How to Build Vape Coils?

How to Build Vape Coils?

Knowing how to build vape coils is an essential part of owning a rebuildable atomizer. Over the years coils have become a pseudo art form. Millions of builders worldwide love to show off their work on social media.

Some of these coils are extravagant, intricate and very difficult to make and this sometimes scares away people who want to build their own coils. Rest assured, they are not that difficult if you keep it simple.

Over time as skills develop, harder coils can be made but will still require some dedication and patience but for this article, we will demonstrate the basics on how to build vape coils.

How To Build Vape Coils – The Basics

Starting with the very basics of coil building is the essential foundation needed for success. Every builder started with this foundation and if practiced regularly it will pave the way for more complex and rewarding builds.

The most basic way to begin the journey is to start with single strands of wire. Practice wrapping it around an object like a drill bit or screwdriver. In these early stages, it is not so important to decide which size to use but rather establishing the technique that is most comfortable for wrapping the wire.

It is recommended to use lower gauge wires to start out because they are much easier to work with than higher gauge. Something like a 26 gauge kanthal would make the learning process much easier.

Be calm and patient as mistakes are a given at this point. Work towards having the wraps of coils as tight together as possible. Slight spacing or gaps is fine as they can be worked out later on.

If there are gaps or spaces the coil can be squished hard against the handle of the screwdriver. If you are using a drill but just just your finger to hold the coil in place while it is squished together.

If this does not remove spacing or gaps from the coils rest assured once they are installed to the build deck they can be pinched together when glowing and red hot.

Once you feel confident that your coils are ready to be used in an atomizer, install them and reap the rewards of your hard work.

Getting used to wrapping by using this method should have you comfortable in a matter of hours or just a couple days.

How To Build Vape Coils – Advancements Part 1

How to Build Vape Coils?Now that you are comfortable with wrapping a coil it is time to look at different styles. There are many types of different builds that are still simple but achieve a range of results.

Twisted coils are a great next step. This uses either two or four strands of wire all twisted together and they even boost the flavor a bit from the standard coil.

With this advancement comes required tools. While this can be done by hand it will be very lengthy. This is where you will need a drill because it will only take minutes compared to hours.

For the drill ch, ck we will need something to hold the loop of wire. An L shaped allen key is best and only requires bending the short end so that it forms a hook shape. This will hold the wire in place while it is being twisted.

Next you will need a pair of pliers. Bend the wire equally in half and fix the loop end around the allen key in the chuck. Clamp the ends of the wire with the pliers and engage the drill.

Run the drill for a few seconds until the twist is tight and small in spacing. YouTube tutorials are an excellent option when looking at new builds. Here is one for the twisted coil.

Branching off from the twisted coil we can look at the zipper coil. The Zipper coil is set up like a twisted coil but this time we must make two seplengthslenths of twisted wire.

One lenth is twisted clockwise while the other is twisted counter-clockwise. When both lenths are matched up and wrapped the form the shape of a zipper.

The crevices in the coils leave more space for liquid to soak into and create more flavorful vapor. The following is the Zipper Coil Tutrial.

How To Build Vape Coils – Advancements Part 2

Confidence is building and now you are ready for something even more exciting. Now we can look at claptons and fused claptons.

Clapton coils are made with a core wire and an outer wrap wire and the same applies to fused claptons.

The major difference between the two is a fused Clapton contain two or more cores. The method to wrap them is the exact same but they do provide more flavor and vapor than a regular clapton coil.

We need the drill again for these coils. This time the core wire is fixed into the chuck of the drill and also clamped at the other. You can make a jig called a swivel tower by screwing two short pieces of 2×4 together in an L shape. Screw some hooks into the 2×4 face at the same height as the drill chuck.

This allows for swivels to be attached to the tower. Swivels can be purchased at most sporting goods stores in the fishin aisle. They can also be found at Wal-Mart or anywhere that sells fishing goods.

So with one end of the wire clamped in the drill and the other end wrapped around the swivel we move on.

This is where the wrap wire must be introduced to the core wire. Wrap wires are usually higher in gauge than core wires. Starting out using a 32g wire or 30g wire will make this learning process easy.

First wrap the wire around the core a few times so that it is fixed tightly to the core and than engage the drill so that it stays in place. With the wrap wire secured we can start wrapping. Start out slow to get used to the feel and be patient while you figure out the most comfortable way to hold the roll.

Expect this to take over an hour the first time while you get used to it. Here is a tutorial to help with visuals.

How To Build Vape Coils – Down The Road

Looking further along, the clapton proccess will take some time to get used to but after you have reached a level of comfort you can move along.

Future consideration would go to Framed Staple Coils which involve ribbon wire. These are flavor monsters that are very rewarding but require a lot of patience and skill.

Staggered Coils are fun and perform very well. They involve staggering the wrap of the clapton coil so that there is equal spacing between each wrap.

How To Build Vape Coils – Conclusion

There are many coils out there but sticking with the simpler less involved coils will make the adventure more enjoyable. Crafting your own coils is very rewarding and the savings in the long term are subtantial. Just remember to stay patient and expect mistakes. Purchase wire in large quantities so that even with mistakes there is still more material to continue learning.

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I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.