My Favorite Vape Device from 2017

My Favorite Vape Device from 2017

2017 was a great year for vape gear, with some fantastic items coming to market, so I wanted to put together a bit of a list of items that make up my favorite vape device.

My Favorite Vape Device – Squonk Kit

My Favorite Vape Device from 2017I really only started getting into Squonking in 2017, and tried and tested quite a few Squonk Kits, and the Geekvape GBOX Squonker was the stand out kit, that has kept me Squonking well into 2018. The Geekvape GBOX Squonker is a compact squonk style device with a high powered AS chipset. Powered by dual external 18650 cells, it supports a max 200W output power and full temperature control with TCR adjustments. An enlarged OLED display, a 8ml squonk bottle and a Radar RDA, all make the GBOX Squonk a ultimate squonk choice.

My Favorite Vape Device – RTA

My Favorite Vape Device from 2017For me there was one standout tank from 2017 that took the RTA experience to a whole new level of flavour and usability. and that Tank is the Geekvape Zeus RTA, which i reviewed back in November 2017. Geekvapes GM Justin took all the best bits from the tanks past and present, combining them together, with an all-new build deck and Airflow system, all inside a leak-proof single coil tank atomizer with 4ml capacity. With its unique design, 3D Airflow for ultimate flavour recreation, this RTA will be one of the award-winning tanks of 2017 for sure.

My Favorite Vape Device – RDA

My Favorite Vape Device from 2017There can be only one winner when it comes to my favourite RDA in 2017 and that would have to be the DROP RDA by Digiflavour. In the quest for Vaping perfection, Bryan and the dedicated development team at Digiflavour, may well have created a contender for the Best Flavour RDA 2017 as well as Builders Choice. It really is an amazing little RDA. It may not win any beauty contests, but who cares, with the depth of ‘true’ flavour that this thing kicks out.

My Favorite Vape Device – Wicking Material

My Favorite Vape Device from 2017When is comes to overall vaping experience, im a true believer in the fact the the type of cotton you stick in your coils, makes all the difference. And I really cant recommend this Cotton enough, Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition. Kendo Vape Cotton is a 100% organic, cultivated Japanese cotton specially selected for vapers. Its heat-resistant property makes it 2x longer lasting than ordinary cotton. Its excellent e-juice absorption allows vapers to do long pulls at high wattages without the cotton going dry. The Kendo Vape Cotton is ready to use, making the wicking process easier than ever! Gold edition.

My Favorite Vape Device – Coils

My Favorite Vape Device from 2017I came across these coils when surfing around on Facebook, and thought i would give the a try, Each coil is hand made by Chris, and they are literally Coiling Perfect, each coil comes perfectly wrapped, and when installed produce and an amazing level of flavour, from the dense thick vapour that comes off them, Be sure to check out Chris’s Coils.

My Favourite Vape Device – E-juice Range

My Favorite Vape Device from 2017When asked what juice range would i take to my dessert island. It would have to be the New Cult Vapour Co Range from Herbal Tides. These guys, in my opinion make some of the best Juice around. and defiantly check a smile on my face through out 2017.

Well there you go that concludes my favorite set up of 2017, and im sure there were many other great devices, but when i look back over the items i had in 2017 these are the ones that stand out to me. Thanks for reading and stay Foggy.

Dan Pierce

I’m a Blogger based in UK. I stopped smoking in October 2013, at which point I set up my own Vaping review blog, to help me record and share my Vaping journey. A real hobbiest Vapor, who not only enjoy the Vaping experience, but love the technology and design behind it.