MTL RDA Head to Head: Ammit MTL RDA vs Galaxies MTL RDA

MTL RDA Head to Head

MTL or mouth to lung RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers) have been a very popular option lately with an industry shift back to high nicotine and low wattage vaping. Thanks to salt based nicotine. Here’s a look at two recent contenders on the market that both aim to provide the ideal MTL experience. The Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA, and the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA.


Package contents:

  • Ammit MTL RDA
  • Stainless steel drip tip
  • Drip tip (diameter 2mm)
  • Allen Key
  • Spare parts pack
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Two Clapton coil 0.7ohm
  • User manual

Ammit MTL RDA Package contents:Listed features and specs:

  • Size: 22mm x 38.3mm
  • Type: Single Coil RDA
  • Drip Tip: 510
  • Thread: 510
  • Innovative Single Coil MTL RDA
  • 3D Airflow System Producing Unbeatable Flavor
  • Leak-proof Design with Top to Bottom Airflow System
  • 12 Airflow Adjustment Options for Perfect Restriction
  • Innovative Dual-layer Chamber Structure to Provide Outstanding Heat Dissipation Effect
  • Optional 3 Professional MTL Drip Tips for Various Preference
  • Easy Two-post Build Deck with Deep Juice Well

Ammit MTL RDAVapefly Galaxies MTL RDA

Package contents:

  • Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA
  • Screw Driver
  • BF Pin Adapter
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Spare Parts
  • Two Ni80 26ga Pre-build Coil
  • Two Ni80 28ga+44ga*2*16 Fused Clapton Pre-build Coil
  • User Manual

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDAListed features and specs:

  • Size: 22 x 32.4mm
  • Coil: Single coil
  • Material: PMMA/Stainless Steel
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • 6-level side airflow system
  • Unique limitless screw airflow control
  • PMMA/Delrin material for anti-heat
  • BF pin adapter included
  • Easy single coil building deck
  • Limit slot design for easy removing from MOD
  • Deep juice well

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDAPackaging and contents:

The Ammit kit comes packed in a simple jewel case that does a great job protecting the product while displaying it in the clear front window. It’s pretty standard Geekvape packaging which looks nice and feels durable. Inside everything is neatly packed and protected by thick sponge. In the kit you get the Ammit MTL RDA, a user manual and a couple of accessory bags.

Ammit MTL RDA In the bags, you get a stainless steel long stemmed drip tip, a thinner taller replacement tip for the drip tip that comes pre-installed, a squonk pin, Geekvapes handy little t-shaped tool, a couple orings, three screws, a little locking nut and some premade clapton coils.

More on packaging and contents:

The Vapefly Galaxies comes in a neat little screw top tin with everything safely packed in the sponge. Along with the Vapefly Galaxies RDA you get the RDA, a cleaning cloth, a user manual, two bags of coils and a spare parts bag.

In the spare parts bag, you get a T-shaped screwdriver tool, an Allen key, a BF pin, some spare grubs and some spare orings. For the coils, you get 2 ni80 26g straight wire coils but you also get 2 ni80 28g+44gx2x16 fused clapton coils. With both kits, you get all the things you need to get started with the exception of some cotton.

Galaxies MTL RDAThe Ammit has a few extras like alternate drip tips but the Galaxies comes with nearly as many extras and a few extra coils to boot. I’d say they’re both fairly matched when it comes to packaging and extras.

The RDAs:


The RDA looks a bit small but it’s actually a 22mm diameter dripper that stands 38.3mm tall with the stock tip that’s meant specifically for the mouth to lung vaping. It’s available in several colours like SS, Gold, Blue, Rainbow, Black, Gunmetal and Violet.

Ammit MTL RDAI got the gold version which has a nice matte finish to it and I think it looks sharp. Starting at the top it comes equipped with a 3mm bore two-piece drip tip that’s made of plastic with a metal base. The plastic tip is threaded and the kit comes with a slightly taller and narrower replacement tip(2mm bore) if the default one doesn’t suit your needs.

