip came out and no one wanted a mech tube anymore. One day my brother that was in a shop to buy some materials saw a bag of acrylic pieces and the merchant gave them for free to him because it was lying there for years.

Therefore he had a bunch of tiny acrylic pieces and one day he started building some drip tips and threw it out on some Facebook groups. The next days we sold 250 of them. At the time we were only making Kennedy and Goon style drip tips. We started selling hundreds, that turned into thousands, then to ten thousand so we asked our father a small loan to buy one automated machine to speed up the process.

Since then, it all progressed and now we sold hundreds of thousands of tips, in any kind of style, but it all started by accident.

Half Moon Mods LLC

Half Moon Mods Drip Tips

-How is your brand now going? Do you have new ideas for the future, new projects incoming?

– We are right now selling globally but we want to keep all the manufacturing inside the United States. We don’t outsource anything and hopefully, we never will! Moreover, In November we are going to release our second Mech mod. So be ready for it!

-Which of your product do you think that represents you better?

-I think that we are mostly known for our drip tips.    

-However, which is the one that you prefer?

-My mechanical squonk mod, the SQNKR, it represents me because it is beautiful. It’s a high-end perfectly machine beauty. It just amazes. The quality and the design of this box fully represents me as a person.

-Do you have one question that you would like me to do?

-Yes, with whom we had the best business relationship. It is undoubtedly with Kevin Engle from VaporStockroom in Kentucky. He is the most excellent person in the vaping industry and our business relationship turned into a strong friendship.

Half Moon Mods LLC

Murph's Blend E-Liquid by Half Moon Mods

-Another question that is important for me, how is it going the fight against Tobacco in the USA?

-It is going, there is much fear in the industry right now in the United States, but we try to donate most of the money we can to all the foundations that are fighting against it. My Brother is also the president of the Massachusetts Smoke-Free Association. So we are trying to do our part to support the advocacy, especially in Massachusetts. The more significant thing that I can stress is that every manufacturer has to do his part in the industry.

-Now the most important question, what do you think is missing from the vaping world to overcome cigarettes?

-I think it is missing the support from the USA Government. I know of doctors in the UK that are supporting vaping in their country and they were able even to admit it in hospital. I think that the Governments and Medical industries have to support vaping. That’s the biggest thing that’s missing.

Half Moon Mods LLC

SQNKR - BF MECH MOD - Half Moon Mods


Features and Specifications:

  • Materials: Acrylic, Aluminum, Silver
  • Mod Type: Bottom Feeder Mech Mod
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 25 mm x 50mm
  • Weight: 110g without battery
  • Maximum Atomizer Dimensions: 25 mm
  • Supported Battery: 18650/20650
  • Design: Multiple
  • Price: 179.99$


Indeed a high-end mod is what we have. The quality of the materials used is superior and the unique design made from the match of Aluminum and Acrylic made me instantly fell in love with it. It fit 18650 as 20650 batteries and use an aluminum connector Silver Plated. The battery door has a transparent black coloration that makes it very endearing. On their website, there is also the possibility to buy other colors. There surely is much study behind it as it fits nicely in the end, giving a wonderful feeling of solidity.

Patrick also sent me some 810 Drip Tips and two of their e-liquids. I’ll talk about them in two separated article but I can say that they are well made!


I want to thanks a lot Patrick Murphy for participating in this interview and his company, for being part of our column. Also many thanks to all of you guys for the significant support and interests that you are showing!



I am Lorenzo from Italy, a writer of The Vaping Times and the owner of Blog LorenzotheVaper. If you want to know more about me, you can check my personal blog.