IJOY SABER 100 Kit Preview

The new release from the vape manufacturer brings a regulated tubular mod and a mesh coil that will not disappoint IJOY fans


Good news for all IJOY fans! This vape manufacturer just launched the IJOY Saber 100 Kit, a very portable pen-style 20700 Kit with VW so you can adjust the power according to your vaping needs. If you often purchase vape products from IJOY, then you possibly know that this brand normally designs relatively big mods with high wattage. But this time things went a little bit different: IJOY came up with a vape pen for a single 20700 battery.

What’s the difference between the IJOY Saber and other pen-style kits?

IJOY SABER 100 KitMost existing pen-style kits have a built-in battery and have no adjustable wattage. The IJOY Saber 100 keeps the tube appearance but adds extra features we don’t normally find in traditional vape pens. The battery is exchangeable and the tube mod includes a bright screen powered by the IWEPAL chip. Vape pens are light and portable but they don’t allow any advanced settings.

If you are a mech mod fan, then you might find the IJOY Saber extremely appealing as well. This mod resembles mech mods but adds one big advantage: you don’t have to worry about safety as the IWEPAL chip does it for you.

Measuring at 97 mm in height and 29 mm in diameter, the IJOY Saber is slightly bigger than most vape pens in the market, but still keeps a very portable size similar to any mech mod.

IJOY SABER 100 Kit PreviewThe screen is bright and big enough to clearly see your settings. You can operate the screen with 3 pentagonal buttons: the fire button and two smaller up and down buttons located right over the screen. According to IJOY, the Saber 100 mod will be available in 10 different colours. This mod can be used with any type of tank up to 25 mm without overhang and your coils can read as low as 0.05 ohms.

The Diamond Tank and Coil

IJOY SABER 100 Kit PreviewThe IJOY Saber 100 will be also available in a full kit paired with the Diamond, a stylish diamond-shaped sub ohm tank with large e-liquid capacity. However, what really caught my attention about this tank was not the funky design, but the coil it comes with. The Diamond coil is a mesh style pre-made coil reading at 0.15ohm. I am a big fan of this type of coils in sub ohm tanks as they produce stunning flavour and dense vapour.

IJOY SABER 100 Kit PreviewBut if for any reason you don’t really fancy this coil, then I have to let you know that there are going to be 10 compatible coils to choose from.

Diamond Tank and CoilAnother feature I really liked about this 25 mm tank is the 180° fast screw-cap filling. This type of top filling is super comfortable as well as the bore 810 resin drip tip the Diamond tank comes with, works perfectly with Saber 100 to bring you an unparalleled vaping experience. 10 colours available to satisfy your needs.

The Diamond comes with a 5.5 coloured glass tube and a spare 4.0 glass tube. But for me, the real winner here is the diamond mesh coil with organic fibre cotton. I can’t wait to try this one!

IJOY SABER 100 Kit Video

When is the IJOY SABER 100 Kit going to be available?

The IJOY Saber mod and full kit will hit the shelves of most vape shops by the end of this month. You can find the mod only on pre-order for around $60 and the mod and the tank in a full kit for around $80. As I have not had a chance to try this kit yet, I am not going to provide any conclusion, but I can say this one looks very promising and there is already a lot of excitement in the vape community!

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