Hugo Vapor Squeezer BF Mod Review


Hugo Vapor Squeezer BF Mod Introduction

Wow… The Hugo Vapor squeezer came at the perfect time for me I am just finding my feet in squonking having won a Ram mod. I was pleased to receive this to review and compare. Hugo Vapor are a relatively new company to me. I have recently used the Rader mod and was pleased with it and it was of good quality so I had high hopes for this.

Hugo Vapor Squeezer BF Mod IntroductionThis is a mechanical mod, so knowledge of safe use is essential.

The squeezer is available in 4 colours as a standalone mod or as a kit with the N RDA included. Constructed of a Nylon fibre material it almost looks 3D printed. Given the material used it is a lightweight mod. Lets take a look.

Hugo Vapor Squeezer BF Mod Specifications

Under the lid you will find:

  • Squeezer MOD
  • 2x 10ml Silicone Bottle
  • 30ml Filling Bottle
  • 18650 Adaptor Tube
  • Accessories
  • User Manual

Hugo Vapor Squeezer BF Mod SpecificationsThe Squeezer looks to be a very well made mod as it is a mechanical mod there are no fancy features to be found other than a locking fire button. Innovation comes in other ways read on. Inside the mod, accessed by sliding the battery door across you will find your 18650 adaptor this allows you to use 18650 batteries instead of the slightly bigger 20700 batteries. Personally I opted for 20700 batteries. You will note from the contents that this also contains a 30ml filling bottle too. This is made from silicone too and has a special end at the cap to allow you to fill your squonk bottles.

Filling squonk bottles for me has not been a pleasurable experience so far this stops here though. With the Squeezer filling bottle you take off your RDA and literally screw the filling bottle into the 510 and squeeze your bottle and as if by magic it starts to refill. No more leaking feeder tubes as you rush to connect it all back up and inadvertently squeezing. It is worthwhile to note this filling bottle works on other squonk mods too I love it !

I would still like to see a company bringing out caps with their spare bottles for carrying a different juice or more juice but with the filling bottle this is possibly a better option. Bottle filled, RDA loaded its time to burn some juice. Sliding the fire button down from its lockedHugo Vapor Squeezer BF Mod position and I am ready to go. I opted for the Mesh RDA with this as I had been using it on the Ram and wanted to compare experience. With the Ram I found I had to be very precise with the fire button to get a nice hit. I was expecting a similar hit with this. Boy I was wrong, the squeezer hits like a train and I was producing great clouds and most important for me the flavour was very good. There have been mixed reviews about mesh vaping and I agree with most in part regarding poor flavour but for fruit vapes I find it to perform very well. I was using a simple blackcurrant juice from Wired Juice Co. I definitely over estimated the Ram now I have used this.

The whole experience from vaping to refilling was an absolute pleasure. Build quality is fantastic, price is great and this is a highly recommended mod.

Hugo Vapor Squeezer BF Mod Pros & Cons

Just buy this, If you are looking for an affordable first squonk this is one of two that I recommend constantly. I have since purchased a Vandy Vape Pulse and these two have become my daily mods. The squeezer is great quality. The filling bottle is a great idea and works well and as said above works with other mods too so is getting a good amount of use. The experience compared to a more expensive mod ( the ram ) far exceeds it and I wish I had this sooner.


  • Quality is first class
  • Filling bottle is a super idea
  • Super soft bottles
  • Performance is supurb


  • I looked, I really did, I cannot find a single fault.


I am Jay (VapingWithJay) and I am a passionate vaper from the UK. Not only an avid vaper but I love nothing more than to share my thoughts on the latest products in the industry and helping others on their vaping journeys. Happy reading and vape on!

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