OBS Cube Starter Kit Review

OBS Cube Starter Kit

OBS Cube Starter Kit Review

Hello again everyone. I’m back today with another vape review for you all and today we are gonna be taking a look at a new kit from the well-known company, OBS. While I’ve tested and reviewed many tanks and RDAs from them, I’ve never used a kit from OBS. This is a simple little kit called the OBS Cube Starter Kit. Let’s take a deeper look at it.

OBS Cube Starter Kit
OBS Cube Starter Kit

OBS Cube Starter Kit Packaging

The OBS Cube Starter kit comes in a small box with a sleeve over it that has a picture of the mod and tank on the front and a contents list on the back. Slide that sleeve off and you see the top of the sleeve is the lid to the box.

So, as soon as you slide that off your looking at a typical OBS yellow box that has a user manual covering everything and the Cube mod and the Cube Sub-Ohm tank below in the box.

OBS Cube Starter KitAn M1 mesh coil is pre-installed inside the tank and in the packaging is a dual coil. At the bottom, it looks like an accessory box and when you lift it out, it turns out to be a three-sided flap that is only covering the micro USB cable, the spare glass, and o-rings for the tank.

The OBS Cube Tank

The Cube kit comes with the Cube tank which is a standard style Sub-Ohm tank and comes pre-installed with a straight glass and the spare is also straight. No bubble glass here.

The Cube tank does hold 4ml of juice which is a nice capacity for a straight tank. At the top, the drip tip is molded in such a way that it flows with the tank and looks like it’s all one piece but it’s actually a Goon style 810 drip and the inside of the top cap has an internal O-ring to hold the tip in place.

OBS Cube Starter KitWhere the drip tip is shaped like it’s part of the tank, it’s kind of hard to remove if you want to use your own tip. Pressing up through the bottom of the cap will pop it out. The top cap is held in place on rails and opens up to expose the large fill ports with a quarter similar to the Zeus RTA.

OBS Cube Starter KitI got the black version and the metal parts is a pretty matte black with light knurls at the top to help unscrew the cap and the bottom had two airflow slots and says “Cube” in between the slots. The glass looks nice on this tank as well. It has a light tint to it, giving it a black hue that makes it match the tank even better. It really is a sexy Sub-Ohm tank.

OBS Cube Starter KitAn M1 0.2-ohm mesh coil is pre-installed and a triple barrel 0.2-ohm coil comes as a spare coil in the package. These operate best in the 35-70 watts range.

The OBS Cube mod

The OBS Cube mod is an adjustable wattage mod that has a 3000 mah built-in battery. Usually, this is where I would tell you about all the vape functions of the mod but, wattage mode is all that it has. No TC functions, no curves mode, just straight up the wattage and I love it.

The top of the OBS Cube is a large stainless steel plate with a spring loaded 510 in the center. This will hold up to a 28mm tank with no overhang but you only have a max of 80 watts and a 3000 mah built-in battery, so a smaller tank and probably a single coil would be ideal.

OBS Cube Starter KitThe mod itself is a tall Cube and has four sides to it. Each side looks kinda different. With one panel looking like a brushed metal. The next is glossy with a honeycomb grid and it says “Cube” on it. The next panel is glossy and black and has the 0.96-inch screen that displays the battery life, wattage, ohms, volts, and puffs.

The OBS Cube Mod Continued

It also has a lock emblem on the screen because the wattage adjustment is always locked when your vaping. To unlock it, you press up or down three times and that unlocks the device and allows you to change the wattage. As soon as you press the fire button, the mod is locked again. That’s the entire adjustment/settings menu. It’s simple and easy to use.

OBS Cube Starter KitThe last panel to describe houses the fire button and the wattage adjustment buttons. The top of that side has a very large, round fire button. That has light grooves in it similar to a vinyl record.

That adds texture to the button and a classy look. Below that oversized fire button is the two wattage adjustment buttons that are smaller versions of the stainless steel fire button. At the bottom of this side is the micro USB port for charging and firmware updates. The very bottom says designed by OBS and states the battery size of 3000 mah.

OBS Cube kit Performance

The OBS Cube kit goes together very well. The tank matches the mod nicely and both function very well. The set-up comes with coils that match the wattage range of the mod well and the mesh coil especially gives fantastic flavor.

I like that the top cap holds Goon style 810 drip tips and has the quarter turn release latch. The tinted glass is also a nice touch, making the tank look even more matchy with the mod.

Speaking of the mod, I love this little device! I don’t think every mod needs TC and power curves and power boosts. Just having a variable wattage and a simple menu is fantastic.

OBS Cube Starter KitWhen I first got it, I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the wattage until I checked the Manual and then I was surprised by how simple it was. The fact that you can’t accidentally turn the wattage all the way up and that the wattage is locked when you hit the fire button is genius. Simple and brilliant.

OBS Cube kit Performance Continued

The chip is also incredibly fast firing. When you hit the fire button, you can hear coil sizzling almost as soon as you get it pressed. The device itself is simple and classy looking.

OBS Cube Starter KitThe Cube design fits perfectly in the hand and is light and easy to carry. I’ve been using multiple other tanks on the Cube mod like the Qp Design Juggernaut mini and the Hugsvape Chalice MTL RTA. Single coil tanks are great on this mod and especially an MTL tank using 15 watts.

I got almost two days out of the battery using an MTL RTA and for a mod, I can hardly tell is in my pocket, that’s fantastic. The only negative for me about this mod is the puff counter. It resets each time you turn the mod off and back on. This probably isn’t an issue for you but it’s the biggest problem I’ve had with my Cube kit. That, and I wish it was single 21700 mod and you could swap the battery. Other than that, this is, in my opinion, one of the best rechargeable mods to come out in a long time. I really enjoyed testing the OBS Cube kit.

OBS Cube Starter Kit Video Review


Thanks so much for reading. I had tried many tanks and drippers from OBS but never their mods. I was surprised with a build quality and the design of the OBS Cube. From my point of view, this is one of the best rechargeable mods to come out in a long time. I’ll be back soon with more reviews and articles, and thanks again for reading!

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