How to Clean Your E-cigarette Tank?

How to Clean Your E-cigarette Tank?

Cleaning your e-cigarette tank is important for over time it will become dirty and will not work to its full capacity because of overuse. To keep it working in high efficiency, you should clean you tank on a regular basis, usually between two to four weeks. This varies from person to person. Then how to clean your e-cigarette tank?

Shut Off Battery First

This varies for e-cigarette. But typically you can shut off the battery of your e-cigarette by clicking the fire button five consecutive times. If you are uncertain about this step, contact the shop where you purchase the device or google your e-cigarette online for detailed information.

Take Your E-cigarette Apart

Take Your E-cigarette ApartThis is a key step in cleaning your tank. Firstly, remove your tank from the battery. After that, you need to disassemble the glass from the rest of the tank, so that you can wash and dry all parts of the tank with ease. Beside, make sure to remove the drip tip from the top of the tank because this can often collect residue as well. You need to wash this separately with care.

Get Proper Materials For Cleaning

There are many ways to clean your tank. But you need proper cleaning materials if you want to thoroughly clean your tank. What you will most likely need are Q-Tips, paper towel, Isopropyl alcohol (99%) and a sink.

Clean The E-cigarettte Tank

Firstly, clean all pieces of your e-cigarette tank thoroughly with the alcohol and make sure the residue is wiped off with the paper towel. You can use a Q-tip to clean spots hard to reach in your Clean The E-cigarettte Tanktank, for example, the drip tip. The Q-tip can also be used to clean the inside of the airflow, which can get dirty if you tank leaks. After you use the isopropyl alcohol to clean your e-cigarette, wash all pieces of your tank with hot water. Otherwise, you will vaporize with alcohol in your tank. You need to run the pieces under water for several minutes each and use the Q-tips and paper towel to make sure all the alcohol is off and the tank is dry. If necessary, you need to change your old coil during this process. If you put the old burnt coil back into your tank, all the work you just did will be wasted.

Clean The Mod

Clean The ModBe very careful at this step, for your mod has electrical aspects to it. So you cannot clean it using clean water or alcohol. With a slightly damp paper towel, you can wipe off the outside of it. After doing this, make sure you completely dry your e-cigarette off with paper towel before using it again. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the thread in which the pin from the tank and the mod connect.

Reassemble Your E-cigarette

After the cleaning process comes to an end, you need to thoroughly reassemble your tank, including the new coil if possible. Attach your tank back onto your mod, and insert batteries if necessary. Then you can turn your e-cigarette back on and fill the tank with your favorite e-liquid.


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