How to Make DIY E-Juice? – A Beginner’s Guide

How to Make DIY E-Juice

The Way to Make DIY E-Juice 

Wanna save some pennies and create your own e-liquids? Maybe you are just tired of vaping the same eliquid and you want to experience something new… You just landed in the right guide! In this post I will explain how to make DIY e-juice for electronic cigarettes that fits perfectly with your favourite taste, and where to buy the product you need to become a true vaping alchemist.

First of all, I have to say that there are many reasons to try DIY e-juice at home:

  • To avoid the monotony of flavours sold in most stores
  • To satisfy the desire to go a little ‘beyond the box and free our imagination”
  • You don’t have to run to a vape shop when you are running out of juice

Many of you maybe just don’t have a vape shop nearby or don’t want to wait 3 days for your e-liquids to be delivered home. Stocking up juice can be a solution in these cases, but that also involves spending too much money.

How to Make DIY E-JuiceBy making liquids at home, you will no longer have to worry about running!

Why DIY E-Juice?

  • Create new recipes with all the aromas you want
  • Recreate your favorite e-liquids faithfully
  • Stock large quantities of e-liquids so you never run out
  • Experiment with any type of taste
  • Get a unique and authentic vape experience
  • Save up to 90%

Which ingredients are needed when you make DIY E-juice?

The basic ingredients for creating the base of a liquid are:

In addition to the basic ingredients, you can add to your liquid also

Purified water, to lengthen mixing and to cool operating temperatures of
Nicotine, if you like the feeling of the so-called “hit in the throat” as it is generally called.
It is possible to buy the separated ingredients to mix them later or to take already prepared neutral bases and mix them with the standard percentages of the flavors you prefer.

Now I will explain to you, step by step, the ingredients that form a neutral base and the function of each individual ingredient.

Propylene Glycol 

How to Make DIY E-JuicePropylene glycol is also known with the abbreviation PG. It is a plant glycerol based on synthetic propylene oxide.

It is a vicious, odorless and colorless liquid that is widely used in the industrial field. It is possible to find it in any pharmacy, but if you want you can easily find them online. The material of the bottles can be made of glass or plastic.

I suggest to always buy glass bottles because the products contained in it do not leave residues.

If properly rinsed they can be reused for future work, even for liquids with contrasting flavors.

With the plastic bottles, cleaning is less effective due to the sticky surfaces, sometimes compromising the aroma of the liquid produced.

Vegetable Glycerine

Note with the abbreviation VG, vegetable glycerin or glycerol is an organic compound thats derived from plants.

This vegetable oil at room temperature is presented as a thick liquid and, like glycol, is viscous, odorless and colorless.

It is used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food field where creams and syrups are made.

Quantity and Doses 

First of all, we have to determine if the liquid you want to produce is for an electronic cigarette with a mouth hit or lung hit.

Mouth Hit

How to Make DIY E-Juice

If nicotine is not desired in the mixture, a proportion of the well-balanced ingredients is:

  • Propylene glycol 50%
  • Vegetable glycerine 40%
  • Distilled water 10%

Personally for a base without nicotine, I prefer to eliminate the distilled water getting even more balance from my compound:

  • Propylene glycol 50%
  • Vegetable glycerol 50%

Adding a 10% aroma the mixture will become:

  • Propylene glycol 60%
  • Vegetable glycerol 40%

If instead, you prefer to add nicotine to your compound you will need to take into account the amount of liquid you want to create and the value of nicotine you have. Simply buy the base with the nicotine mg you prefer. You can find bases with 3, 6, 8, 18, 20, 36 mg of nicotine.

For example, if you have a base of 36 mg of nicotine and are used to vape with a gradation to 6 so you will have to calculate 36: 6 = 6. It means that one part out of 6 of the liquid must be of nicotine, that is, on 60 ml of total liquid, 10 ml must be basic nicotine 36 mg.

If you are used to vape with gradation to 3 you will have to calculate 36: 3 = 12. It means that one part out of 12 should be nicotine, so on the previous 60 ml of total liquid, 5 ml should be basic nicotine 36 mg.

Obviously the more liquid you will produce, the more stock you will have to keep at home and use at any time.

Lung Hit

The mixture that I recommend for Lung Vaping is as follows:

  • 90% vegetable glycerol
  • Propylene glycol 10%

Adding the concentrated aroma that you prefer, the resulting mixture will be an 80/20, in my opinion, perfect for the amount of steam due to glycerol, and for the aromatic balance given by glycol and the addition of aroma.


How to Make DIY E-JuiceThe aroma is a fundamental element in the preparation of DIY liquids. Normally the advice is to add to the mixture 10% to 15% of the aroma, so if you decide to get 100 ml of liquid to have some spare in the future add 10 ml of the concentrated flavor you prefer. The possibility to choose is really endless.

Those are the types of flavors that you can find:

  • Tobacco
  • Creamy
  • Fruity

Tobacco aromas bring back the smells and flavors of cigarette, cigar or pipe tobacco. Those who like me have been a tobacco addict in the past, know very well that there are many types of tobacco: the dry and the softer, the sweetish taste with the most bitter, the most intense and the lightest.

In general, they tend to be less sweet than creamy and fruity, but you can find tobaccos mixed with chocolate, coffee, cream, some types of fruit and even with rum or whiskey. If you love the taste of tobacco, you will fully satisfy your desire to smoke guaranteeing you an experience of vape original and similar to a cigarette.

Fruity aromas tend to be sweet, but you can find someone who remembers the sour taste of certain citrus fruits.

Strawberry, peach, raspberry, watermelon, banana, mango, lemon, apple and so on and so forth!

From the most exotic fruits to those that we find all year round in our supermarkets the choice is really wide.

You can mix it with almost any type of aroma, as long as it is compatible with the taste of the fruit you want to combine it with. Among the most popular are for example the chocolate biscuit, strawberry and cereals, a lemon cake and many others.

The Equipment Needed When You Make DIY E-juice

How to Make DIY E-JuiceIn addition to the liquid compounds, I showed you, you will need some tools to help you contain the ingredients as you create your own recipe.

You do not need a lot of equipment. But you need to have the bare minimum so that you can work in complete safety and comfort.

Whether you want to make small or large amounts of liquid you will need a graduated cylinder. So you can keep it under control the doses that you will pour during the mixing phase.

Once the liquid is ready, you will have to pour it all into a clean and resealable glass jar or in plastic or glass bottles.

Unlike plastic, glass is more hygienic, easy to wash and hardly impregnates odors that in the long run can be unpleasant, but I will link both so you can make your choice.

Very important are the graduated syringes to carry the various liquids with extreme comfort. There are more or less large syringes so you will have to buy the ones you will need based on the amount of liquid you need to move.

I recommend that you wear latex gloves while doing the mixing operation. Agitate inside the container for a couple of minutes and above all, they must be left to macerate for one or two weeks in order that the ingredients mix well together.

Thank you for reading dear vapers. I really appreciate! Hope this guide can be a little bit helpful when you make DIY e-juice at home.


I am Lorenzo from Italy, a writer of The Vaping Times and the owner of Blog LorenzotheVaper. If you want to know more about me, you can check my personal blog.