Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub Ohm Tank Review


The Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub-ohm Tank, made by Joyetech, features an innovative flip-type top-refilling system, allowing it to easily be replenished. Five different colours are available for vapers to choose from (in 2ml and 4ml liquid-capacity tanks):

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub Ohm Tank

Joyetech ProCore Aries  Specs & Features

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub-Ohm Tank1. Size

(4ml liquid-capacity standard version): 25mm-diameter x 51mm-height including drip tip (25mm x 44 mm / 2ml liquid-capacity TPD version)

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub-Ohm Tank2. Applicable coil-heads.

ProC series (compatible with ProC1/ProC1-S/ProC2/ProC3/ProC4 series coil-heads from 0.15 Ω up to 0.4 Ω for DTL (direct-to-lung) or MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping, for cloud chasers and flavour chasers.)

3. Flip type top-fill design

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub-Ohm Tank4. Detachable structure, easy to clean

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub Ohm TankPackaging List 


  • ProCore Aries atomizer
  • ProC1 (0.4ohm)
  • ProC4 (0.15ohm) and ProC1-S (0.25ohm) coil-heads
  • Spare glass tube
  • Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Warning card
  • spare parts

The packaging also includes a promotional card showing what each coil of the C-series is good at and at what wattage. To be able to target-choose replacement coil-heads later on, according to your preference.

Joyetech ProCore Aries Design Characteristics & Usability

Besides the drip tip and the coil-head, it only consists of three parts: the top cap, the glass tube, and the base.

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub Ohm Tank ReviewThe tank can optionally be transformed from 2ml to 4ml liquid capacity, with an additional taller glass tube and a chimney extension to be added below the regular one and over the coil-head.

Flip type top-fill design for easy replenishment of tank.

Simply push the drip tip (from the side where a dot and a zodiac-Ares sign is shown at the refilling cap) to unlock the refilling cap of the top cap, pushing it further up to reveal the two opposite-positioned kidney-bean shaped filling holes. After refilling, push back and lock the refilling cap. Thus, refilling is simple, fast and convenient.

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub-Ohm Tank

The Derlin drip tip.

It’s actually a conical-like female one, positioned over the top cap’s metal protrusion, which carries three silicone orings. The orings are more than adequate in keeping the drip tip in place. The drip tip presents adequate heat isolation even when chain vaping. However, this design doesn’t allow the use of other typical drip tips.

The Airflow Control.

The bottom airflow ring carries two opposite-positioned large air holes and has a stop.

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub-Ohm TankCoil-head replacement.

While e-liquid is inside the tank coil-heads cannot be replaced. Remove the glass-tube to unscrew the coil head from the base and screw the new one back on the base.

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub Ohm TankJoyetech ProCore Aries Performance

I’ve tested the atomizer with both included coil-heads of the packaging.

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub-Ohm TankThe 0.25Ω coil-head provided a softer vaping experience with less vapour than the 0.4Ω coil-head, which provided a more intense flavour.

At the 35W-80W range, the temperature didn’t rise substantially, due to tank’s size.

The “bell” of its vaporization chamber is relatively small for the size of its coil-head, resulting in adequately compressing the produced vapour, ensuring flavourful vapor, which, however, remains cool to lukewarm.

The liquid-feeding of the coil-heads is more than adequate and continuous through four large triangular liquid-inlet holes.

The air intake is regulated with an airflow ring at the base of the atomizer. Which easily rotates (limited by stopper) and kept stable throughout.

Liquid replenishment is from above, through its sliding top cap. The process is very easy. Plus the top cap seamlessly locks. Presenting a quality construction that will endure over time.

The vapour’s quantity and flavour’s intensity are adequate enough. For the category of sub-ohm tanks and the size of the coil-heads, liquid consumption is normal.

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub Ohm TankAs downside one might consider the fact of the female drip tip that cannot be replaced with other ones, for experiencing vaping puffs with different decompression/vapour’s relief). But, it is adequate, especially as heat isolation is concerned.

Note that none of the ProC series coil-heads are suitable for TC vaping.


It’s a well-balanced, economical and good quality tank, with an easy and trouble-free use, which can cover both MTL and DTL vaping styles quite satisfactory.


I am not in the vaping business. I found vaping as the escape door from my 25 years of smoker’s imprisonment. It just took me four days of attempting to totally get out of it, thanks to the appropriate –for me- “equipment” (includes e-liquids). Now, vaping “equipment” has become another one of my fields of interest, for helping others to discover, on their own, their personally appropriate “equipment”.
I am a hands-on enthusiast… by genes. I am triggered by everything that evokes any data already stored in my knowledge base, been a Physicist and an Electronics Engineer (for more than 35 years). I am intrigued by everything new that my knowledge-filter considers interesting enough to be analyzed for entering into my memory compartment. That’s why you will find me open-minded and out-of-the-box thinking. I have an urge for unfolding hidden “pictures” of design thinking on everything man-made.