IPHA SWIS Pod System Preview | A Pod Kit Makes You Forget About JUUL

IPHA SWIS Pod System Preview

IPHA SWIS Pod System Preview

Hello vapers, Christmas is just around the corner and maybe you need to start thinking of some cool gifts and of course new vape gears to give your loved ones, so keep your eyes peeled on the IPHA SWIS Pod System, the world’s first stainless steel pod system. Believe it or not, this pod system may make you forget about JUUL. Now let’s get into the knitty gritty and find out those deets!


IPHA SWIS Background

IPHA is founded by Silver Age Sci & Tech Co., Ltd., which was set up in 1997 and has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. As a supplier of Apple, Sony, Huawei, Vivo, OPPO and many famous brands of e-cigarette in the world, Silver Age has strong capabilities of research and development, production, marketing and service.

IPHA SWIS Specifications

  • Name: IPHA SWIS
  • Resistance Range: 0.8-2.5Ω
  • Battery Capacity: 300 mAh
  • Charge Type: Micro-USB
  • Cartridge Capacity: 0.7 ml
  • Size: 116*21*10.7mm
  • Coil: Cellucotton
  • Power: 5.5W

IPHA SWIS Main Features

1. Food-grade Stainless Steel Body


Applying the manufacturing process of iPhone’s precision structure, IPHA SWIS is the first stainless steel pod system in the world with iPhone-level craftsmanship, which will provide you with the most durable and reliable vaping experience.

2. Fingerprint-proof Surface

Equipped with fingerprint-proof technology, IPHA SWIS always looks clean, new and elegant and the problem of finger prints on vape gears will never bother you again.


3. Advanced Pod Detecting Functions

IPHA SWIS also features advanced pod detecting functions which will detect the resistance automatically and remind you of pod connecting or no-load pod.

4. Excellent Flavor Experience

Supporting a wide range of resistances from 0.8 Ω to 2.5 Ω and providing 5.5W constant power output, IPHA SWIS strives to bring you the best flavor experience.

5. Circuit Protection Functions

To assure you have an enjoyable and safe vaping experience, IPHA SWIS offers tons of protection functions, such as battery low voltage protection, battery over charge protection, over time protection, short circuit protection, USB over voltage protection and so on.

6. Standby Current Less Than 15uA

The standby quiescent current of IPHA SWIS is less than 15uA so after a long time storage, IPHA SWIS will be still full of energy when you use it again.

7. 300 mAh Battery Capacity

Given the size of IPHA SWIS, this pod system has a 300 mAh battery capacity, larger than most of the pod systems on the market today, like JUUL, whose 200 mAh battery will die quickly after about 6 to 8 hours of vaping. However, IPHA SWIS will enable you to vape a whole day after a full charge!

8. Compatible with JUUL Pods


IPHA SWIS offers you more options to make sure you get more pleasure from vaping. In addition to the pods which come with the IPHA SWIS, this pod system is also compatible with JUUL pods. More importantly, unlike the JUUL Pods which you have to throw away after finishing your e-juice, the Pods of IPHA SWIS is refillable, so you needn’t throw your mods away after finishing the e-juice in them, which will save you a great amount of money. Compared with the JUUL Pod that only has 8 flavors, you can vape with whatever flavor you prefer with the IPHA SWIS Pod System.

9. Cellucotton Wicking Material

In order to deliver super flavor, IPHA SWIS is loaded with the Cellucotton wicking material, which is specially optimized for micro-coil.

10. Smart Vape Mode

IPHA SWIS’s smart vape mode is quite convenient for one-click easy vaping while constant power output makes sure that you have an outstanding flavor experience.

IPHA SWIS Pod System Video 

Final Thoughts

With world class craftsmanship, ultimate optimized vaping design and simple one hand operation. This durable, elegant-looking, reliable and powerful pod system will definitely bring you an unforgettable vaping experience.


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