IJOY Captain X3 Triple 20700 Mod Review

The IJOY X3 is the smallest mod powered by triple 20700 batteries


Today I will be talking about the IJOY Captain X3 triple 20700 mod, the smallest triple 20700 battery mod in the market at the moment.

If you have read my previous review on the Yosta Livepor 256, you will notice that I don’t beat around the bush! Now that the disclaimer is out of the way let’s dive in and see what this mod is all about!

The IJOY Captain X3 triple 20700 mod is a pioneering product for a new style of vaping. This is the first mod I have seen that utilizes a triple 20700 battery configuration! IJOY have been flooding the market with 20700/21700 mods lately such as the Capo, the Captain PD270 and the Exo, but this is the first to adopt the triple set up.

IJOY Captain X3 Triple 20700 Mod ReviewIn this review I will be detailing the specs and my opinions as well as providing a score out of 5 at the bottom of the review.

IJOY Captain X3 Design

The IJOY Captain X3 triple 20700 mod is a triple 20700 device. This mod comes with a silicone sleeve to allow you to use 18650 batteries. The device is 79 x 51 x 44.6mm and is triangular in shape like the RX range by Wismec and Jaybo. The device can handle a 26mm atomiser with no overhand and has a spring loaded, gold plated 510 pin. This is offset to one side and so not centred. The device is available in 6 colours.

It sports a large colour OLED screen that displays all the necessary information at a glance. This is one of the better screens I have used on a mod. It is no match for the G-Priv screen by Smok, but it is much better than others I have used.

IJOY Captain X3 DesignThere’s more…

As with most mods, the IJOY X3 triple 20700 mod has only 3 buttons. To start with, it has an over-sized fire button to turn wattage up and down. As with most devices now, the menu is accessed with 3 clicks and navigated with the wattage buttons. All of the usual menu movements are present, however, I am yet to find a “lock” feature to stop the settings changing in your pocket. This is not a huge deal as you can just turn off the device, but it would be nice to have.

The device ways in at around 113g (without batteries) so is fairly light. With 3 x 20700 batteries, the weight increases substantially. I don’t mind this because I prefer the heavier chunky feel of a mod.

The batteries are housed by a hinged “locking” bottom battery door that clicks in to place and becomes the base of the device. More on that feature in the quality section!

IJOY Captain X3 mod Specifics

The IJOY Captain X3 triple 20700 mod boasts a whopping 324w of power!! This is the first in the vape game and I believe it is achieved with the larger 20700 batteries. Having compared this to other devices it does seem to feel slightly less powerful compared to other mods at the same wattage.  The device supports VW, TCR, TC and has a firing range of 0.05-3ohm. More than enough for what most of us will use.

Battery banter

IJOY Captain X3 mod SpecificsThe kit that I got contained 3 x IJOY 20700 high drain batteries. They claim to have a whopping 40a max discharge at 3000mah each. That gives the mod a claimed 9000mah capacity! Having read some in-depth battery test reviews, it appears that the “new” 4 prong IJOY batteries are not up to par compared to the alternative 5 prong versions. The “old” 5 prong battery is no longer going to be provided free when bought with the kit. However, you can still buy it as a stand-alone battery. The 4 prong version will be included free in the kit, but apparently has been redesigned. The tests that the renowned battery guy “Mooch” did on the 5 prong version yielded quite an impressive set of results. However, the 4 prong battery that popped up in the free kits did not! Only time will tell if the new “freebie” 4 prong batteries are better than the old 4 prong free version.

Using the batteries included, I am achieving fantastic battery life and can monitor each individual battery level at a glance of the screen. This allows me to check that the batteries are charging at an even rate. The device has built-in USB charging that claims to be 2a charging. This is a must when it comes to charging 3 x 20700 batteries that boast 9000mah combined. The USB is also used for upgrading the firmware and I read a statement that the new version will bring a 17% battery life increase.

IJOY Captain X3 Build Quality

The IJOY Captain X3 triples 20700 mod is made primarily of metal with some plastic parts. This gives a sturdy and quality feel to the body. Mine has a little rattle sound but I am yet to find where this is coming from. It is not the buttons so I am assuming it is something inside. This worried me slightly but I have not had any issues with the device working, so for now, I am going to ignore it.

One area that I have had an issue with is the battery door. This door works by hinging open and when closed it locks into place with small tabs. When the device has no batteries inserted, this locks into place quite nicely. However, when I add batteries I have a bit of trouble getting this to lock into place and it has even opened up once or twice when I have knocked the door. I think this is an isolated fault as I have not seen any reports elsewhere but it needs to be mentioned. With a bit of force, I can get the door to sit fairly well and stay closed but I have had issues with this too.

Overall the quality is superb and if it weren’t for the battery door, I would have scored this very high.

IJOY Captain X3 Price

The IJOY Captain X3 triple 20700 mod is available in 4 configurations. Mod only, mod with 3 x 20700, mod and captain x3 tank and the mod and captain X3 tank with 3 x 20700. The price range is from $50.00 – $89.00 (£37 – £66) and for what you are getting this is a very competitive price. I don’t know another mod out there that boasts so much power, with batteries and a tank for this price!

You can see below my star ratings for each of the categories. I would highly recommend this mod if you are in the market for a high powered, long battery life mod. This isn’t the best choice if you’re looking to carry this in your pocket as it’s not the smallest mod.

Thanks for reading my review and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to get me on twitter @mikethevaper

Mike Strong

I have been vaping for over 5 years and have been a keen hobbyist ever since starting. I moved into the review side of things after the success of my @mikethevaper Twitter page and have been striving to provide help and knowledge ever since.

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