Joyetech Exceed Edge Starter Kit

    After the success of the eGo AIO ECO, Joyetech is now releasing its first pod mod kit

    Joyetech Exceed Edge Starter Kit Preview

    Joyetech just released the Joyetech Exceed Edge Starter Kit, the first pod mod by this leading vape manufacturer! Following the success of the Exceed and the eGo ECO AIO, Joyetech seems to be focusing now on an emerging niche in the vape market: pod mod starter kits for high nicotine.

    Joyetech Exceed Edge Starter Kit PreviewJoyetech is not the first vape company manufacturing pod mods, but they will certainly try to fight popular competitors such as the Suorin and the Jull with the Exceed Edge pod mod kit. In order to achieve this goal, Joyetech combined both cutting-edge technology and exquisite design in the Exceed Edge pod mod.

    Joyetech Exceed Edge Starter Kit Features

    The Joyetech Exceed Edge features a sleek pod mod inspired by sports cars with illuminated taillights. This pod mod has a 650 mAh built-in battery and works with a 2 ml cartridge and replaceable coils. The coil (1.2 ohms) is specially designed for mouth-to-lung vaping and Joyetech already anticipated that the Exceed Edge was optimised for flavour-chasing and high nicotine salt liquid.

    Joyetech Exceed Edge Starter Kit PreviewThe designers of the Exceed Edge worked on an ergonomic and compact device that features a huge fire button that will be “top option for both beginners and experienced vapers”.

    When will Joyetech Exceed Edge Starter Kit be available?

    Joyetech Exceed Edge Starter Kit PreviewSome vape distributors already have the Exceed Edge on pre-order and you might expect to see it in most vape shops by the beginning of April 2018. This pod mod will be available in six different colours: black, red, orange, yellow, silver and dazzling. The selling price of this device will be somewhere around $20-$30.

    Why are pod mods so trendy?

    For many, pod mods are the future of vaping. They are compact, portable and user-friendly making them ideal for those willing to switch from tobacco to vaping. Pod mods are easy to carry and they are ideal for high nicotine e-liquid and salt nicotine bases. Wanna find out more about salt nicotine liquid? Click here!

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