Oumier VLS RDA vs. Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

Oumier VLS RDA

The vaping market is a fast moving and often brutal world. Manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to grab your attention with new products or innovative ways of using them. I recently received two products which fit this bill perfectly. Namely the Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank and the Oumier VLS RDA.

Although they cover two different areas of the vaping scene; Prebuilt coils and RDAs. They are both different and innovative in their own way.

Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

Firstly the Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank. The tank is available in three different versions. A textured steel tank, a resin tank and the version I received, a carbon fibre covered tank. All in a variety of colours and all containing the same 0.15ohm mesh coil inside. They are all 2ml capacity.

Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm TankFreemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Packaging

One FireLuke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank
Two FireLuke 0.15 ohm Mesh Coil Head
One Spare 3ml Glass Tank Section
Spare Parts Pack
User Manual

Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Features and Specs

24mm Diameter Base
Threaded Top Fill System
Two Large Fill Ports
Pour to Fill
3ml Max Capacity
FireLuke Mesh Coil Family
0.15 ohm
40 to 90W
Organic Cotton
Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control
16mm by 2.5mm Each Airslot
Fully Closeable
13mm Wide Bore Drip Tip
Gold Plated 510 Connection

Vaping with Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

For me, mesh was never as bigger success as I expected it to be with RDA tanks. However, in a Sub-Ohm tank; mesh is brilliant! The combination of a good, consistent contact between cotton and coil makes for a great vape. And a long lasting one at that. I had almost 80ml of a sweet juice through one coil before I noticed any change in flavour or vapour production. The flavour was dense and flavourful. There is next to no ramp up time with mesh either. The 0.15 coil can be run at 80w all day long without any issues.

I only really had two niggles with the Freemax Fireluke Mesh tank. The mouthpiece on the carbon-fibre version was not particularly comfortable in the mouth. Although this can be overcome with any of your 810 drip-tips. Of the few I owned, all fit fine. My only other issue was with the 2ml capacity. I understand that this covers the manufacturer against the TPD laws. However, many other manufacturers have found ways around this.

Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Video Review

Oumier VLS RDA

Next up is the Oumier VLS RDA. An innovative RDA for sure. The deck section is primarily built of Stainless Steel with the top cap made from PEI. I was dubious of the top-cap at first. Plastic near to heat never seems like a good idea. However, the coils are always far enough away from it to not cause any issues. Besides, it looks pretty cool being able to see through the cap into the deck.

Oumier VLS RDAOumier VLS RDA Packaging

1 VLS RDA by Oumier
2 Premade Fused Clapton Coils
1 Gold Plated 510 Pin
1 Gold Plated Squonking Pin
1 Bag Of Spare Parts
1 User Manual

Oumier VLS RDA Features and Specs

25mm Diameter
Stainless Steel & PEI/Polycarbonate Construction
Deep Juice Well
1.5ml E-Liquid Capacity
Versatile Two Post Deck Design
Accommodates Single & Dual Horizontal/Vertical Coil Configurations
Quad Post Holes
PEEK Insulator
Dual Adjustable Side Airflow Control
5 Nano Airflow Holes Each
Bifunctional Airflow Design
Align Top Cap With Post Airflow Holes For Single/Dual Horizontal Coils & Single Vertical Coils
Align Top Cap Between Posts For Dual Vertical Coils
Removable Threaded Deck Design For Vertical Coil Wicking & Cleaning
Compatible With 810 Drip Tips Only
Squonk Mod Compatible
Gold Plated 510 Pin

Vaping With Oumier VLS RDA

The reason behind the Oumier VLS RDA being an innovative RDA is it’s deck. Rather than adopting the usual “Velocity Style Deck” so popular over the last few years. Or a post-less deck which has become popular recently. It uses a deck which can be configured in a variety of different ways. You can rock it in single coil or dual coil. But not only this. These coils can be built vertically too! Vertical coils have always been a challege with the way most decks are configured. I have attempted it in the past, however those decks were not purpose built for vertical coils.

Oumier VLS RDAWith horizontal coils you build inside the two large posts. They are large as the airflow is directed through the topcap, through holes in the deck and directly onto the coils. Due to the coils being stacked airflow will only really work this way. However, when building vertically, you build to the outside of the deck. Twist the top-cap around to direct the airflow directly at the vertical coils. This does carry a small compromise in you’re unable to alter or reduce the airflow. However, the Oumier VLS RDA has quite a restrictive airflow anyway. Something that people who like a wide open style should be aware of.

I didn’t find any specific issues with the Oumier VLS RDA. Build quality was good and the packaged, three way screwdriver came in handy for the flat head grub screws. The only other issue I found was the lack of juice reaching the lower wick and coil when built in horizontal mode. Something which can easily be overcome by dripping directly onto the coils or using a squonk mod. And luckily enough there is a squonk pin packaged with the VLS RDA.

Oumier VLS RDA Video Review


In conclusion, I hope these two tanks are a vision of new things to come this year. Both have tried to introduce new ways of vaping to the masses. And both have, in my opinion been successful in that.

Scott Turner

I have been vaping for almost 6 years and love the hobbyist side to it. I live in England with my partner and two children. I have always been interested in new products to the market. And love to pass my knowledge and reviews on for others to use.