IJoy Avenger Baby kit vs IJoy Avenger 270

IJoy Avenger Baby kit vs IJoy Avenger 270

Earlier this year, iJoy released a starter kit called the Avenger 270 234W TC. It was a fairly well received and full-featured device. It not only included all of the typical features of a modern mod kit but was also had voice control. It’s not like Google Assistant or Siri level but it did let you change some settings on the fly without pressing any buttons.

You could raise or lower the wattage, turn on and off the lights or lock and unlock the device. There’s a bit more to it but you get the idea. Recently following on the success of the Avenger 270, iJoy released the Avenger Baby kit a nearly equally featured kit with some simple but significant improvements. Here are my honest thoughts on the Ijoy Avenger Baby kit vs the Ijoy Avenger 270.

IJoy Avenger Baby kit Package Contents

  • IJOY Avenger Baby Box MOD
  • Two 20350 Battery
  • Diamond Baby Tank 4ml
  • DMB-Mesh Coil 0.18ohm (40-80W Pre-installed)
  • DMB-DM Coil 0.15ohm (40-80W)
  • Replacement Glass Tube (2ml)
  • USB Cable
  • Manual
  • Warranty Card

IJoy Avenger Baby kitListed Features and Specs

  • The Smallest 108W Voice Control TC MOD in E-cig Market
  • Innovative Voice Control System
  • Adjustable RBG LED Button Light
  • Large 1.3-inch OLED Color Display
  • Unique Custom User Mode
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • No Overhang with 30mm Tanks
  • 180°Fast Screw-cap Filling with 2ml/4ml E-juice Capacity
  • All-new DMB-MESH Mesh Coil & DMB-DM Diamond-like Coil
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow Design

IJOY Avenger Baby MOD

  • Size: 66 x 48 x 34mm
  • Max Wattage: 108W
  • Output Mode: VW/VT(Ni/Ti/SS)/TCR Mode
  • Resistance Range: 0.05 – 3.0ohm
  • Voice Control System: English
  • Battery Type: 2x 20350 battery (included)
  • Dual Battery Capacity: 2800mAh
  • Thread: 510 thread

IJoy Avenger Baby kit vs IJoy Avenger 270IJOY Diamond Baby Tank

  • Size: 52.7 x 22.5mm
  • Capacity: 2ml(TPD Version)/4ml(Standard Version)
  • Coil: DMB-Mesh coil 0.18ohm (40-80W pre-installed)
  • DMB-DM coil 0.15ohm (40-80W)
  • Drip Tip: 510 resin drip tip
  • Thread: 510

The Mod

In comparison to the original Avenger 270, the Avenger Baby is nearly half the size of its predecessor. In order to make it that small but still powerful, iJoy went with a smaller form factor battery for the Baby. Choosing to use dual 20350 batteries which are a completely new size, for me at least. They’re short like 18350s but significantly wider like a 20700 with a much-improved capacity rated at 1400mAh.

IJoy Avenger Baby kit vs IJoy Avenger 270I took a look at the Mooch tests for these and so far he’s far from impressed, I know he released a rant video condemning them for their overrated amp limit and poor construction which has since been taken down but I don’t know if anything has changed since then. I’m not a super technical tester but so far they’ve been working well for me with the Avenger Baby but I’ve been keeping the wattage down around 40w which is what mooch recommends as the max for these batteries in the Baby mod.

It does mean I have to run the tank and coils at their lowest recommended wattage. A bit of a disappointment to hear but the new form factor definitely offers some interesting future configurations, hopefully, we’ll see better performing 20350 batteries hit the market soon. The stubby little batteries are installed in the bottom of the device and secured with a sliding locking door.

The Mod Continued

The battery door feels solid and so far I haven’t had any issues with it popping open. The door is clearly marked for positive and negative so you shouldn’t have any issues installing the batteries the wrong way, however if you do the device has all the usual built-in protections like reverse polarity, short circuit and low power protection so it should keep you safe.

The body of the Avenger baby appears to be made of the same material which I believe is zinc-alloy but it almost feels denser, heavier even though it’s not. I imagine it’s because of the compact nature of the device as they’ve managed to cram all of the same components in to a device that’s nearly half the size.

IJoy Avenger Baby kit vs IJoy Avenger 270At the top of the rather thick device is a stainless steel 510 connection with really nice smooth threads and a gold plated spring loaded center pin. It works great and anything I’ve tested on it has sat flush. Not only that but the device being a bit thick will support atomizers up to 30mm in diameter without any overhang so fans of really big tanks and RDAs might appreciate its somewhat unusual form factor.

