Mi-Pod Vs Joyetech Exceed Edge Vs Suorin Drop – Which Is the Best Pod Mod?

Joyetech Exceed Edge

Mi-Pod Vs Exceed Edge Vs Suorin Drop Introduction

So here we are on my own personal journey to find the best pod vape out there right now in 2018. I have been looking for a device to suit my needs and since I have been able to review a couple now I thought I would do a comparison of the Mi-Pod, Exceed Edge and Suorin Drop and see if we can distinguish an overall winner.

What’s a Pod Mod?

A pod mod is simply a mod that takes either disposible or refillable pods vs using a tank or rda to hold your eliquid. The pods themselves contain a coil and cotton that even if refillable will require changing after the coil itself burns out. The main advantage to pods is the ability to change flavours fast simply by swapping out the pod for another containing different liquids. The pods I would say are really only suitable for higher MG nicotine liquids or nicotine salt liquids. For me I am using nicotine salt liquids as these have suited me better than higher normal nicotine liquids.

Suorin DropThe pod mods not only appeal to new vapers and people just coming off cigarettes but also seasoned vapers like me. Personally, I am looking for a discreet way to vape when it is not always appropriate to use my normal device. With discreet quick sessions, a higher nicotine hit is required.

What I will compare?

I will be looking at the Suorin Drop, the Mi-Pod and the Joyetech Exceed Edge as I have been using all of these for some time now. I will be comparing battery life, design, flavour, pods and overall experience.

So lets kick this off!


Mi-Pod – 950mAh

Suorin Drop – 310mAh

Exceed Edge – 650mAh

As you can see the various mods differ massively in terms of battery size. Don’t be put off by the Suorin having the smallest battery it lasts longer than you would expect. But in this case the Mi-Pod wins by a mile. I get great battery life that performs well for the duration of the battery life.

Winner : Mi-Pod


Mi-Pod – 2ml pods with a love it or hate it rectangular mouthpiece, weird at first but you get used to it. The pod comes with a 1.0ohm coil installed, reasonable airflow. Leakproof – Although one of mine did leak.

Suorin Drop – Very nice mouthpiece, a little tight to draw. 2ml capacity with a 1.3ohm coil installed. Leakproof, no leaks to date.

Exceed Edge – Great mouthpiece, fits perfectly in the mouth, 2ml capacity, changable coil heads. 1.2ohm coil heads included.

Bit of a close competition this time around. Whilst the Mi-Pod gives me the best airflow the mouthpiece on the suorin is best. The Exceed however ticks both boxes in terms of airflow and mouthpiece style. You do however have to buy spare cartridges for the Exceed as it only comes with the one initially. Leakproof and leakfree for me.

Winner – Exceed Edge

Joyetech Exceed EdgeDesign

Mi-Pod – Comes in a massive array of colours and designs. This is a small square mod that is incredibly stealthy. An LED under the pod lights as you vape which indicates battery life and the fact the mod is firing. This is a draw activated device meaning there are no buttons and firing is automatic when you take your inhale.

Suorin Drop – Another draw activated mod. The design is very good, like the name suggests it is shaped like a drop of water. It is a small, flat design that fits perfectly in the pocket and the hand. There is also an LED to give an indication of firing it and battery life. Only expect to see the LED if you are looking in a mirror though!

Exceed Edge – Small, stealthy and ergonomic. This is more of a stick design but still easily hidden in the hand. You fire the mod by using the a firing bar and is the only mod that uses this system that I am looking at today. After using it for a while the button seems not to fire everytime. Maybe that is just me though!

Winner – Suorin Drop

Suorin DropFlavour

Mi-Pod – Flavour is very good, I have been using mad hatter nicotine salts in all three of these and this gave better flavour than when I initially reviewed this.

Suorin Drop – Flavour and performance is fantasic, a little lighter in terms of flavour but I really enjoyed this.

Exceed Edge – Great flavour, a little more flavour than on the other two. Perhaps down to the coil head in use.

Winner – Exceed Edge

Overall Experience

Mi-Pod – I am using this non stop. The long battery life makes it most convenient for days out of the house at work. My critisim is the mouthpiece when compared to the other two it is clear there are better out there. Performance is flawless though, performs great right until it needs charging. I did have a slight leak that went into the draw activation hole that caused the mod to autofire after I had taken a draw. Sorted that problem and has not happened since.

Suorin Drop – Small size and suprisingly packs a punch. Great flavour and just feels great in the hand and in the mouth. Battery does let it down in terms of life but given I always have another mod this has not been an issue. Pods are nice to vape with and easy to fill and replace. No qualms with this one.

Exceed Edge – Great bit of kit, love the use of coil heads rather than needing to replace whole cartridges. Flavour is good and performance of the mod in general is very good. No issues other than it would have been nice to recieve a spare cartridge in the kit to go with the spare coil.

Winner – Mi-Pod

Overall the Mi-Pod wins for me, the performance overall and quality of the flavour is perfect for me and suits all of my needs well. With this said all three mods are great and I think your choice will come down to personal preferance in terms of what you actually like the look of. Performance wise there is not much in it between any of them.

Links to purchase any of the mods I have looked at today and my review of them.

Mi-Pod – Purchase from E-Liquids.uk if in the UK. Worldwide from Smoking Vapor.

My review can be found by following this link.

Suorin Drop – Purchase from Heavengifts. Review coming soon.

Exceed Edge – Purchase from Heavengifts. Review is right here on The Vaping Times.


I am Jay (VapingWithJay) and I am a passionate vaper from the UK. Not only an avid vaper but I love nothing more than to share my thoughts on the latest products in the industry and helping others on their vaping journeys. Happy reading and vape on!