IJOY Combo SRDA Brief Preview


IJOY Combo SRDA  Introduction

IJOY Combo SRDA Brief PreviewWe know it’s Monday guys but don’t despair, we got you. Take a sneaky look at IJOY’s latest revolutionary genius RDA, the IJOY Combo SRDA. This bad boy really is the easiest thing to use for squonk mods. Now I know everyone claims the latest device is the easiest, biggest vapour producing, best value vape gear on the market, but you really need to sit up and pay attention to this one. The Combo SRDA is a very smart and truly the easiest tank for squonk mods. Find out what all the hype is about in this short preview.

IJOY Combo SRDA  Specs and Features

IJOY Combo SRDA  Specs and FeaturesThe Combo SRDA is the first pre-made coil RDA that can be used to squonk. The Combo SRDA is so easy to use it can be disassembled, cleaned and you can even replace the cotton with a special wrench. Besides, this wrench is designed and equipped to achieve this repeated use over a long period of time. It is so handy and super convenient for those that can’t be bothered type of squonking days. Therefore, you have the ease of washable, detachable and cotton replaceable coils at your fingertips – #winning!

Just because you haven’t built these coils yourself does not mean you’ll be cheated on performance. The Combo has a side airflow control to produce some seriously cloudy vapor so it appeals to cloud chasers – tick! It also comes with wide bore 810 Ultem drip tip which means…. dripping compatible – tick! Here’s the Combo SRDA’s breakdown:

  1. Diameter 25mm
  2. Innovative pre-made coil RDA
  3. Gets rid of the hassle of building
  4. Pre-made coils can be reused by just changing the cotton
  5. Side airflow control
  6. 810 wide bore Ultem drip tip
  7. Squonk pin included

IJOY Combo SRDA Brief PreviewNow I know you guys spotted that there is a squonk pin included. These clever pre-made coils can be used for squonk mods. This means that even clumsy people who have no idea how to build can enjoy the new craze of squonking! Besides, the two pre-made coils available both have low readings (0.13ohm and 0.1ohm). You know as well as me that this means you’ll be enjoying some dense clouds and taste bud tingling flavours. This is great for squonk lovers. What’s more, the Combo SDRA on the surface literally ticks all the vaping boxes.

Give IJOY Combo SRDA a go!

Heaven Gifts started the Christmas countdown so why not treat yourself to this exclusive revolutionary squonk product and let us know what you think! It has some big claims and we’d like to know if these just aren’t wildfire rumours. Need some more convincing? Check out our YouTube preview video to see the Combo SDRA in action!

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