IPHA Swis Pod System Review | The First Pod Mod Made in Stainless Steel


Some exciting news for pod mod users: the first pod mod made from stainless steel is here! A new company called IPHA just announced the launch of the IPHA Swis Pod System, a sleek pod mod with a 300 mAh built-in battery covered by a stainless steel shell. According to the manufacturer, it will be available in 6 different colors this month.

IPHA Swis Pod System
IPHA Swis Pod System

IPHA Swis Pod System Packaging and Specifications

The IPHA Swis comes in a well-presented packaging that includes the IPHA Swis, a pod, a user manual, a USB cable, and a small cloth to wipe away any fingerprints from the device. The Swis Pod is compact (116x21x10.7mm) and appealing.

The pod mod has 0.7ml e-liquid capacity and the resistance range of the device oscillates between 1.4-2.5ohm. The USB charging port is hidden on one side. It’s only visible when removing the stainless steel top cap, which is perfectly aligned with the rest of the body. From the outside, we can only appreciate a flashing LED light that works as a battery indicator. Similar to other devices of its kind, the LED light changes its color to show the battery level. The device is automatically powered at 5.5W constant power when inhaling.

IPHA Swis Pod System
IPHA Swis Pod System

The IPHA Company Profile

IPHA is a new player in the vaping industry that has been in manufacturing for 20 years and designing other products for more than 8 years. They have worked with brands such as Apple and Huawei. Now they claim the creation of “the iPhone class e-cigarette” as it “inherited Apple level process” for “durable and reliable vaping experience.”

Certainly, the IPHA Swis Pod System has a fancy look but how does it perform?

IPHA Swis Pod System, Positives & Negatives


  1. The Swis is compatible with JUUL pods. I only tried with JUUL pods, but I bet this is compatible with other pods from other manufacturers. That’s always appreciated.

2. Outstanding design: sleek, simple and compact.

3. The Swis is comfortable to vape with when you place it on your lips thanks to its rounded shape.

4. The Swis supports passthrough, so you can keep on vaping when charging the device.

IPHA Swis Pod System
IPHA Swis Pod System


1. The pod mod is not easy to pull out. The same applies to the refilling step. I would have loved to have seen an easier system.

2. The body of the Swis is a fingerprint magnet. However, this is especially visible if you pick the silver version. IPHA also included a cloth to wipe your fingerprints away though.

3. Pod mods are not normally known for offering great flavor. But this device does not offer a great throat hit either nor a really good flavor when compared to other pod mods I tried before.

IPHA Swis Pod System Video Review 

The Final Verdict On the Swis Pod

I have seen and tried many pod mods this year and this is possibly one of the best good looking pod mods I ever had. In terms of aesthetics, this is a winner. But would I recommend the IPHA Swis Pod System? Possibly yes, especially after finding out that I can use other pods on it. The rounded shape of the device with no sharp edges makes the device comfortable in hands and lips. It is a pity that IPHA did not put more efforts on the pod as flavor and hit are as important as design to put our in the market a successful kit.

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