Kindbright Sherman V3 Style RTA Review

Kindbright Sherman V3 Style RTA


Hey, sup vapers, in this review we’re going to talk about the Kindbright Sherman V3 Style RTA.

If there is one constant trend in vaping, it is the demand for clone atomizers as well as mods. For years factories in China have been turning out clones of every little vaping product that reached popular heights, sometimes immediately after it’s release.

Anyone who has invested any amount of money into clone items knows that it is a complete game as to if the item will be of decent quality.

There are several clones out there that are just not worth the time or money to purchase. Once in a while though, there are some exceptional clones that are difficult to distinguish from their authentic counterparts.

This is a controversial topic for some individuals but the market for clones exists for a reason. There are a number of people that believe in supporting the original creators of these items. Their reasoning for this is to support their own economy as well as supporting future development from the creator.

The issue is, sometimes these authentic items are very expensive. Atomizers that cost 100 dollars to 300 dollars and mods that may cost 200-1000 dollars.

Buying clones is a gamble but with a little knowledge, there are some great companies turning out very well made clones, or 1:1 clones.

Kindbright Sherman V3 Style RTAToday we will look at a clone RTA that fits this standard. Stick around to find out about the Kindbright Sherman V3 Styled RTA.

Kindbright Sherman V3 Style RTA Specs

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • 13mm wide bore Ultem drip tip
  • Standard juice capacity: 2ml
  • Maximum juice capacity: 4ml (with tube & chimney extension)
  • Unique clamp style dual post design
  • Centrally Top-Secured via Slotted Flathead Screws
  • Spring-loaded clamps for easier set-ups
  • Two 2.5mm terminal openings per post
  • PEEK insulated positive post
  • Single or dual configurations
  • Fully Adjustable bottom airflow
  • Raised dual Internal Airtubes, direct-to-coil effect
  • 510 threading connection
  • 28mm overall diameter

Kindbright Sherman V3 Style RTA Packing List

  • RTA Atomizer,
  • Spare Tank,
  • Spare Chamber,
  • Drip Tip,
  • Accessory Pack

Kindbright Sherman V3 Style RTALook and Feel

Kindbright has been making clone items for quite some time and they have become well known for recreating them near perfectly. The first item I ever purchased from them was a clone mech mod which was not distinguishable from its authentic version.

The Sherman V3 is no exception. Straight out of the package the RTA packs some nice weight, much better than expected. The finish on the tank is tough, smooth and looks perfect.

Disassembling the tank reveals smooth threating, no burrs of metal and no odor of machine oil from the manufacturing process. The airflow moves very smoothly with a slight bit of resistance but it feels just right.

Kindbright Sherman V3 Style RTAThe Sherman V3 features a top refill with two kidney shaped holes for filling. The top cap on the Sherman feels heavy and just as well made as the entire tank.

Sometimes clone atomizers have a different look to them, perhaps due to a lower grade of stainless steel used but this tank looks just the same as any top grade stainless steel tank.

Overall, the aesthetic look of the Sherman is fantastic and the quality of this clone is obvious in it’s heft and excellent finish work.

Build Deck and Airflow

This is probably the main selling point to the Sherman. The build deck on this RTA is quite large, coming in at 30 mm in size. When you first look at the deck, it looks much bigger than a 30 mm.

Kindbright Sherman V3 Style RTAThe deck can easily hold some coils that are bigger than your standard Fused Claptons or Alien Claptons. Smaller framed staples or even staggered staples would easily fit into this build deck.

Another nice feature is the clearance between the coils and the sides/top of the chimney. Your coils can run a bit higher without worrying about shorting the atomizer out.

Airflow is a bit less than expected for such a large build deck. While there is still plenty of airflow it does feel a little restricted.

The base has a dual airflow which sits directly under the coils. The airflow slots are somewhat triangular in shape. The airflow sits raised up a tad bit above the wicking channels so if there is a bit of flooding it is not going to immediately spill out the airflow.

The building deck overall is fantastic, super easy to build on with its clamp style posts.

Kindbright Sherman V3 Style RTA Video Review


This clone is a big winner in my books. When compared to the original which can cost upwards of 180.00, the Kindbright clone is easily a true 1:1. The craftsmanship and quality feel are perfect. Anyone looking to try a top quality clone RTA should definitely give Kindbright Sherman V3 Style RTA a try.

Thanks for reading and I really appreciate. I will come back with more articles soon.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.