Nicomore M1 RDA/RDTA Review

Nicomore M1 RDA/RDTA Review

Nicomore M1 RDA/RDTA First Impression

Hello again my fellow vapers! This is Travis from OverDosevapes bringing you another review. We are going to be looking at the Nicomore M1 an extremely unique RDA/RDTA hybrid atomizer. That’s right, it can convert from an rebuildable dripping atomizer to an rebuildable dripping TANK atomizer! That is not it’s only unique design feature either, its build deck is completely tool-less, no screwdriver or Allen wrenches needed here. That is just scratching the surface of what else is hidden here so lets jump right in.

Nicomore M1 RDA/RDTA ReviewNicomore M1 RDA/RDTA Unboxing

  • RDA Base
  • RDTA Base
  • Build Deck
  • 2x Outer Cover
  • Top Cap
  • Drip Tip
  • 1 set of Clapton Coils
  • Accessories Pack
  • Instruction Card

Nicomore M1 RDA/RDTA ReviewVaping With Nicomore M1 RDA/RDTA

The Nicomore M1 is an interesting beast and after a week of daily use I have a lot to say about it. Let’s start with the pros! First it does function well in both the RDA and RDTA modes. It has extremely generous airflow which is hidden amazingly well behind the outer cover. When using it in RDTA mode I never got a dry hit and it wicked like a dream. Speaking of wicking it couldn’t be easier, it has large wick holes on either side of the airflow that you simply stuff the ends of your cotton into and boom your ready to go! The build deck is an unusual two post design with generous post holes for putting all your latest and greatest coils into. Looking at the coils that come with the M1 will give you an idea of the best way to shape your leads, this makes building for the M1 much easier.

This is a tool-less deck, meaning, you are able to install coils without a screwdriver or allen wrench. It’s post holes open with the turn of a nob located on the top of the posts. It’s easy to turn with your fingers and the design actually works very well. The RDA base removes the tank but honestly that is about it. The experience is essentially the same only now you have to drip! It does make the device significantly shorter which may make it more appealing to some.Nicomore M1 RDA/RDTA Review

Now let’s move on to the cons. The first thing that jumped out to me was the overall look, this just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s big, angular and has a rough around the edges look. This is obviously going to come down to personal preference. Next, the 510 pin does not protrude far enough to use on hybrid mechanical mods without causing a hard short. The post holes are large but set very far apart, making installation of coils a learning process. Last but not least I just wasn’t very impressed with the flavor of the Nicomore M1. It is a very airy vape that is light on flavor saturation.

Nicomore M1 RDA/RDTA ReviewNicomore M1 RDA & RDTA Video Review

Nicomore M1 RDA & RDTA Final Thoughts

All in all the M1 feels like it is spreading itself a little bit too thin. Sometimes trying to be all things to all people ends up with a product that doesn’t really do any one thing amazingly but instead several things average. Which is my opinion of the M1 it is an average device hiding behind a wall of extras and add ons. Don’t get me wrong it is by no means a bad device and if it interest you it is worth picking up, just don’t expect it to change the game. I give it 3 out of 5.


Travis Meeks
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