The kit also includes a long stemmed stainless steel drip tip (3mm bore) if you prefer an all stainless tip. So altogether you get three drip tip options with the kit. I found with any of the three tips that I’d get a bit of condensation build up and eventually get a bit of juice in my mouth but a swap of the drip tip seemed to have resolved that issue for me.

More on the Ammit MTL RDA

Just below the tip is the adjustable airflow ring. On one side it’s got a cyclops style slot. While on the other, it’s got just a single hole which lets you tune in your airflow just the way you like it. Underneath the ring is a series of graduated holes with the smallest being approximately 1mm in diameter and moving up to a fairly large hole.

This combination of AFC ring and selection of hole sizes gives you a whopping twelve different airflow options. One issue I had with mine is the AFC ring is insanely tight and difficult to move around and I needed to use a screwdriver to help slide it into place but once it’s in place it’s going to stay there.

MTL RDA Head to Head

Ammit MTL RDA Continued

It’s a top airflow atomizer meaning the air comes in from the top which helps prevent leaking but it also helps reduce heat with its dual layer chamber design. Airflow is guided down the sides between the two layers of the chamber and into the deck via cutouts on each side of the deck.

There’s no notch or anything to line up and you can put the cap on in any orientation and the airflow will still lineup and work. Down below there is some very basic branding. Plus a non-adjustable gold plated 510 center pin. But the kit also comes with a replacement squonk pin so you can use it as either a regular dripper or a squonk atomizer.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA

The Vapefly Galaxies is fairly similar in size also being 22mm in diameter but only 32.4mm tall, it manages to shave off a few millimeters compared to its competitor the Ammit thanks mostly in part to a shorter drip tip. It’s available in several colours including Stainless, Black, Gold, and Rainbow.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDAI got the stainless version which looks sharp. It’s got a PMMA top cap that helps reduce heat transfer to the drip tip. It also comes with a nice delrin or maybe ultem drip tip that’s nice and comfortable on the lips and does a great job of keeping things tight. While it doesn’t provide the options the Ammit had I found it was pretty much perfect and didn’t create condensation buildup or lead to any juice getting in my mouth like the Ammit did.

Compared to the Ammit the Galaxies is even more customizable when it comes to the airflow. Inside the deck, they have what they call limitless screw airflow control meaning the two holes where the airflow comes into the deck can be opened or closed by loosening or tightening some adjustment screws.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA Continued

You can chose to close one or the other off or leave one or both partially open, almost like a single/dual coil RDA but the Galaxies is a dedicated single coil RDA. And that’s not even close to being it with the airflow, on the top cap there are three holes on each side which line up with 3 slots on each side, the slots vary in size so the smallest will allow only the bottom airflow holes to be exposed, the second exposes two and you guessed it the third exposes all three holes.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDACombined with the ability to close off airflow right at the deck via the limitless screws, the options are well pretty much limitless. My ideal airflow has been one screw closed at the deck level and then two holes exposed on the cap which gives me the really nice tight mtl draw that I long for.

On the sides of the Galaxies, it’s got some engraved rings which line up with the airflow holes and create the image of a Galaxy, it looks nice without being too flashy or smothered in branding. Similar to the Ammit there isn’t any notch to line the cap up with as it needs to be able to turn for the airflow adjustment. At the bottom, it’s got a non-adjustable gold plated 510 center pin which can be swapped for the included BF pin. Some basic branding and what looks like a serial number finishes off the bottom of the RDA.

The Decks:


The deck on the Ammit MTL is interesting. It’s a two post post offset deck with a really deep well which is nothing unusual but it’s how the airflow reaches the deck that makes it just a bit different. They call it 3d airflow and the air comes down through the sides of the deck and is aimed at the coil from three different angles.

On the side with the two posts it comes straight through one of the posts with a hole cut through it and hits the coil at about 90 degrees, on the opposite side it comes through a block and is angled upward probably about 45 degrees and lastly it also comes through the bottom via the central hole hitting it directly underneath.

