Hugsvape Lotus RTA Review

Hugsvape Lotus RTA

Hey there my fellow vapors. I am back again today with another vape review for you all good people. This time we are gonna be taking a look at the Hugsvape Lotus RTA which is a dual coil RTA with a unique fill port system and deck design.

Hugsvape, is a brand new company and they have started with this Lotus RTA and a single coil RDA called the Theseus RDA which I will cover in a future review. I love RTAs so I grabbed it first and here we go.

Hugsvape Lotus RTA Specs and Structure

  • Size: 24 mm *51.85 mm
  • Diameter: 24 mm
  • Capacity: 2 ml / 5 ml (bubble glass)
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Thread Type: 510

Hugsvape Lotus RTA

Lotus RTA Contents

  • 1 x Lotus RTA
  • 1 x Bubble Glass
  • 1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1 x Spare Bag


The Hugsvape Lotus RTA comes is a RTA sized black box and has a glossy lotus on the front if you see it in the right light. The back of the box has a contents list which tells you about the items that come in the box.

Slide the top off of the box and you will find a Lotus RTA and beside if the a bubble glass option and an alternative drip tip. Under that, you will find the accessories listed on the contents, a bag of spare o-rings and seals and a Tri tool for installing your coils.

The Lotus RTA

At the top we have a 810/Goon style drip tip that has an odd round shape to it. Getting the drip tip out is difficult because the shape of it. Hard to grip and its in very tight. I needed to put a knife under it to leverage it out. 810 drip tips fit well but only a few look good because of the size and shape of the top.

Hugsvape Lotus RTAThis RTA has an interesting fill method. It has a symbol on one side of the top cap you push and it flips the top open and reveals a gasket and two fill ports. Once you fill it, flip it back down and click it forward to close it.

It comes with a straight glass installed and a bubble glass in the package you can swap to. The bubble glass is 5 ml and the straight is 2 ml. The chamber is attached to the top fill port and says Lotus on the side and has a picture of a Lotus. I just realized after using this tank extensively that the Lotus on the chamber lines up with where you push the top to open it. That makes refills easy and totally escaped me for weeks. I’m slacking.

The Deck

Now on the most important part of the Hugsvape Lotus RTA, the build deck. We have what people call a GTA style or raised deck. The interesting part is how the airflow comes up through the post and basically forces air to the bottom of the coil.

Hugsvape Lotus RTAThe coil sits in a airflow cradle I will call it. The deck has flat head screws and are at the correct position to grab clapton and flat wire and not twist it. You have to cut your leads a millimeter or two longer to bend them over the top of the airflow cradle but that’s not hard.

I took some quad core clapton wire I use and installed them and bent them over a little and it looks beautiful. I wicked the coils and then juiced the coil so I could mold the cotton where I needed it and avoid the threads.

I did cut a few threads off each wick to thin it so it fits in the channels and doesn’t interfere with the threads. Once you get this far, you just need to pick which glass you want to use, screw the whole thing together and fill it up.

Hugsvape Lotus RTA Performance

I’ve been using the Hugsvape Lotus RTA a lot lately. I really like the amount of airflow it offers. It’s pretty airy wide open considering coils are setting directly on top of the airflow. The airflow adjustment ring stays in place well and air is smooth however I’ve decided to vape it.

Hugsvape Lotus RTAI love the way the coils sit in the airflow cradle. Having two coils, in that small chamber with air directly under the coils creates some great flavor. I know flavor is subjective but I think it’s hard to argue that this tank isn’t a flavor machine.

I’m glad they went with a 24 mm base, making the chamber that much more condensed and adding to the flavor. The refill method is cool. RTAs have mostly stuck to the design of unscrewing the cap but I like to see something different happen with the top caps.

It didn’t make a mess closing the lid like I had thought but after 4 or 5 refills, wiping it out will keep any seepage to a minimum. I did have the top open twice in my pocket and once it leaked the tank but it only happened when I had it on a tube mod. On a box it never happened. Maybe being on a tube, in my pocket would pop it open when I bent over. Idk.

Hugsvape Lotus RTA Video Review 


So, using the Hugsvape Lotus RTA has been a fun experience. I really like the design and I’m impressed with the tank being from a company that’s brand new. Great first RTA from Hugsvape.

I will except the lack of accessories as mistake on a reviewer model and I enjoy the tank so I’ll let it slide. The tank was there and in great condition and had the bubble glass. Works for me. The airflow is vast and remains smooth when you cut the air back giving you a wide range of airflow options.

I know this is normal but not all tanks work great on all airflow settings and this didn’t get turbulent. I did have it open in my pocket which might have been a result of it being on a Ehpro Mod 101 Pro and me bending over and putting pressure on it. It never opened when on a box.

Hugsvape Lotus RTAAll in all it’s a nice RTA with a small, dual coil chamber that has a innovative airflow design. I like it!

Personal Rating Score 4.5/5 stars

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. I really enjoyed testing out this Hugsvape Lotus RTA. Excellent item from a new company and I’m excited about their future items. I do have the very interesting Theseus RDA on my review list so look out for that coming up soon! Have a great day!

Daniel Marcus

Daniel Marcus is an vape reviewer, vape photographer and coil builder. After smoking for 16 years, got a vape just because I couldn’t smoke in the company car and ended up quitting smoking without even trying. After seeing how effective vaping can be, I’ve spent the past two years trying to help new vapers with beginner problems do they don’t get frustrated and smoke again I’ve written reviews for over a year now. I’ve lived in wv all of my life and like taking vape pictures with a nature backdrop.