How to Store Vape Juice?

How to Store Vape Juice?

A question that is asked on a regular basis. How to store vape juice so it doesn’t go bad? This is a great question. There are many factors that cause e-juice to break down and become unusable such as; air, heat and light. Let’s look at proper e-juice storage.

If e-juice is properly stored than vapers can enjoy their favorite liquids for several months or store them long term.

Storing EJuice longer means that users can take advantage of sales and discounts to purchase larger amounts of juice to help with costs down the road. Storing the juice properly will make sure it retains full flavor and it’s smooth texture.

Things You Need to Consider When Storing Vape Juice


Light is problematic for e-juice. This is not the most important factor to follow but avoid keeping e-juice in a highly lit area will ensure it lasts longer.

The light will act as a UV source and UV will help move the oxidization of the nicotine along that much faster. This may not even be noticeable but in the long term keeping the e-juice away from light will be beneficial.

Keep your e-juice in a dark area, out of the way of heat and high humidity.

Many items can be considered when looking for a light proof storage. Things like pantry cabinets,storage lockers,bread boxes and even regular boxes can lrovipr adequate light resistance.


Heat is the number one enemy of e-juice. Excessive temperatures break down many of the compounds inside. This turns that once delicious tasting favorite into something unrecognizable. This is the most important variable of e-juice storage.

Leave a familiar bottle of e-juice in the window of a hot car for a few days. Try the e-juice after it has turned a dark color and you will see that nothing you remember of it is left.

To avoid heat simply keep EJuice away from sources of high heat such as wood stoves in the winter, window sills, kitchens and anywhere that heat is common to collect.


Oxidization occurs when e-juice is left to interact with open air. This causes the nicotine in the e-juice to break down. When nicotine breaks down it creates a poor vaping experience. Users will notice a peppery taste when vaping and also any smooth properties will turn into harsh notes. All around not very enjoyable.

Ensuring that bottle caps are tightly secured will lessen the chance of excess air finding its way into the bottle.

How to Store Vape Juice?How to Store Vape Juice?

With the above in mind, we must look at the best method to store your e-juice if it will not be used for a long time. The best possible method for storage of e-juice is in a refrigerator. Storing using this method will keep that favorite bottle of e-juice good indefinitely. A fridge is always dark, always cool and as long as the bottles are well sealed they should have no issue with air.

As an extended measure bottles can be wrapped inside of a dark colored grocery bag. This eliminates all possibility of the light from opening the fridge getting inside of the bottle.

Perhaps a fridge is not an option. That is fine. Cabinets are an excellent option too. Either freestanding cabinets with doors or kitchen cabinets. Some light and heat may find their way into these spaces in the warmer months. This method is still better than storing them in the open to go bad.

These are just a couple ideas to think of but if you keep in mind the variables that affect the break down of e-juice, you will be on your way to storing all your favorites for the long term.

How to Store Vape Juice?Conclusion

To conclude and summarize. No matter your choice, keeping your e-juice away from light, heat, and the air is essential for long-term storage. While it is sometimes not possible to completely avoid these variables 100%, finding an area that greatly reduces them will still help extend their life.

Not only for storage but following these guidelines also maintains consistent taste and texture. This will prevent any drastic changes in the EJuice while it is being consumed. Even a single day in poor condition could turn that EJuice into something awful.

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