OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA Preview

OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA Preview

OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA Introduction

The OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA is the dual coil version of the fantastic OBS Crius RTA with a single coil, which was a huge hit! So upgraded and developed let’s say hello to the OBS brother – The Crius 2 RTA. OBS has really made a name for themselves creating wonderful tanks full of flavour. So it makes sense that they focus on the most important aspect they are renowned for. Flavour. Let’s see if this has been achieved with the Crius 2.

OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA PreviewOBS Crius 2 Unwrapped

With the Crius 2 dual coil version, OBS has added another coil. This is to make sure you get the full flavour of the vapour. OBS have decided to make sure your taste buds experience this journey whilst still using the Zirconia clamp post design, as with the single coil version. Now I can hear the moans and groans already. Fear not, thankfully the dual coil version has lost the triangle socket clamp screw – now you can cheer!

OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA PreviewDespite the extra goodies OBS have included, the Crius 2 has a simple build deck. You can place a coil on each side. Just a tip; make sure one leg is above the insulator and one leg is below. Then just screw and you have tightened the lot! Don’t worry you still get the lovely hydraulic sounding pull up fill ring with the OBS Crius 2. So really you’re getting a more simple build deck, which let’s face it everyone is grateful for, with everything you loved about the previous one!

OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA PreviewAnother change with the dual coil version is there is now a liquid flow control. This means you can use e-liquids with different thickness together and simply adjust the juice flow. Amazing isn’t it. Just pick up any juice you have lying around, I mean e-juice of course, and get vaping! The Crius 2 also has a handy adjustable bottom airflow feature. Get ready to blow some very impressive clouds with this little guy. Ahhh we love you OBS!

OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA PreviewThere are 2 colours available – Black and Stainless Steel. I would have to say the steel for me personally, I just think it gives a nice classy finish to any mod.

OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA PreviewIt also has a super easy top-side refilling system. How nice of OBS to make this even more simple and mess-free for us all. Less leakage, less mess, less time faffing around. OBS, we are forever thankful. Now let’s get the numbers and facts of what exactly you should expect from the Crius 2!

OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA PreviewOBS Crius 2 Specs

Size: 25mm x 57mm
Capacity: 4ml
Material: 304 stainless steel + pyrex glass
Thread: Gold-plated 510 connection

OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA PreviewOBS Crius 2 Features

Easy top side refill
Adjustable bottom airflow
Juice flow control
Dual coil deck with high-tech Zirconia
Detachable structure for cleaning

OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA PreviewOBS Crius 2 Includes

  • Crius 2 RTA dual coil version
  • Extra glass
  • Two Clapton coils (0.3ohm)
  • Spare parts bag

OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA PreviewOBS Crius 2 Conclusion

I think this is an excellent dual coil RTA, especially if the single coil version is anything to go by! This 4ml rebuildable tank atomizer with a 25mm diameter is going to be a hit for sure. The Crius 2 supports dual coil building for an intense flavour and violent vapour production. Just make sure you are ready and can handle this powerful beast. It has an e-juice flow control function so that you can you use different PG/VG ratio e-liquids for a better, more personal vaping experience. Price wise this is exactly the same price as the single coil version! How nice is that? Practically a coil for free! The OBS Crius 2 is available at HG for partial pre-order here. Get 15% with code: Rowena15.

Rowena Minney

Hey guys, I am a 24yr old business/marketing graduate. After seeing loads of my friends use the magic of vaping to quit smoking I took a real interest in the industry and went to China to work for an e-cig company and see how it compared to the UK. I am really interested to see what 2018 has to offer to vapers and tell you guys all about it!