Oumier VLS RDA Review – A Beautiful Innovating RDA Provides Superb Flavor And Huge Vapor

Oumier VLS RDA Review

Returning to the scene once again with another flavor chasing, cloud producing atomizer, Oumier has hit the mark with the Oumier VLS RDA.

OumierPerhaps you have not heard of Oumier yet, their success was built on the Wasp Nano RDA. It was a single coil flavor chasing RDA that quickly became widely accepted among vapers worldwide.

The VLS RDA is a beautiful, innovating RDA that provides superb flavor and huge vapor.

Oumier VLS RDA Colors
VLS RDA Colors

Oumier VLS RDA Specs

  • Size: 25mm(D) x 45.5mm(L)
  • 1.5ml(with a deep juice well)
  • Cap Material: Gold color: PEI
  • SS and Black color: Aerospace PC
  • Thread: 510 thread

Oumier VLS RDA Packaging List

  • Accessory bag
  • User manual

Oumier VLS RDA Design, Look and Feel

Simply looking at the VLS RDA displays it’s quality characteristics. Constructed of stainless steel featuring either a PEI Gold cap or Aerospace PC cap, the VLS is eye-catching.

Aesthetics are not the only offering with the VLS, it’s revolutionary building deck design is what sets it apart from the rest of the crowd. Set up for nearly any coil configuration, the VLS is a coil builders dream.

One of its main selling points is its capability of easily installing dual or single vertical coils. Vertical coils can provide a different vaping experience from the standard configuration and previous to the VLS, installing coils vertically onto an atomizer proved challenging.Capable of both single and dual coils in both horizontal and vertical,the VLS provides users with the opportunity to switch between single coil flavor casing and dual coil cloud chasing.

VLS RDA Threads
VLS RDA Threads

The Oumier VLS RDA is equipped with two, completely separate posts. This is possible due to the screws located on the underside of the build deck that hold the posts in place. On the positive post, the screw is extruded slightly father than the negative so that it makes contact with the bottom cover, creating the circuit. This design is innovative and functional.

On each post there are two locations for coil installation,one on top and one on bottom. This allows for very simple installation of both vertical and horizontal coils.

Oumier VLS RDA Coil Installation

Vertical coil installation is very easy, simply placing a lead in both the top and bottom location of a single post and a tightening, repeat for the other post as well. Oumier has done an amazing job setting up the deck of the VLS, not in some time have we seen a building deck as innovative as the VLS

VLS RDA Coil Configuration
VLS RDA Coil Configuration

Dual vertical coils are simple to install as well, though with the VLS they are stacked rather than adjacent to one another. One coil uses both top post slots while the other uses the two bottom post slots.

Single coil installation for both vertical and horizontal configurations uses only one top post slot and one bottom post slot. Fairly simple to install. No need to pre cut leads for the VLS, simple fit the coil and cut them when they are secured.

Wicking the coils is as simple as installing them, in vertical mode, inserting the wick through the top of the coil and using tweezers to pull it through is the best way. Taking into consideration the size of the juice well on the VLS, the wicks can be left fairly long at the bottom. Fluff out the ends and situate the cotton neatly into the bottom of the deck. Trimming the top to just above the coil, with a light fluff and it is ready to use.

Horizontal wick installation is self explanatory. Insert wicks, fit to size, trim and tuck them in.

Oumier VLS RDA Performance

The VLS is set up to produce both flavor and vapor in a big way. Single coil configurations are going to provide a better flavor experience but will not produce the vapor that a dual configuration will. In both single and dual coil set up, the VLS produces an immense amount of flavor. Compared to many popular RDA’s on the market, the VLS wins in the flavor department.

Flavor is often a by-product of airflow and the VLS has a unique airflow that will take some adjustment to become accustomed to. Due to the smaller size of the 5 hole airflow, the VLS is a very air restricted atomizer. Some may not find this suits them but after a bit of time spent with the VLS, the user will enjoy everything it has to offer.

Oumier VLS RDA Video Review

Oumier VLS RDA Conclusion

The VLS RDA is without question the most innovative atomizer to come to the market in quite some time. Expect to see other companies follow suit on this deck design as it is very appealing for all users. Remember the velocity style build decks? They rapidly became commonplace among most atomizers and is still widely used today. Perhaps the deck design of the VLS will take the same route, every vaper should have this atomizer in their collection.

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I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.

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