Squonk Is Becoming More and More Popular Now


Let’s talk about squonk. The last 6 months have seen more new vape products than the last 3 years combined! A new vaping product that we’re seeing more and more of are squonkers, but what is a squonker? The name for these devices comes from the bottle that is built into the mod which allows you to pump liquid into the deck.

If we go back to even 2 years ago, your choice for squonkers were limited and expensive! However, China has now joined in and we have a lot more options and they cost less. I have the Athena Squonk kit which comes with a squonking RDA and I also have the Aleader X-Drip (doesn’t come with an atomizer).

Aleader X-Drip

Squonk Is Becoming More and More Popular NowMy favourite out of the two has to be the X-Drip. This is because of its light weight, beautiful colour and almost flawless manufacturing. The only set back is it cost at $55 and this is without a dripper. As I previously mentioned this is actually a fair price. One thing to take not of when shopping for a squonker is the bottle that comes with the mod itself. The one that comes with the X-Drip is super soft and works really well.

Athena Squonk kit

Athena Squonk kitThe Athena kit is still good and for $70 you get a tank too. Let’s start with the deck, it’s a postless design and it’s very easy to use. It has massive holes to fit any build and enough size deck to not cause any issues for you big builders. So in terms of the tank I have no issues, it’s a good tank. The mod however, is far from perfect. It has two door panels which fit perfectly and so they rattle. This isn’t the worst thing in the world but I would expect the doors to fit perfectly for $70. The other issue I have is with the bottle, the original bottle is super hard! But that’s not a big deal as they actually provide a spare soft bottle. It’s not as good as the one that comes with the X-Drip but it’s usable. The mod does have some good qualities. It has a locking switch to stop it firing and I personally think it looks very smart.


So which one is better. If you want to go for looks, build quality and already have a squonker RDA then the X-Drip is for you. If you want to try out squonking and need a kit that’s ready to go and is very decent, then the Athena will be a great start. There is still lot of options when it comes to squonking kits and if you want a closer personal review make sure to check out my youtube channel for full reviews of both devices mentioned above and more!


I’m Rob, I’m 26 and have been vaping since 2013. I created my YouTube review channel ‘UKVAPESTER’ in 2015 and have been reviewing ever since.