All three are fed by the two airflow slots in the sides of the deck and provide airflow from pretty much every direction. It’s a bit convoluted and I don’t know if all of those angles are necessary. As they may even create a bit of turbulence in the chamber. Especially for a mouth to lunch atomizer it almost seems a bit overkill but at the end of the day, it does work.


Ammit MTL RDA Continued

Another odd thing about the deck is the implementation of the juice feed if you’re using the squonk pin. I noticed after putting in a fresh build that if I left the cap off and squonked the liquid would just pour out of the airflow slots.

Taking a closer look the squonk pin appears to empty out directly into the airflow channel with a roundabout path to the actual cotton. I haven’t seen many complaints about. However, to me, it’s just a really odd implementation. The pin should empty in to the juice wells and not dump in to the airflow.

With the cap on, it seems to work fine. Doesn’t even give it a flooded feel after squonking. But to me, there’s something not quite right about it. At least building on it is a breeze. With the two posts offset to one side, just slide your leads in to the posts, tighten down the screws and snip off the excess.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA

The deck on the Galaxies is much more traditional compared to the Ammit. It’s a two post deck with a post on either side of the deck. The posts have notches cut out of them where you put your leads in with top down grub screws to secure them. It’s super easy to build on just line your leads up with the posts and tighten them down. Rounded slots on the edges of the deck provide a guide for your driver when installing a new coil. They also leave plenty of space behind the posts to trim your leads so the whole experience is just a treat.

Vapefly_Galaxies_MTL_RDAAirflow to the coil comes from the side much like a traditional dripper and compared to the Ammit feels a lot more natural. It’s got a fairly deep juice well for such a small dripper and can hold quite a bit of juice. Squonking with the Galaxies is pretty standard fare but without any anti-leaking features built-in like the Ammit you’ll need to exercise a bit of caution or you can easily over squonk it. Nothing really unusual about the Galaxies deck, just an easy to use and solid performing setup.


Performance wise they both work quite well. Because they are both MTL RDAs neither one is actually well suited to dripping. Since you can’t drip down the tip of either one and they actually make more sense being used in squonk mode, where removing the top cap to drip won’t be an issue.

However, as a squonk atomizer, I found the Ammit a bit odd the way the juice is pushed in to the airflow but it does work. With the Galaxies, it just works like a normal squonk ready RDA. The various airflow adjustments on both of them mean almost anyone can find settings that work for them. I found even on the tightest setting with the Ammit it still felt a tiny bit loose. Maybe the size of the chamber or the implementation of the airflow, but it wasn’t quite as tight and full as the Galaxies.

Flavour and vapour will of course depend heavily on your build and how you run it. But with the few builds I tested out, I kept leaning towards the Galaxies for a fuller tighter experience.



  • Size
  • build quality
  • Looks and finish
  • Good flavour
  • Ease of use
  • Squonk pin included
  • Lots of airflow options
  • Drip tip options
  • Leak resistant
  • Airflow options


  • A bit turbulent
  • A bit loose on the tightest setting
  • Squonking pushes juice in to the airflow
  • Extremely tight AFC
  • Condensation build up
  • Can’t drip through tips

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA


  • Size
  • Build quality
  • Looks and finish
  • Performance
  • Incredible flavour
  • Ease of use
  • Squonk pin included
  • Airflow options


  • Can’t drip through the tip


The Ammit MTL RDA and the Galaxies MTL RDA are both great little MTL drippers. Both are well suited for both dripping and squonking. With a wide array of settings to dial in the airflow as well as some nice extras in the kits.

If I had to chose between the two because of the small number of complaints with the Ammit, I’d probably lean towards the Galaxies as my choice for best MTL RDA among the two. Of course, there are plenty more options on the market and what works for one might not always work for another.

Chris Sisson

After 26 years of smoking I made the switch to vaping and never looked back. Now with over 5 years of vaping experience and 4 years of reviews under my belt I’m a passionate and experienced vaper who loves to give back to the community.