How to Clean an Atomizer?

How to Clean an Atomizer?

Cleaning an atomizer is simple. Cleaning it properly only requires a few steps to follow each time. Depending on the type of atomizer some things can be done differently. Let’s break the steps down into categories and learn how to clean our atomizers efficiently.

How to Clean an Atomizer – RTA and Sub Tank

Cleaning a sub tank or RTA atomizer requires more time than an RDA. With a few simple steps your tank will be sparkling and free of funky tastes.

Break Down The Entire Tank, Piece by Piece

Disassembling that tank completely is the best and only way to clean your atomizer. Most tanks are threaded in several places and juice can find it’s way into small areas even if everything is tight. Tanks can sometimes seem like they do not disassemble completely but the issue is parts of the tank are threaded on too tightly.

How to Clean an AtomizerGrab a set of pliers or something made of rubber to get those tight parts to break free so you can clean them as well. This also includes all O-Rings on the tank because the juice does seep in and around the grooves. At the same time, this also allows for a close inspection of the o-rings to see any rips or missing chunks. It is at this time o-rings can be replaced to prevent leaking.

Fill Something with Warm Water

Warm water is the best method to clean your atomizer. Simply fill up a bowl or container with warm water or even a sink will work fine. Submerge all parts into the warm water and let them sit for a few minutes. It is advisable to remove coils from a rebuildable tank to get any residual juice out of the post holes and screws. This should be done for a few minutes at most and then remove all the parts and rinse under a running tap for a few seconds.

Air Dry

Simple and self-explanatory. Let all the parts air dry because doing this will make sure there is no leftover moisture or water to mix in with the e-liquid at the point of filling.

How to Clean an Atomizer – RDA

Cleaning an RDA is the same as the above but can be done much faster because an RDA has 2-4 pieces which are removed easily. All parts on the RDA can be rinsed under a tap of running warm water for a minute or so. Once the rinsing is complete an RDA can be dried using a paper towel.

Many RDA users do not remove their coils when cleaning mostly because these coils are usually long lasting and do not require changing often. Coils can be cleaned by dry burning and running under a cold tap while still glowing red. Repeat this step as many times as necessary until clean. A toothbrush can be used to clean off remaining residue.

Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner

How to Clean an Atomizer?This method is by far the absolute best to clean your atomizer. Ultrasonic cleaners can work into every crevice and crack on an atomizer and often clean it better than it arrived from a factory. This method requires no soaking or rinsing. Run the cleaner through 5-10 cycles and remove and air dry.


Cleaning an atomizer is simple and following these steps will have you on your way to clean hardware. Keeping an atomizer properly clean makes sure you have no left over flavors or residue making its way into your new coils, wicks or e-juice.

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