Mouth To Lung vs Direct To Lung – What’s the difference?

Mouth To Lung vs Direct To Lung - What's the difference?

Mouth To Lung vs Direct To Lung – Introduction

A simpler way to summarize this article is “how to vape”. There are two ways a user can vape. One of the two ways is Mouth to Lung inhaling which is just like it sounds. Mouth to Lung inhaling is the closest to smoking. The other is direct to lung inhaling which is more like using a hookah or bong. We take a closer look at the mouth to lung vs direct to lung vaping and you can see which you prefer.

Both methods will provide different results and will appeal to different people. In normal circumstances, a mouth to lung configuration will have higher resistances with lower wattage. A direct to lunch configuration will have lower resistance with higher wattages.

Mouth To Lung vs Direct To Lung – What’s the difference?

Mouth To Lung vs Direct To Lung - What's the difference?Mouth To Lung Vaping

This form of vaping is the way in which new vapers will be exposed to vaping. A traditional cigarette works by first drawing the smoke into the mouth and then inhaling once it is in. A noticeable effect when smoking a cigarette is the sensation felt at the back of the throat once it is inhaled. This is referred to as a “throat hit”. Throat hit is something that is only going to be present in the mouth to lung vaping.

Transitioning from smoking to vaping can be challenging. Mouth To Lung vaping is set up to provide a smoking like experience with the same effects that smokers desire.

Devices for mouth to lung vaping are often smaller with lower power and smaller coils. Because of this, nicotine concentration needs to be much higher than a direct to lung device and must also  contain a higher PG ratio.

Over the years many experienced vapers have found themselves looking back at these types of devices. While some have never strayed from them at all. The experience it provides compared to a cigarette is very satisfying.

Direct To Lung Vaping

This form is the most common at this time. High wattage devices and large sub ohm tanks are all designed to work with direct to lung vaping.

In this form, the vapor is brought into the lungs directly. This can be compared to the way a hookah or bong would be used.

Nicotine levels for this setup are usually much lower in the 6mg to the 3mg range. Some vapers are even using nicotine free e-juice for direct lung vaping. Ratios of VG are higher in a direct lung setup because higher PG e-juice would provide a very harsh and negative experience.

Flavor in a direct lung vaping setup is significantly increased compared to mouth to lung. This is because of the amount of dense vapor that is delivered in a sub-ohm low resistance and high wattage configuration.

The E-Juice industry has expanded significantly over the years and demand for complex blends continues to rise. The industry has adapted to the change in vaping hardware and as a result, e-juice makers have also been adapting and providing better quality liquids with more complex flavors.

Direct lung hardware requirements are quite simple. A high wattage device that can handle anywhere from 100w-200w is suitable for large dense vapor. Rebuildable atomizers are also great for direct lung as the control over experience is fully in the vapers hands. Otherwise, a well-rated sub tank is suitable for this application as well.

Mouth To Lung vs Direct To Lung – Conclusion

Mouth To Lung vs Direct To Lung - What's the difference?No matter the method of vaping that suits you best, there are many advantages to both ways. Mouth To Lung is great for achieving that cigarette like experience and in all cases, it is a great way to have a more stealth type vape. Stealth vaping is great for out in public where large dense clouds may offend bystanders.

Mouth to lung is favorable because of its high nicotine concentrations as the fix you desire is achieved sooner with this setup.

Direct to lung is great because in terms of flavor there is no comparison. Due to its ability to produce such large amounts of vapor, the flavor conversion is fantastic.

With some complex e-juice, higher wattages and temperatures have a great ability to enhance flavor notes that may have been missed otherwise.

Both ways of vaping are an excellent choice and having hardware that will do both will surely keep you vaping.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.