How to Avoid Spitback in Vaping

How to Avoid Spitback in Vaping

What is spitback

Spitback is an awful experience that almost every vaper has experienced or will experience at some point in their time vaping. Spitback is when those little droplets of hellfire make their way from the surface of the coil into your mouth.

Small, burning hot drops of ejuice that did not vaporize but rather launched onto your tongue or the back of your throat. There are varying degrees of how bad this can be, RDAs users running at a high wattage may get these much hotter than that of a tank user or low wattage user.

What is spitbackToday, we will outline some of the ways that you can avoid spitback and keep your mouth from getting completely scorched.

1.Increase Power or Temperature

More often than not, spitback is generally a direct result of incorrect power or temperature settings. When spit back occurs, simply looking at the power settings can lead to a solution. When eilquid is sitting on the coil surface and the coil does not heat up enough, all the eliquid gets heated but not vaporized. Instead, the juice pops and cracks and fires little droplets of super hot eliquid into your mouth.

Sometimes, coils just need more power to work effectively. Turning up the wattage or increasing the set temperature can eliminate spit back almost completely.

2.Over Dripping or Over Priming

This issue is aimed at RDA users and disposable coil users. When using an RDA, users must drip liquid onto the coil and soak the cotton in order to vaporize the liquid. This process is repeated every time the coils and cotton go dry.

It is all too easy to just start squeezing liquid into the RDA. Soaking the coils and cotton sometimes leads to over dripping, especially when trying to fill the drip well. This can often be the worst form of spit back as it basically boils the entire juice well inside the RDA.

Simple spit back can turn into a flow of lava-like juice right onto the lips and mouth. This can actually burn fairly bad so we want to avoid this.

Pay close attention to this when dripping and you should be fine.

The same goes with disposable coil systems. Most of these coils require they be primed before use. Usually, 10 drops total is enough to prime these coils. Some people overdo it and just keep going until it all looks wet, screw the coil on and fire the device.

This will lead to spitting back. To avoid it, simply stick to the 10 drops, fill the tank and wait 5-10 minutes to ensure the cotton has been fully saturated.

3.Pre-Fire the Device

This ties slightly into the previous step. If you think you have over saturated the coil than simply pressing the fire button for a few seconds will help burn a lot of juice off. You can blow through the drip tip of the atomizer to help dissipate the vapor and continue this as needed. Pulsing the device during this process will also be best.

4.Screened Drip Tips

Perhaps you simply cannot find a solution to this issue. Luckily, many aftermarket sellers offer drip tips with screens in them. These little screen are usually part of the drip tip, not a piece that is added in. They are quite effective and should stop most of the spitback you are experiencing.

5.Check The Wicks(RTA)

This applies to RTAs users mainly. As a result of bad wicking or wicks that have managed to move out of place, this could cause the deck of an RTA to flood.

When the deck floods even a small bit, the entire area that houses the build deck becomes a chamber of boiling liquid. Unfortunately, the only way for this super hot liquid to go is up. Like an RDA it could be a rush of lava flow like juice or just super hot droplets.

RTAs for the most part each have their own unique wicking technique that needs to be figured out. Checking YouTube or other sources for wicking tutorials should be helpful in discovering the proper technique for your tank.

6.Check Your PG/VG Ratio

PG/VG ratio does certainly play a big role in the vaping experience. VG is the cloud producing additive while PG is the throat hit, flavor carrier. For the most part, High VG rules the market. Sometimes, ejuice that is 50/50 VG/PG or even 70/30 VG/PG will naturally not vaporize as well as say, Max VG. Change up the ratio of your juice next time you buy and see if that works.

pg vs vg7.Change the Coil

Over the span of a coils life, it builds up sugars and other residues on its surface, making it more difficult for the coil to properly vaporize the liquid. While it still works to some degree, when a coil is completely caked in the residue, it simply cannot vaporize everything. If your coil has been kicking for a while, perhaps it is time to switch it out for a new one but do not over prime the new coil.


Sometimes with airflow opened to the maximum position, spitback can occur just from the massive flow of air going to the coil effectively bringing unvaporized liquid straight to your mouth.

You might say “Well, I’ve always run my attys at max airflow and have never had an issue.”

Each atomizer is different in how it delivers the air to the coil and from the coil to the lungs. Perhaps if the airflow is not the issue than simply the intensity in which the vaper is inhaling is the issue. Try to tone down how hard you inhale as to be sure not to pull the liquid right into your mouth. Inhaling a little easier will make sure all the liquid is vaporized.


With the little bit of information above you should be well along your way to getting rid of spit back. Nobody likes it, it hurts and leaves an awful taste in the mouth. Try each one of these steps next time it happens and hopefully you will be able to over come it.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.