The Joyetech RFC Riftcore is about to be launched! This RTA features a coil-less tank that promises a one million puff durability. This is not the first time a vape company attempts to impress the vape community with this kind of technology.

The 2 Previous Attempts

Back in 2016, a company called Guo launched the Altus tank, the very first coil-less tank. Most vapers embraced the revolutionary idea of evolving from the traditional wire. The Altus sub ohm tank replaced the traditional coil for a flat heating surface wrapped in 22.5mm by 22.5mm cotton squares. It was an exciting idea, but the performance was disappointing and the reviews quite negative. So the first coil-less tank failed.

Last winter, a new company called NCR launched the NCR RDA. Following the coil-less technology initiated by the Altus tank, the NCR featured a revolutionary RDA concept in which the heating element was a wafer instead of a coil. Once again, the concept created a lot of expectation on the internet.

NCR RDAAccording to NCR, the wafer was almost everlasting… But was the performance any better this time? Nope. Besides the poor performance of the device, some vape reviewers raised concerned about the heating element. The wafer was made of Aluminum Nitride, a chemical which toxicological properties have not been thoroughly investigated and reported (read more about this material here).

Will the idea succeed this time?

Joyetech RFC Riftcore DuoNow Joyetech brings the idea of the coil-less tank back again. The RFC Riftcore Duo claims to be using the “safest heating element” in an almost everlasting (1 million puffs) tank that also features self-cleaning technology. Just like a pyrolytic oven! But the big question here is… Will the RFC Riftcore achieve glory where others have only achieved crapiness? We will certainly not get an accurate answer until we get our hands on the RFC Riftcore. However, I really doubt that a big manufacturer like Joyetech would risk their name and reputation by launching a product that won’t perform well. In addition, Joyetech already anticipated that the RFC Heater was tested in independent labs in the USA. According to the vape manufacturer, the results of those tests will be published very soon so the vape community can make sure they will be vaping on something safe.

Joyetech RFC Riftcore Duo Video

Glowing RFC Riftcore Duo tank by Joyetech! Can you imagine how it is wicked? ??

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The Joyetech RFC Riftcore Duo… What we Know so far!

Joyetech published very little information about the RFC Riftcore. This promising RTA has 2 heating elements placed at both sides of the deck. In between, you just have to drop a stripe of cotton and vape! Let’s see if the performance and the flavour are this time as exciting as the idea and we finally have a real coil-less tank winner. Third time lucky!

Alfonso Melero

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