Mr Wicks Full Line Review – UK Eliquid At Its Finest!

Mr Wicks Full Line Review

Introduction To Mr Wicks

Welcome everyone, thanks for stopping by to read my review on a new line called Mr Wicks. New line yes but from what I consider to be one of the best mainstream eliquid manufacturers in the UK. The brains behind the Mr Wicks line are none other than Momo E-liquids. I have reviewed for Momo ever since they first launched their line and have always been a fan of the liquids they produce. It was very exciting to try this new line knowing the quality that comes out of their labs.

I met up with Tony, the owner, at Vape Jam to have a catch up and to grab this line to share a review with you all. The Mr Wicks line consists of 7 initial flavours with more to be added in the future no doubt. I will be looking at each flavour and letting you know my thoughts on each plus my overall favourites from the line.

As you will all know by now, my normal flavour profile e-liquids are desserts and bakery type liquids. This line caters more for the fruity juice lovers out there. All liquids come in 50ml shortfill bottles which allow the addition of optional nicotine shots. Pricing is just £9.95 for these bottles which is an incredible price and affordable to all budgets. Branding as you would expect from Momo is on point. Bright and bold designs that stand out.

Let’s crack on with the reviews.

Raspberry & Lychee

Mr Wicks Full Line ReviewStarting off with raspberry and lychee, the smell from the bottle is very strong and you can definitely smell both the raspberry and the lychee straight off. The inhale is a lovely sweet raspberry that is very authentic in flavour and hits the spot! The exhale allows the lychee to come into play adding an almost tropical vibe to the liquid. Both flavours marry together very well and form a very enjoyable liquid. Both mouthwatering and refreshing this is a lovely all day vape.

Lemon Tart

Mr Wicks Full Line ReviewOne from my usual preference in juices here. Lemon tart, a flavour that has been done time and time again but no one really hits it like Vape Dinnerlady did. Most seem lacking in one way or another so I was hoping that the expertise behind this liquid did not disappoint. The smell from the bottle reminded me of the Dinner Lady version which was a positive straight away and I knew that good things were coming. With a lemon tart I think it is important for the meringue flavour to be noticeable, that’s my preference anyway. The inhale is a mixture of meringue and lemon. The lemon is a really zesty flavour and packed with a nice amount of sharp, citrus notes which mix with the sweetness of the meringue perfectly. The exhale produces more of a toned down experience of the inhale with some rich buttery pastry notes underneath the lemon and meringue. Exactly like the Dinner Lady one… Only better! This all round is the best lemon tart liquid that I have tried, plenty of meringue and lots of interesting flavour notes. Not harsh and beautifully made!

Raspberry & Pear

Next up is raspberry and pear, given how nice the raspberry and lychee was and remembering the apple and pear flavour from the Momo bakery line was I knew I was going to like this one. The smell from the bottle reminded me more of pear drops, maybe not as strong but that kind of smell. Inhale was that same raspberry that I loved mixed with a subtle pear flavour. The exhale makes the pear come out more and more. The pear itself tastes like a real pear, not a fruit that I would generally like but I do not mind vaping it! The pear runs all the way through the exhale and is quite a strong flavour. The raspberry comes back through at the end. I also mixed this in the Hengling Q Tank (dual flavour tank) and had a go with the Raspberry and Lychee and that gave a lovely flavour!

Rhubarb & Custard

Mr Wicks Full Line ReviewRhubarb and Custard is another popular flavour and is the first one that I tried from the Mr Wicks line at Vape Jam. For me I was blown away at that point! The smell from the bottle is exactly like that of the actual sweets. The inhale is the distinctive taste of rhubarb nice and strong and gives those sweet and sharp notes just like the red part of the sweets. The exhale is where the custard comes into the mix. Fighting off those sharp notes and turning this into an authentic rhubarb and custard flavour. Is it the best one I have tried? Yes it is! The blend of Rhubarb to custard is perfect and allows for a great mixture of fruity and creamy custard flavours. Absolutely love this flavour!

Grape Soda

Mr Wicks Full Line ReviewAnother flavour that I have tried many times and have not found many that are great. Grape soda from the bottle smells just like the others I have tried to be honest but the importance is the taste. The inhale is very much black grape, its actually better than most I have had. The exhale again is black grape, lots of sweetness and the grape comes out even more. For me it reminds me of the drink by KA that you can get here in the UK. I found myself vaping this more and more and really enjoyed it. Probably one of the more authentic grape soda liquids out there! Sweet, smooth and a genuine grade soda flavour. This liquid also one the best drink liquid award at vapejam.. need I say more!

Orange & Lime Fizz

Mr Wicks Full Line ReviewNext up is orange and lime fizz. Not a flavour I have ever had in this combination before so nothing to compare with. The smell out of the bottle is more lime like with a little bit of orange thrown in. The inhale starts off with the easily recognisable flavour of orange. This quickly changes into a more lime heavy flavour. The exhale the lime develops more and there is almost a sherbet-like hint to the flavour. The orange is still there but not as deep in flavour as the lime. For me this is not a problem, I love the lime in the lime berry liquid from Momo. This is one of those liquids for a hot summers day I found it to be a very refreshing flavour.


Mr Wicks Full Line ReviewLast but not least is unloaded. I left this until last because it is one of the flavours I was most likely to not like due to personal preference. The smell from the bottle reminds me of blackjack sweets! I do not like blackjacks so this part of the review will be on the actual flavour rather than my dislike of blackjacks! The inhale is a nice blackcurrant and I think raspberry flavour that quickly turns to a liquorice flavour. I was surprised it was not as bad as the sweets actually taste. The exhale is more of blackjack than anything theres a mild menthol running through the juice that is not too overpowering and works quite well. Not my cup of tea to be honest but as a liquorice flavour its not as bad as I expected. For those that like those kind of flavours you will like this.

Mr Wicks Eliquids Final Thoughts

Another solid line coming from Momo Labs, there really is something for everyone. For me, I had 3 firm favourites that stood out from the line. Raspberry & Lychee, Lemon Tart and Rhubarb and Custard. Check them out directly by visiting this link.


I am Jay (VapingWithJay) and I am a passionate vaper from the UK. Not only an avid vaper but I love nothing more than to share my thoughts on the latest products in the industry and helping others on their vaping journeys. Happy reading and vape on!