How to Keep Atomizer and Mod Perfectly Matched?

How to Keep Atomizer and Mod Perfectly Matched?

sMany new users of e-cigarettes recently asked me which kind of atomizers could match their mods better or whether the atomizer they bought could be used on their mod. So how to keep atomizers and mods perfectly matched?

As far as I know, if atomizers have a male part of the 510 connection, it can be used on any mod with a female receiver section of the 510. But it is another thing whether the atomizers can perform its best. We all know that the prebuilt coil atomizers are different from rebuildable atomizers, so I will talk about them separately. Then how to choose a proper mod for prebuilt coil atomizer?

Prebuilt Coil Atomizer

How to Keep Atomizer and Mod Perfectly Matched?The output power needed to work properly varies for different prebuilt coil atomizers. For some prebuilt atomizers like aspire atomizer, it can perform quite well with only 15 wattage maximum power output. While like the cloud beast king SMOK TFV12, its recommended wattage is as high as 120 to 200. Even for the Q4 coils which requires lower wattage to work, its recommended wattage is still as high as 90 to 160.

From the above examples we can see which mod can match the prebuilt coil atomizer. One of the preconditions is that the mod should provide enough output power to the atomizer so that the atomizer can function properly. Of course, it is still far from enough if the output power can satisfy the needs of the atomizer to work. High power output will accelerate the electrical energy loss of the mod. Often, the more batteries a mod has, the bigger output power it will provide. Therefore, it would be much better if a mod can provide 50w output power more than the recommended maximum wattage of an atomizer. Then the atomizer will work in its best condition.

Rebuildable Atomizer

How to Keep Atomizer and Mod Perfectly Matched?Different from the prebuilt coil atomizers, the data of the rebuildable atomizers is changeable. Except some MTL atomizers has a small air inflow and needs relative high resistance, most of the RBAs can be used for producing fat clouds with low resistance.
So MTL atomizers like Five Pawns, NarDa and Nipple are not suitable for using low resistance coils. Usually a single battery mod with a 75w maximum output power can last a whole day. As for how many wattages your big cloud atomizer needs, with the formula (P=U^2\R), you can employ your daily data to figure out the answer.

How to Keep Atomizer and Mod Perfectly Matched?Often, big cloud atomizers usually have huge air inflow and cloud chamber. Therefore, though you use high resistance coil, you still cannot get a strong taste. What’s worse, if you use a high resistance coil, the atomizer cannot produce enough clouds. At the same time, too much air inflow will dilute the taste of the clouds. Of course, considering relations between power consumption and battery life, I would recommend you to use the mod that provides more power than the need of your atomizer.

To make a conclusion, I suggest new users buy a mod with a high output power. It has a broader application, lasts longer and matches more atomizers. In addition, you should also take into the weight and size of the mod into consideration. If you often go out, then a small, compact mod will be more convenient. So it depends on your needs to decide which kind of mod suits you best.


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