It also shares a lot of the same sort of styling its bigger brother had but is a bit more refined with the face and button layout changing a bit as well as the graphics that are displayed on the screen. No more race car on the Baby instead there are two battery bars one in each lower corner to represent the remaining battery life.

IJoy Avenger Baby kit vs IJoy Avenger 270

More About The Mod

It appears to use a similar color screen which is bright and easy to read even in bright light conditions. The fire button is also similar to the full sized Avenger being a side fire trigger button that you just squeeze to fire. The adjustment buttons even got a makeover and are now smaller and closer together and embedded in to the black plastic that houses the screen where the original Avenger saw them placed just below the screen. Just below the screen on both devices, you can find the micro USB port which can be used for both charging and firmware upgrades. No mention of quick charge anywhere on their site so I don’t know if it’s included.

Using the device is pretty much the same but there are at least a couple new features on the iJoy Avenger Baby Kit that the original didn’t include. Now the voice control can set the device to specific wattages, ok so not super specific but you can set it to preset values like fifty or sixty watts instead of saying wattage up/down over and over.

IJoy Avenger Baby kit vs IJoy Avenger 270

Even More Mod

I find it actually works a bit better than on the original recognizing my commands much quicker without resorting to screaming at my mod. Aside from the new wattage adjustments through the rest of the voice commands essentially remain the same letting, you lock/unlock, turn lights on and off and adjust the power output and mode(soft, normal, hard).

Another interesting feature that’s been added is POD mode which as far as I can tell is just variable voltage with a range of 2.5-3.8v. I suppose it’s a handy feature but I don’t really see any benefit over variable wattage mode. Because pretty much the rest of the features and functions are the same as the Avenger 270 I won’t go over all of them again but the included features like temp control, voice control and wattage mode all appear to work and the accuracy of the power output also seems to be accurate at least around 40-50w where I’ve been keeping it but this is based purely on my simple and informal tests.

The Tank

The tank that comes with the Avenger Baby has also undergone a significant update when compared to the Avenger Sub-ohm tank that shipped with the Avenger 270. The new Diamond Baby tank is about two millimeters taller at 52.7 compared to 51mm and is also skinnier with a 22.5mm diameter down from 25mm on the Avenger Sub-ohm.

It holds a bit less juice as well with the default bubble tank holding 4ml and the spare straight glass holding 2ml where the original held 3.2ml and 4.7ml respectively. It also has a fast-screw cap which makes it considerably quicker when removing the fill cap.

IJoy Avenger Baby kit vs IJoy Avenger 270Aside from these basic changes, the rest is mostly aesthetic with both having bottom adjustable airflow and top fill. Probably the biggest changes with the tanks are a series of new coils. I’m not sure why the felt the need to change them again as the X3-Mesh and X3-C1S coils that came with the original did a pretty fantastic job.

The Tank Continued

The new coils called Diamond Baby coils appear to be the exact same form factor so should work with a variety of baby beast compatible tanks/coils. In the iJoy Avenger Baby kit, you get 1 x DNM-Mesh coil rated at 0.18ohm (40-80W) and 1 x DMB-DM coil rated at 0.15ohm (40-80W).

IJoy Avenger Baby kit vs IJoy Avenger 270The thing is I don’t really feel much of a difference between the X3 and the DMB coils and all four that I’ve tested perform pretty similarly. I found with all of them that they need at least 50W to perform adequately and if I ran them much higher than 75W it would start to taste burnt after a few pulls.

All four produce some significant clouds but also some very full flavor. Break in time was about half a tank in most cases and coil life seemed on par with most other similarly rated coils. I’ve been easily getting about two weeks from a coil but results will obviously vary depending on juice used, personal vaping habits and QC on the coils themselves.

IJoy Avenger Baby kit Pros & Cons


  • Compact size
  • Full featured
  • Improved voice control
  • Looks and style
  • Build quality
  • 30mm without overhang
  • Easy off top fill
  • POD mode
  • Great performance from included DMB coils


  • Batteries might be rated above their actual abilities
  • A bit heavy for a compact mod

IJoy Avenger Baby kit Video Review 

Final Thoughts on IJoy Avenger Baby kit

I really enjoy the compact factor of the device. Plus the included tank works great with the new DMB coils. I do have a few questions regarding the quality of the batteries but so far it’s been working for me without any real issues. Hopefully, they get that sorted out. I definitely see the iJoy Avenger Baby Kit as an improvement over the original Avenger 270. So great job on the refresh iJoy and looking forward to what you bring out next!!

Chris Sisson

After 26 years of smoking I made the switch to vaping and never looked back. Now with over 5 years of vaping experience and 4 years of reviews under my belt I’m a passionate and experienced vaper who loves to give back to the community.