Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W BF TC Box Mod Review

Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W Bottom Feed TC Box Mod Review

Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W BF Box Mod Intro

Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W BF TC Box ModThe Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W BF TC is the smallest regulated squonk box mod with a single 18650 battery at 80W max. It is similar in size to a single-battery mechanical squonk box mod. But it’s heavier since it is made from zinc alloy (“door” included). You can also see that it can take up to a 25mm-diameter RDA. These are the first characteristics you realize when you hold it for the first time.

The RSQ mod comes in silver, red, black or blue. But I’ve chosen the silver one for myself, in order for the “drilling iron pillar” logo on one side of the mod to not be so chromatically distinctive.

Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W Features:

  • Dimensions: 79mm x 48mm x 25mm
  • 7ml Squonk Bottle Capacity
  • Single 18650 Battery (Not Included)
  • Wattage Ouput Range: 1-80W
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Ni200, Ti and SS Compatibility
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) Adjustments
  • Adjustable Initial Resistance
  • Bypass Mode
  • Zinc Alloy Construction
  • 96 inch TFT Display
  • Magnetized Battery Door
  • MicroUSB Port – Firmware Upgradeable
  • RGB Light-Up LED – Three Colors
  • Bottom-Feeding Squonk-Ready 510 Pin
  • Stainless Steel Gold-Plated 510 Connection

Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W Packaging List:

  • RSQ 80W Squonk Box Mod
  • Spare 7ml squonk bottle
  • Micro USB cable
  • Instructional manual

First Use of the Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W

If you want to squeeze the liquid bottle, while pressing the fire button at the same time you might have a slight problem with the design. The door’s “window” is hard to reach, especially if you have short fingers. It is not so ergonomically designed and does not help you easily squeeze the liquid’s bottle. Especially the plastic one (of the two included in its packaging), since it needs a hard squeeze.

Colours’ Dance

Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W Bottom Feed TC Box Mod ReviewAs soon as you put the battery inside the mod an RGB LED illuminates the bottle, also permitting to check -through the door’s “window”- how much liquid is left inside the bottle (when you’re out in the dark night!). Actually, this feature makes the design stand out from the pile, as it reflects the colours of the RGB LED on the bottle.

“It must be draining the battery”, you might think, since the LED lights up (actually blinks slowly) for as long as the mod’s screen is on. But you can set the LED to permanently remain off and it stays off even after changing the battery. You can also permanently choose one of the three LED’s light colours (Red or Green or Blue), instead of letting it constantly show its own slow-changing colour-“dance” (of the three RGB colours consecutively).

The LED’s setting is simple: first lock the mod (pressing + and – simultaneously). Then press the fire and + buttons simultaneously to select (with + or -) RGB or some specific colour or LED off. Some people lock it in one specific colour. Then using a similarly coloured drip tip on their squonking dripper, they try to aesthetically “stand out” from the pile!


From the first use of the mod’s plastic bottle (the spare one -included in the package- is made of soft silicon), you see that it is practically “useless”, as it is so hard that you cannot easily squeeze it with your left hand’s ring finger. The soft-silicone bottle is more usable with respect to that. But it needs a little bit of attention when filling it up because the liquid easily rises inside the bottle’s plastic tube, when you just hold the filled bottle to screw its cap on.

To avoid spilling the liquid off the tube’s top end, you first have to slightly squeeze the (not-fully-filled) bottle, when screwing the cap on. Once the cap is firmly screwed on, you can “release” your squeezing to let the liquid sucked back into the bottle.

This means that you’d better not top-fill the bottle. The silicon bottle is adequately performing to replenishing your BF (Bottom Feed) RDA. But its squeezing must be “light” and enduring to properly soak the cotton inside. Otherwise, with a deep and short squeeze, the excess liquid inside the RDA is sucked back to the bottle. The bottle’s plastic tube has a long side-cut at its lower end inside the bottle. It needs to be inserted deeply enough inside the bottle, to let it “lay down” at the bottom of the bottle for sucking up the last liquid-drops when squeezing.

More Bottles!

If you dare to cut a bit of this sloping edge of the tube, you lose some of its length. When you push its other end to fit over the metal tube of the mod’s BF 510 pole, the plastic tube will recede inside the bottle, not allowing enough coverage of the mod’s metal bf tube length. You see, the bottle’s plastic tube is narrow and tightly fits around the mod’s metal tube in order to prevent any leakage.

Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W Bottom Feed TC Box Mod Review

For removing the bottle from the mod, use your fingernail under the bottom of the bottle (where there is a sloping “cut” of the plastic inner box of the mod, underneath the bottle and the battery) and you drag it out partially.

Then grab the empty bottle from its metal cap and pull it transversely outwards to easily release the plastic tube out of the bf metal tube, for avoiding to pull it out from the bottle at the same time. You can also take the battery out by entering your fingernail under the battery’s bottom end and drag it out (the battery’s positive pole goes down when you place it inside the RSQ).

Upgradable and Controllable

The firmware is upgradable, but first, you have to install the company’s software on your computer. It is possible with this software to configure several additional parameters of the mod’s operation, which are actually more than the usual ones in other mods with the onboard software (it’s not “Escribe” though… for those who know the DNA boards).

Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W Bottom Feed TC Box Mod ReviewThe display screen is clearly readable in broad daylight. The mod does not have a stealth mode to keep the screen off, when the fire button is pressed. But, as soon as you release it, the screen’s illumination decreases to its half in 5sec and in 1min the screen can be turned off to save battery power. This screen’s turn-off time is the minimum setting (for battery power saving) and can be selected up to 5min, using the mod’s buttons.

There is no fire-button lock, although the + and – buttons can be locked. To transfer it to a bag or pocket, you have to completely turn the mod off: 5 fast clicks of the fire button (turns on/off). The screen can also be reverted, reverting also the +/- buttons.

Hotcig x Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W Video Review 

Hotcig X Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W Features

Mode Features

Operation modes: POWER mode, TEMP/TC mode and BYPASS mode (so to use it as a mechanical mod, but with the protection of a regulated one).

In power mode: with 3 clicks of the fire button, the coil’s value indication flashes and then, pressing the – or + buttons, the coil’s resistance value is locked. Instead of locking the coil’s value indication, with one more click of the fire button the current’s Amber indication flashes, so that you can change it (by pressing the +/- buttons) from current indication to puff counter or to puff duration time or to the remaining battery power percentage.

In Temp mode: with three “fire” clicks, you enter the “resistance modifier” of the internal resistance of the mod, so that you can actually adjust the current/voltage relation of the wattage (that you have locked the mod on), in order to further adjust the heating of your coil to your own preferences.

In TC mode: the resistance modification is OFF (keeps the setting you have already chosen). You can lock the operation to your preferred wattage and also choose the type of your wire: Ni, Ti, SS (303/304/316) or select XX (TCR). The TCR range is set with the installation software: Ni (4952-7428), Ti (3296-4944), SS (704-1056), XX (704-8000). On the first page of the mod’s manual clearly states to check the company’s website for TCR settings, but I did not find it anywhere.

Features Continued 

The whole bf 510 pole-system of the mod is carefully designed/built and liquid impermeable. There is no bottle-leakage or excess liquid inside the pole’s well, but the latter also depends on the bf pin of your RDA. For the time being (a couple of months now), the advertised feature of the waterproof electronic board has not been verified (thankfully).

The RSQ presents an efficient battery management with the LED off. The electronic board works efficiently (for my personal requirements). It charges the battery inside with 1A.

Due to its metal construction, the Hotcig x Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W warms the palm when chain vaping (for cold winters is a perfect hand warmer).

Final Features and Thoughts 

The company’s website needs a thorough search on the internet to find the suitable page for customer’s support (you can be confused with the company’s various pages that pop up in your google search). Here is the suitable one for upgrading (it takes almost a minute to load). It takes time to download any files and you need to download the installation software first (with an also too-slow installation process) and then the firmware file for transferring it to the mod.

Hotcig x Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W comes with a 3 months warranty, if the purchase is from an authorized dealer.


I am not in the vaping business. I found vaping as the escape door from my 25 years of smoker’s imprisonment. It just took me four days of attempting to totally get out of it, thanks to the appropriate –for me- “equipment” (includes e-liquids). Now, vaping “equipment” has become another one of my fields of interest, for helping others to discover, on their own, their personally appropriate “equipment”.
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