Joyetech Batpack Kit Review

Joyetech Batpack Kit Review

Joyetech Batpack Kit Introduction

The Joyetech Batpack Kit is a new kit with an included Joyetech ECO D16 MTL Tank. The Batpack is a tiny non adjustable box mod that uses the same technology as the Joyetech ego AIO Eco with a low fixed voltage output of 1.85V and the tank uses the same .5ohm BFHN coil head of the ego AIO eco. The main thing joyetech promotes about this kit is that the mod uses AA batteries. It comes with a pair of rechargeable ones in some kits, but also without them as well, but no way to charge it, and can be used with your standard AA batteries around your house like the kind used for remote controls. It’s available in 6 colors, Dazzling (rainbow), Gold, Green, Red/Gold, Black/Blue, and Blue/Pink. Oddly no standard Black or SS colors.

Joyetech Batpack KitJoyetech Batpack Kit Specs

  • Size:112.5 x 37.00 x 18.0mm
  • E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml
  • Applicable head: BFHN 0.5ohm head
  • Applicable battery: 2 x AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (included in some kits)/normal AA batteries
  • Light-weight and Pocket-size
  • Innovative & Safe ECO Tech
  • Ultra Efficient Low Voltage Technology
  • Optimized for High Nicotine/Nicotine Salt
  • Resistance Range .2 to 3.5 Ohms

Joyetech Batpack Kit Packaging List

  • 2 x Avatar AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery (in some kits)
  • 1 x Batpack
  • 1 x Joye ECO D16 Atomizer
  • 2 x BFHN 0.5ohm Head
  • 2 x Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 2 x Warning Card
  • Spare Parts

Joyetech Batpack Mod

The Joyetech Batpack Mod is a non adjustable simple box with a fire button and nothing else. It takes AA batteries. There is a 510 connection on this since the output is a fixed low 1.85V you won’t find much compatible for it. They claim nothing is but realistically if you wanted to use a rebuildable you could build for the low output in a MTL atomizer. With the included coil heads the output is about 6-7 watts. I’m not sure what the max watts is since they don’t list it because they don’t want it being used separately, however they list a resistance range of .2 ohm to 3.5 ohms. There is also no charging on this mod so if you wanted to use rechargeable batteries you would need to buy a charger for it or keep blowing money on batteries which becomes wasteful. Thankfully for me personally, I have spare AA rechargeables and chargers for them. Honestly in the days of rechargeable batteries and pass through vaping and spare sets, I can’t see a reason to want to use AA batteries in a vape mod. It feels very backwards to me. The box itself is actually a pretty well built tiny mod with a magnetic battery door. The fire button is nice and clicky and no rattle.

Joyetech Batpack KitThere is a small LED on the top of the mod by the 510 pin. It’s active when firing and stays lit when the batteries are full, when the batteries start getting low it’ll flash faster and faster to let you know. They list the usage at around 800 puffs for the included batteries or about 150 puffs for a pair of disposable ones. But that is with 2-3 second puffs which is really short so realistically it’s about one half to one third of those numbers for most vapers. If you want to use AA batteries expect to replace them on a daily basis if they even last a day. You’ll be spending more on batteries then juice or coils. Again the whole concept makes little sense. It also has safety features of short circuit protection, Timeout protection (15 second max puff), and Low voltage protection.

Joye ECO D16 Tank Rundown And Coil Performance

The Joye ECO D16 tank is a small capacity 2ml MTL tank. There is no spare glass included for some reason. The drip tip is molded into the top cap so non replaceable. Half of the kits come with a Resin tank, while the other half come with a metal tank. I got the gold kit personally and it has a resin tank and matching resin tip. The tank looks pretty nice. There is no AFC on this tank so you can’t adjust the air. The worst part is the position of the air holes, they are right under the drip tip part of the top cap, this results at times of you covering the air holes with your lips when vaping. I’ve had to consciously avoid it. It’s a terrible design flaw that should have been caught before it went to production. The fill method is you unscrew the top cap and fill directly in the glass around the coil much like the ego AIO eco. It works well and i have no issues with and can be filled with any bottle type easily.

Coil Performance wise it comes with 2 coils. Both are the same coil. It’s the same as the ego AIO eco which is a .5 ohm BFHN coil. I’ve had the opportunity of using them before when i reviewed the ego AIO eco so this is my 3rd and 4th coils. I took one apart and it appears to be a triple parallel coil, 2mm ID, 34-36g kanthal, 2 wraps by my estimation. My first 2 from my review of the eco, only lasted a combined 7ml of juice and had bad flooding and spitback issues. With my 2 new coils I got only 10ml combined but has the same flooding and spitback issues. The coils are just no good and need to be fixed and the coils are the biggest part for a kit like this. They do have pretty good flavor for the type of device it is, but they don’t last and they flood and spitback. It could be due to the coils just not getting enough power from the mod. I think they need to redesign the coils.


  • Build Quality of the mod
  • Color Options
  • Size and Weight for portability
  • Resin tank looks nice


  • The coils are really bad
  • No AFC on the tank
  • Air holes are in a terrible spot and can get covered by your mouth when vaping
  • The AA battery thing is just a bad idea for vaping, we have better tech these days

Joyetech Batpack Kit Video Review 

Joyetech Batpack Kit Conclusion

So with all that said, do I recommend this Joyetech Batpack kit or not? I don’t like to do a hard yes or no, but this is going to be a hard no. The coil performance is what a kit like this will rely on and at the end of the day, the coils were bad. I also feel using AA batteries is an outdated thing as we have better batteries for vaping already and just a marketing gimmick and wasteful if you don’t use rechargeables. Don’t waste your money on this kit.

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