Kizoku Chess Series 510 Drip Tip Preview

Kizoku Chess Series 510 Drip Tip

Kizoku Chess Series

Well, what an interesting product to be able to review! Something very different from the usual mod, tank or coils I usually do. This is truly a unique product. Everyone always says how innovative a product is, but this my friends, is really one of a kind. Never seen anything like this in the vaping world, (this is where everyone tells me I’ve had my eyes closed for the past how many years), but honestly such a buzzing idea. Kizoku, the famous Japanese designer also took the industry by storm with the Kizoku Atty Stand a few months ago. Now it seems they have come back with the perfect follow up, the Kizoku Chess Series 510 Drip Tip.

Kizoku Chess Series 510 Drip TipKizoku Chess Series Drip Tips

Essentially, this is a pack of 6 various drip tips for your vapes depending on what you prefer; cloud chasing, flavor chasing, newbie, daily vapes, fancy vaping, you name it. Each drip tip is shaped like a different piece of a chess set and varies in length and width to suit the vaper.

To kick us off we have the Pawn, 21.1mm*12.91mm, short and sturdy is what I’m thinking. Next up we have the Rook, 22.3mm*12.91mm so just got a bit of length on Pawn. The Knight is 24.19mm*13.32mm ready to save the damsel in distress. Bishop comes in at 26.73mm*12.91mm so nice and slender this one. Now for Queenie, 27.89mm*13.27mm and then the big one we have all been waiting for –  29.51mm*13.27mm is the King!

Kizoku Chess Series 510 Drip TipSo that really shows you the variety you will get from this set. I can hear the vaper’s cogs turning just figuring out which drip tip they can use with what mod for what purpose. Love it. Well done Kizoku!

Kizoku Chess Series Features

  • Unique chess appearance design
  • Meeting different preferences for length
  • Safe food grade material SS304L
  • Ergonomic design for best inhale experience
  • Compatible with all 510 atomizers

Kizoku Chess Series Compatibility

As I subtly mentioned earlier, this is Kizoku’s second big release this year. The other being the Kizoku Cell Atty Stand 4 in 1. A cool and fashionable stand base for organizing atomizers with an exquisite design. Remember the unique magnetic connection, making it super easy to separate and combine with any side. So you can assemble them into different shapes just like building Lego. With 30mm in length and 30mm in width, its compatible with a max of 30mm diameter atomizers. There are four colors in a set too!

Kizoku Chess Series 510 Drip TipThis is not a coincidence that the Chess drip tip series fits perfectly into its own black and white (chess theme here) stand set! It looks like a proper chess board, so dope! Just imagine this in your workshop at home, on your desk for everyone to see when they walk in. To say I love the look and design is an understatement. I should also just commend their business sense here, incorporating two of their own products so simultaneously and to produce a finished look like this, I mean, a round of applause.

Kizoku Chess Series 510 Drip Tip

Kizoku Chess Series 510 Drip Tip Video

Kizoku Chess Series Conclusion

Love it. Ok granted, I haven’t physically got the Kizoku Chess Series 510 Drip Tip in my hands but as far as previews go, this has got me excited. 6 different sized drip tips so perfect for whatever mod, tank or feel you’re going for that day. Plus a great looking way to store them all whilst looking flashy. Literally, what is not to like. I hope performance wise they stand up to everything otherwise that will be disappointing, but with Kizoku’s reputation before them, I cannot see that happening. Would love to know your thoughts if anyone gets them! Happy vaping everyone!

Rowena Minney

Hey guys, I am a 24yr old business/marketing graduate. After seeing loads of my friends use the magic of vaping to quit smoking I took a real interest in the industry and went to China to work for an e-cig company and see how it compared to the UK. I am really interested to see what 2018 has to offer to vapers and tell you guys all about it!